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Raeesh Maniar is a truly multidimensional personality of Gujarat. He is a medical doctor by qualification and a writer by passion. He is ranked among first rate poets of Gujarat. He has mastered the form of Gazals in Gujarati. He has written several books on technical aspects of Gazal, which are regarded as a must for an aspiring writer. Apart from poetry, humor fiction and general psychology are areas of his interest. He writes regular columns in Navgujarat Times and Sandesh. He has written seventeen books in all, many of which have won Gujarat sahitya academy and Gujarat sahitya parishad awards. He has translated poems Kaifi Azmi, Javed Akhtar and Gulzar, Sahir Ludhayanvi. He has a rare honor of sharing the stage with Gulzarji and Javed Akhtarji. One of his books was released by none other than Amitabh Bachchan. Recently he has shown a keen interest in writing drama and fiction. His play ‘Love you zindagi’ won first prize at Gujarat state competition in 2010. His play ‘N. V. Jalan amar chhe’ won first prize at Surat Municipal Corporation competition in 2011. His play ‘Antim Apradh’ won best script award in Chitralekha competition in 2013. His play “Ek anokho karar won best script award again in 2015. He has written one background song for Sanjay Bhanshali’s movie “Ramleela.” He is an award winning lyricist of Gujarati movie ‘kevi rite jaish’. He is lyricist of more than 10 modern Gujarati films. He has visited U.S.A and U.K several times for his programs and lectures . He is a well known anchor for literary and music programs. By qualification, he is M.D. Pediatrics. His spectrum of activities keeps him so busy that he had to discontinue his medical practice. Still, his area of interest is Developmental and Behavioral Child psychology. He has written four books on child psychology, all in Gujarati. From which ‘બાળઉછેરની બારાખડી’ has received Gujarat government award. His book “આપણે બાળકોને શા માટે ભણાવીએ છીએ” is one of the best seller books in recent times. He is instrumental in spreading many innovative ideas in field of education. He is sought after for lectures for parents, teacher and teens.