A Language - I want to Learn. An Upcoming Gujarati Web Serious. First Episode release on this July

Discover the ups and downs in the lives of three friends Arjun, Dhruv and Kavya as they join a coaching class for #ALanguageIWantToLearn
A MUST watch for people who feel inferiority complex for not knowing English language!?

Link to ALL episodes below


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Kyunki every good thing ends to leave room for a new beginning, and the trios have decided their individual paths will preparing for #ALanguageIWantToLearn !

Watch #btsmadness of the shoot and also you can watch the re-run of the episodes in the link in bio!!

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Sometimes all it takes is an external force or a simple hint to make us realise where we're going wrong! Will the trios catch their respective hints and accomplish the language they want to learn??

Watch the Final chapter of this journey of trios?

Link is here??????

Use headphones for better experience?

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As we inch towards learning the #language through the lives of Arjun, Kavya and Dhruv here's the BTS of Episode 6

Episode finale of #ALanguageIWantToLearn releasing tomorrow at 7 PM.

Till then enjoy the 6 episodes on YouTube. link in Bio

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Dhruv in a fit of self doubt and has stopped listening even to his close friends. Is this the end of their dreams??

Watch the great turn in their life.
Link of the episode is here??????


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Kya hoga abhi trios ki Zindagi main episode 5 ke bad????

That you'll get to know tomorrow at 7PM, tab tak ke liye watch the behind the scenes of episode 5!!!

Watch episode 5 on YouTube now!!!!

P.S We are a family of 1K now on YouTube ????
Keep spreading the love ?☺️

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Life has thrown a number of questions at the Trios.???
Will they emerge out of this phase together??

Watch the FIFTH chapter of \"A Language I want to Learn\" Here\'s the link??????


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Every one in this world is an actor!? To fir actors ke Behind the scenes fun dekho for Episode 4 and don't forget to watch episode 5 releasing tomorrow at 7 PM

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Arjun and Dhruv try to find a solution to their problem by discussing with their guide. But what to do when peer pressure takes over your self confidence? Watch the FOURTH CHAPTER from their life...


Kahani har episode ki!

Enjoy Behind the scenes of #ALanguageIWantToLearn Chapter 3 while you wait for the very exciting 4th episode tomorrow!

Episode 3 link in bio for those still left to see ??
Meanwhile do tell us what you like the most about the series in the comments below!?? Episode 4 releasing tomorrow at 7 PM.

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