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The Rainbow of life...3

3. Engineering completed.


Aabha was enjoying her college. And Aabha was doing great in her college. She was always on top in academics and she was teacher's favourite. Her teacher's were having great expectations from her. When Aabha was studying she was also putting all her efforts in studies and she was enjoying her college life but at the same time she was not going away from her passion. With the study she was regularly writing in magazines and newspapers. Writing was her 1st dream and passion and in any case she had to complete her dream . She took admission in engineering college just because it was her parent's wish. And completed their wish.. . Aabha fulfilled her parent's and teacher's expectations and Aabha became an engineer with good grades.

On the day of result- Aabha got ready and went to her college for collecting the result...It was the final day of her college.. It was the result day.. Everyone was curious to get the result, so was Aabha. Aabha collected her result and checked the mark sheet. She had got distinction. And she had completed her engineering . She was happy.. As she has fulfilled her parents wish and now she can focus on her own dreams. . That feeling was so nice. Aabha returned home happily. When Aabha returned home she was excited. As per her calculation, she completed her engineering. When she entered home she came and sat on the sofa. Her mom was curious to know the result. She wanted to go with Aabha to collect the result but she listened to Aabha's instructions and she stayed at home. Aabha asked mom to give her water.. Mom give her water and she inquired,

"Aabha.. you didn't call home after collecting the result. What is the result? I was waiting to know your result . Even your pappa was waiting. He called to twice to ask your result. " Her mom was a bit scared and she asked her.

"Mumma.. why are you so worried. You know, I had studied properly..but.. " Aabha took a pause...

"What but??" Aabha's mom got scared and shouted.. "tell the result . Don't waste time...I have to call your pappa. He must be waiting to hear your result. "

"Ok.. will tell you my result but please don't shout on me. "

"Oh my God... " Aabha's mom's expressions changed.."Don't worry. I won't shout. Now tell the result. "

"Distinction again. " Aabha said it with a sigh..

"It's ok Aabha.. I will tell your pappa not to be angry on you.." But Aabha's mom realized Aabha said distinction, "you got distinction again?" Aabha's mom asked again to recheck..

"Yes mumma.." Aabha smiled..

"You are so crazy Aabha.. then why you said it with a sigh?" Aabha's mumma hugged her.."You scared me."

"Why were you scared? Chill na mumma... What is the big deal about marks? Why everyone gives so much importance to marks? Marks are there just to know, what we have understood. " And Aabha started laughing..

"Congratulations Aabha... I will tell your result to your pappa and what gift do you want from both of us? Think and tell me and your pappa. Anything for you Aabha. " Aabha's mom was very happy and she again hugged Aabha..

"Thank you Mumma.. Will tell you what I want . Let me think.. this time , I will take something costly from you both. "

"Sure Aabha.. " Aabha's mom replied and said to Aabha, "Aabha why don't you call your pappa to tell your result? He will be very happy "

"Ok mumma... If I tell him the result, he will start dreaming that I will join our business. Instead you call him and I will talk to him later...ok?"

"No problem. You relax in your room... do you want juice or anything else?"

"Na mumma. I will relax and will plan a party with my friends. "

"Ok Aabha.." Aabha's mom said and went into her room to call Aabha's pappa. Aabha also went in her room.

Aabha's mom told Aabha's result to her pappa. He was also happy. Aabha's pappa also didn't force her to join business as he was knowing, Aabha will not listen to anybody . But both were waiting to hear what Aabha says about gift. Aabha didn't ask anything. She only wanted to fulfil her dream. She wanted permission for that. Her mumma and pappa gave her the permission to fulfil her dreams. Aabha was very happy as she could now concentrate her all the time in writing. Money was not her dream. She wanted to do what she really loves. And finally, she had got the permission from her parents too. Aabha's life was filled with happiness.


Anuja Kulkarni.

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