Hey, I am on Matrubharti!

Happy Friendship Day

F.. fun with fairness, trust is a must

R.. rowdiness n a wee bit of madness

I.. informal , Bindaas behaviour

E.. excitement n joy on meeting each other

N.. naughtiness plays a vital part

D.. distance should never ever matter

S.. sweet memories carried life long.

Armin Dutia Motashaw

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બેહરામ યઝદ

જો ધંધા માં, કે બીજી મુસીબતમાં થઈ ગયો છે તું બરબાદ;

તો ખારાં મનથી, યકીન થી, કરજે તું બેહરામ યઝદ ને યાદ.

આસાન કરશે એવન તારી મુશ્કીલ, સાંભળશે તારી યાચના, ફરિયાદ.

આપે છે એ ભલા યઝદ આપણ ને તાકાત, કરે છે મુશિકેલિયો આસાન.

સૌફી તારી મુશ્કેલીઓ , સંપૂર્ણ શ્રદ્ધાથી, આપજે એમને માન;

મેળવશે તું, ખોવાયલું બધું; ફિરોઝી, ફત્તેહ, રોજી રજક અને સન્માન.

Armin Dutia Motashaw

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Fuzzy Darling,

Indeed our best friend you are; n Zoish specially loves you

Freyu of Zoish's love for Fuzzy is jealous a wee bit;

So he teases Zoish, saying marry him you will, when you grow up

Amused he is about the kids if it happens; whether they will pups be or human?

Fuzzy, the kids have gone nuts over you and your cute lovable antics

Amuse them, you very much do, with your silly funny tactics

Your sense of smell, "wah wah ustaad", you know we are there from far away

Your wagging so inviting is; but your dangerous bark, a vagabond can shoo away

Without you Fuzzy, life so mundane would be, you are the reason we love to home rush

Cuddle you, tickle you, fondle you, even squeeze you whilst your fur we brush.

Love you we do, but know we, you love us a lot more; very high is the ratio n your score.

Armin Dutia Motashaw

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When daughters are small, you give them your all

Each moment of the day, you are always at their beck n call

Or running behind, to them protect from harm or a fall

They are those cute lil toys, your very own, walkie talkie dolls

Who in our lives a purpose, joy n enthusiasm infuse n


But in the blink of an eye, they grow up, to become pretty, slim n tall

Sometimes during their teens, due to a problem, they may create a wall

But work parents must immediately, to see it crumble n fall.

Once big, daughters study n some even reach the hall (of fame)

Daughters with their parents a solid unbreakable bond install.

Lucky are parents, who daughters have; they  love their parents n them enthrall

as age catches up,

in our sunset years, they look after us n on us call.

Armin Dutia Motashaw

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Decided I have, now onwards, at peace n to happy remain

Even at the cost of remaining ignorant and sometimes, a wee bit insane.

Politics n news dishearten one's heart n mind, away from these I will remain

Negativity, fights, ego clashes, jealousy, misunderstandings are causes main.

Everything disturbs me pollution, environment, draught or too much rain;

Rapes, injustice, chopping trees, accidents be they on  road, in air or train.

Leaking taps, wastage of water, withering plants get me down, it does pain;

Now I decided have to say, "Lord it is Your wish, I won't my happiness drain".

Thought I, my writings n  practices would things for the better change; but in wane

 People do not wish to accept good; so now I won't hurt my heart n brain.

Armin Dutia Motashaw

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A healthy concoction to live; is a balance between our body and mind.

Of course physical, emotional, mental all together, combined.

A dash of prayer with Humata, Hukt, Huvareshta will us beautifully bind.

But today, let us a healthy concoction of our very own tea make

With ginger, clove, lemongrass, mint, light black tea make; then some lemon take;

With a spoonful of juice, add honey Beelicious, not the ones artificial or fake.

Concoction this, our immunity strengthen will, so covid we can fight

This way, set we can our inner and outer balance perfectly right.

With food other healthy, n cups three of this tea will keep us bright.

Armin Dutia Motashaw

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On Kargil .... Today 26th July...

मानो सफेद चादर थी बिछाई, उसमे घुल गया गरम लाल;

इस लाल खून बहाके, सो गए उस चादर पे, अनेक माँ ओ के लाल

देशकी मिट्टी को पावन कर गए, यह बहादुर देश के लाल

क्या कहें, शब्द नहीं है, जो मरमिटे, अपनी बिविका सिंदूर मिटाके लाल

नमन हमारा हर शाहीदको, जो अपने खुनसे रंग गए माता को लाल

Armin Dutia Motashaw

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Pause for a sec, each time I do, before a tap I open and close 

Without fail, to say kshnothro Ahure Mazdao, eveytime l pose. 

Remember I each time before I switch on n switch off the light;

to Kshnothro Ahure Mazdao say; believe me, it's sheer delight.

Watering my plants, say I, "Ya Amardad Ameshaspand beresad"

And before I sign any paper, a Yatha, I pray, for me it is " farajiyat".

This will me protect against any harm; even if it doesn't make me wealthy.

Along with this a prayer small before n after food n bath, will help us stay healthy.

Benefits multifold are, our water, electricity, we save; plants a positive vibration receive.

And most importantly our children n grandchildren into their psyche, this conceive.

Armin Dutia Motashaw

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In the beautiful blue skies I used to independently fly;

For me to travel all around; limitless was the sky.

Then suddenly, into a cage I was put in, by a wicked man.

You humans, this dastardly act, must immediately ban.

To make money quick, he clipped off my beautiful wings

Then proudly showed me around n says hear how she sings.

Oh man, I ask you, how would feel you, if put in a jail

I am sure you would put up a fight or painfully cry and wail.

Imprison us do not, just for a quick buck; instead us protect.

Trees are our homes, do not them chop; keep them intact.

Let us with joy soar in the open skies n on trees nest.

Our creator has made us for the skies, n He undoubtedly is the best.

Armin Dutia Motashaw

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Be it Teacher's Day or Guru Purnima, accept my salutations please

Day by day, as older I get, my respect for seers, only does increase

For you all are that huge tree, that gives us shade n cold refreshing breeze.

Every parent and all our teachers, us initially teach n painstakingly mould.

If need be, for our own good, they may, us gently correct or even scold.

As parents n grandparents, our responsibility increases ten fold.

So let us into them all good things instill, n a good character build.

First of all, they have to good humans be, whatever may be their work-field.

Parents, grandparents teachers, Gurus it is we, who have their fate  sealed.

We build must a Nation, with values very high, and a character very strong.

It is our divine duty, that they don't go astray; not to let things slip or go wrong.

Teach them we must, to take care of the environment, on the way, all along.

Armin Dutia Motashaw

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