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    Babysitting at Hunted House
    by Parth Toroneel
    • (11)
    • 321

    Continued of Part – 1   I reached in the hall room. I gazed up at the wall-clock. It was showing 6:30 PM. “So mom-dad, your daughter is going ...

    Babysitting at Hunted House
    by Parth Toroneel
    • (28)
    • 891

    Havana, ooh na-na (ay)Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh-na-na (ay, ay) “Hazel… Can you come downstairs just for a minute….?” Dad shouted. I was in my study-room, ...

    Ghost of Dead Man
    by Parth Toroneel
    • (18)
    • 576

    Just like any other newly married couple we were so much happy. It hadn’t completed one week of our marriage and I got MNC job confirmation letter from Bangalore. ...

    Killer: A Peculiar Tale
    by Parth Toroneel
    • (16)
    • 682

    The 4th semester’s final exams were just in a month, so I decided to rent a room to study hard. I told my college friend, Niyati, to help me ...

    Sin Land
    by Parth Toroneel
    • (15)
    • 613

    I did never believe in ghosts or evil spirits, but this incident I am about to tell you had challenged my belief. It had happened in when I was ...

    Ouija Board – A strange spooky tale
    by Parth Toroneel
    • (11)
    • 439

    On my younger cousin sister’s marriage occasion, we all cousin siblings were gathered there to my Mama’s place. He had a huge bungalow—which was embellished by colorful flickering LED ...

    Premonition – A spooky tale
    by Parth Toroneel
    • (20)
    • 666

    I have had a couple of experiences which I fail to explain. One of the most vivid and strange dreams I had seen when I was six years old. ...

    Haunted Mansion Mystery
    by Parth Toroneel
    • (35)
    • 1.1k

    I have been popular short story author in Indian Times Newspaper. I have written so much on love, thriller and suspenseful stories… I was kind of bored writing these ...

    An eerie encounter
    by Parth Toroneel
    • (14)
    • 471

    I never believed in Ghost or God ever since I was adolescence. Last year in winter days, I was going to my village, Tundav at night. Time was around ...