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The Rainbow of life...6

6. What was wrong with Aabha?-


After meeting in an restaurant, Aabha and Rohan became good friends. In that meeting they got to know each other well. After that meeting both were continuously in contact with each other. Finally Aabha gave her home address.. Rohan never visited her house but he was knowing her address. The bond between two was getting strengthened. One evening after coming from office Rohan called Aabha..The bell was ringing.. but Aabha didn't pick up his call. Rohan thought she must be busy somewhere so he ignored that. He thought Aabha would call him after becoming free. But Aabha didn't call back.

The same thing happened next day as well.. Aabha didn't pick up his call. Now Rohan was worried. It was Saturday so he decided to visit Aabha at her home. He went to meet Aabha to know why Aabha didn't take his calls. There he got to know, Aabha was in the hospital and her hand was fractured. Rohan was worried for Aabha so he rushed to the hospital. He inquired in the hospital and reached Aabha's room to see her. He saw Aabha. She was reading a magazine. Her mom was sitting near her and asking her to eat fruits. But Aabha was not even listening to her mom..

Rohan knocked the door, "Aunty... can I come inside?"

Aabha's mom turned and replied, "Sure.. Are you Aabha's friend?"

"Yes Aunty..." Replied Rohan and called Aabha.."Hey Aabha.." Aabha was busy reading the magazine so she could not recognize the voice so she closed the book to check who is calling her.. She saw Rohan and she was surprised..

"Hey Rohan.. hello! How you came here? How you got to know, I am here?" She couldn't hide her stunned reaction.. She looked at her mom and her mom understood that both need privacy. So she went out of the room...

Aabha started talking to Rohan, "How you got to know that I am in the hospital?" She was very surprised and that was showing on her face too..

"Ha-ha.. Don't think about that." Rohan gave a bouquet to her and wished her a speedy recovery. Aabha was happy to receive the flowers and his wishes.

"So tell me, What happened? How your hand was fractured?" Rohan laughed and asked Aabha..

"Nothing... Slipped and fell from the stairs. ha-ha "

"Oh.. at home or somewhere else? But thankfully it's nothing serious . You should careful while walking Aabha " Rohan said and Aabha could feel the care from his talk..

"Fell at home.. Yeah. I will take care. But know what, if anything is going to happen it going to happen. You can't help it. I could understand that I am falling from the stairs but I couldn't do anything. "

"Hey Aabha.. I too agree to what you said. You can't avoid accidents but obviously you can try to avoid them. I think, you were in hurry or you were thinking something so you might have missed a stair. You might have avoided the accident. I don't know why you were in hurry but can smell, something was wrong! Am I correct?? " Rohan asked suspiciously..

"Oh my.. ha-ha." Aabha was shocked to see his judgment, "How you understood? Yes it was my fault. I was in hurry and was thinking too. So missed one stair and fell down. I could convince mumma and pappa that it was just an accident. But how you understood the truth?" Aabha said without showing trust.. Aabha was wondering how Rohan understood the truth, "We don't have CCTV cam at home.. And I don't think you can see the telecast. so how did you understand Rohan?"

"Good question.. when you said 'if anything is going to happen it going to happen out there' that time was watching your eyes. And you can't lie Aabha. So I immediately understood that something is fishy. You are hiding something just to save yourself from getting scolded. And for that I don't need to see in CCTV.. your eyes always tell the truth " Rohan answered. Aabha was surprised to see Rohan's observation..

"Rohan.. I never knew, you are so very smart . My mumma and pappa were worried about me so they didn't ask many questions and I don't think, they noticed that I was hiding something from them."

"Don't worry.. Now I am here. You can't hide anything. Always remember that you are being watched but tell me, what were you thinking and you missed a stair?" Rohan inquired and Rohan was a bit worried about Aabha..

"Arre nothing Rohan.. I told was just thinking not about you.. " Aabha replied and Rohan was watching her.

" it? When I said you were thinking about me??"

"No no... I didn't say that. accidents are accidents...we can't avoid know that.."

"Now stop acting and tell me, what were you thinking about me?"

"No.. change the topic please." Aabha couldn't look in Rohan's eyes.. "So tell's your job going on?

"Don't change the topic Aabha... answer my question please..."

"Yes. You are right..but how you understood that I was lying? No one took doubt on me...yes. it was totally my fault. I was continuously thinking..couldn't stop my thoughts and that time my mobile ranged.. so ran down. My mobile was in the hall.. I was thinking about you. And couldn't control my thoughts . I don't know, how I forgot my phone in the hall... I came running down from the stairs and missed 1 stair.." Aabha accepted her fault..

"I was knowing that you were a bit disturbed. When I called you 2 days back that time only I had realized that. But couldn't guess what was wrong with you... when I called you next day, you didn't pick up my call..and I was so worried.. "

"Are it's fine Rohan. Don't keep worrying so much about me. You tell how's your job?"

"Don't avoid my question Aabha. Speak up what were you thinking about me and you were so lost in your thoughts that you couldn't take precaution on the stairs. I know, you have a very good nature of hiding everything but don't try it with me. "

"Oh my God.. ok will tell you what's wrong with me. "

"Yea.. I am waiting. Speak up fast. You know, I hate to wait." Rohan was a bit angry when said this. Aabha too noticed it..

"Not fair Rohan. You can't know me so well. Nobody knows me so well. And why you want to know everything?? I can have my personal life. I don't share everything with everyone." Aabha disappointedly said..

"I agree, you need not share everything with me but I need to know, how u fell down the stairs."

"Are you forcing me Rohan?" Aabha curiously asked.

"Yes. Now speak up fast!!!"

Ok, let me tell you the truth. "

"Thanks and please don't take too much time. How much time will you need Aabha?"

"Wait na Rohan. let me think from where to start. "

"Oh. Now you are confused from where to start? ok.. take your time Aabha. I am sitting here only but please make it fast as can't keep waiting for long." Rohan said this and started reading the magazine which was near Aabha.

Aabha started thinking and finally she started talking,

"Rohan, I think I like you. Or you can say.. I love you . Somehow I feel you are the one for me and I don't think I can find anyone better than you. " Aabha said in 1 breath and took a pause.. Aabha wanted to hear Rohan's response. She was waiting. Aabha was looking continuously at Rohan.. She couldn't take her eyes off Rohan. She was curious to hear what Rohan says.. But Rohan was silent. He didn't give any reaction on what Aabha said. Rohan didn't reply to Aabha so Aabha got angry as she didn't get any response from Rohan.. She said angrily....

"Now why are you not responding me? You wanted to know what was wrong with me? I told you everything. Now why are you silent? Speak up now..."

"Ha-ha..." Rohan started laughing...

"Please say something. Don't laugh like this. Actually I was knowing you would react in the same way so only was not telling you anything. You only forced me to tell what had happened and now when I told everything, you are not talking. It's ok if you don't feel the same for me. I love you but I won't ever force you to love me. " Aabha was talking without taking a pause. Finally, Aabha stopped talking. Rohan was listening to Aabha. After listening to Aabha, Rohan replied,

"Cool down Aabha. and No no Aabha. Not laughing on you. I was wondering how can we think so alike? I also love you only I was hesitating to tell that to you. Few days back I also realized that you are the one. I also feel, we should be together . But was not sure about your views so didn't tell you anything. And thought maybe it's too early to come to any conclusion. "

"You mean... you too? Why you didn't tell me before that you like and love me?" Aabha stared at Rohan and said annoyingly.

"Yes.. I had liked you when we had a long chat in restaurant. After that we started meeting regularly and in every meeting my views were strengthening. And one day realized, I love you. " Rohan smiled.. "But hesitated to tell you..."

"Wow.. We both confessed the fact. But what a place to confess about love na.. ha-ha!" Aabha smiled.. "We might have got a better place to express our love.. but never mind... I am glad that our thoughts matched 1 more time. "

"Now everything is clear. Me too happy. So, now what??" Rohan questioned..

"What now what? few days need to take rest. can't go anywhere but yes.. you can visit my home. " Aabha said.. "I won't have any problem in that. "

"When are you getting discharged?"

"May be tomorrow. I haven't inquired that."

"I will ask doctor while leaving.. "

"By the way..are we taking the decision that we like and we want to live with each other hastily?" Aabha took doubt on her own decision and asked Rohan.

"If you think then I agree . We should know a bit more. I agree with that but 1 day without talking to you is tough for me. Now I need to share everything with you. Unless I share everything with you, I don't feel satisfied. Unknowingly you have become part of my life . I always want you to be around me ." Rohan didn't hide anything from Aabha and put his mind in front of her.

"Really? I too felt of informing you about my accident but I didn't bring my mobile with me so..." Aabha said.. "Main thing is you are very important in my life. That is the sure thing.. But I think, we should give some more time to know each other well.. What say? I don't know. "

"Correct..." Rohan agreed to Aabha unwillingly. "Aabha now take rest. I will call you in the evening.." Rohan remembered, "Oops...your mobile is at home.. can't talk to you one full day.. obviously hoping that you will get discharge tomorrow."

Rohan was talking but Aabha's attention was not on Rohan..Rohan noticed that and said,

"Hey Aabha, are you listening to me?"

"Yes yes... actually no. I didn't understand what you said.. sorry. I was busy in my thoughts.."

"What are you thinking so much Aabha?"

"Thinking again about my decision. I think, I don't need to think twice that I want to marry you and live with you..."

Rohan was surprised to hear Aabha's changed thoughts,

"You are so confused Aabha. Right now you only said that you need to know me better... and now you are saying it's confirmed from your side that you love me."

"I am like that..I believe it would be good if we get to know each other slowly.. our relation should be like a open slowly slowly so flowers look so beautiful..our relation should be like a beautiful flower . What say?"

"Nice thoughts Aabha.. but are you sure?"

Aabha laughed and confirmed that she really wants to live Rohan. Both were happy that they decided to marry very soon. After Aabha's recovery, they decided to inform everyone at home..


Anuja Kulkarni.

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