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The Rainbow of life...8

8. Happily married??


Aabha and Rohan started their married life happily. 2 year passed fast. The second year of marriage was a bit different as Aabha and Rohan, both were busy in their routine. Aabha became a famous writer. And Rohan started working on a very high post in his job. But still, both were giving each quality time. They could manage keep the relation alive and fresh. Aabha was very happy with her decision. But the days started changing. Rohan got 2 consecutive promotions and his work load was increased. He couldn't spend much time with Aabha. But Aabha was fine with that as she was also busy in writing her new novel. But after every article or story she wanted feedback from Rohan. It was her routine. But due to Rohan's busy routine, Rohan couldn't give her the feedback. Due to busy schedule, Rohan was unable to give her feedback. Rohan was helpless but Aabha was getting upset everytime as she was not getting Rohan's feedback. Rohan's feedback was very important to Aabha. Everyone was appreciating Aabha's writing. But as Rohan was very busy, he couldn't read and give feedback of her writing .

One day Aabha was very annoyed and decided to talk on this with Rohan. Rohan was doing his work on the weekend as well. She came near him and started talking to him,

"Rohan, did you read my latest article? I really wanted your feedback for that."

"Oh so sorry Aabha. These days the work has increased and you also know that. So I couldn't read your article."

"Why Rohan? You know, I wait for your feedback every time. It's not new to you. You couldn't take out some time for me?"

"Next time I sure will read the article and give you feedback!!"

"You are saying the same thing for the fourth time Rohan. I think, now for you only work is important . I think, now a days you don't think giving me time important. You are busy in your work. You have forgotten your wife and you have forgotten to talk anything about my writings. "

"What Aabha? What did you say?" Rohan was not paying attention on what Aabha is saying as he was busy in doing his work.

"Rohan... you are not listening to me? Now you don't have time to talk to me?" Aabha was sounding very low..and angry too...

"It's not that Aabha. A bit busy right now... can we talk later?"

After hearing that Aabha became very angry and she was upset too.

"You have changed Rohan... you can take out some time to read my writings and give me feedback.. you know how much your feedback matters to me...then also you don't bother to talk to me about my writings.."

"Aabha try and understand please.. I am working on a serious issue from many days so couldn't read your articles and give you feedback. I need to sort out this issue as soon as possible. But cannot find the bug. Just busy in that. You know, I always read your writings and give feedback. Now please understand me, we can't move further in the project unless I solve this so right now work is my priority."

"Oh...I am not understanding you. Gr8! I didn't know, you are so busy. Is only you are working on this project?"

"You know Aabha. I am leading our team and I am the best developer in our team so all responsibility is on me. It's not like your work. You can write whenever you wish. Why don't you not getting me Aabha? One last time, understand me From next time, I will read all your articles before you tell me."

"Oh oh. Even I have deadlines. Don't think, your work is far more important than my work. I am also busy but I take out time for family. But you only thinking about work. For you, your work is important than giving me time. Maybe it was a wrong decision to marry you.."

Rohan was shocked to see Aabha's views.

"Now don't blame me Aabha. I had told you take your time before coming to any conclusion about marrying me. It's not that I forced you to marry me." Roan was annoyed too, "Why you are talking about your decision of marrying me?? I see.. Good to know your views. And for your kindest information, I am the same as I was earlier. I don't think I have changed. Right now I have lots of work and responsibility so can't give you time. That's it. You are making an issue about it. And I think, whatever I talk you are going to start quarrelling. Understand one thing, you are blaming me unnecessarily... Would you mind if we continue our talk in some time? We will talk in sometime... now please don't disturb Aabha.. I need to complete my work at the earliest."

"Oh my God! Now I am disturbing you? oh.. Nice to know that...Now I am understanding you more clearly. By the way, I never told you but today will tell you, you and your mom dad u all are same... you don't value me. I took my decision hastily.I had thought about thinking one more time but I don't know, what forced me to marry you. "

Rohan was listening to Aabha and when he heard about his mom and dad he became annoyed... There was no reason to talk about Rohan's mom and dad but as Aabha was too much annoyed, she lost her temper. Rohan kept his work aside and started talking to Aabha...

"Please explain what you were talking.. You said something about my mom and dad? Am I right?"

"Yes.. I said you all are same.. you are like your mom and dad. They also never appreciate me.. and now you don't have time to talk to me as well. To be frank, I think your mom and dad wanted their daughter in law who will work and give them money. I don't give anything to them so they are not behaving good with me."

"Aabha.." Rohan lost his control and he raised his voice, "Mind your tongue.. You are my wife but I haven't given you any right of talking against my parents. This is our fight please don't drag them in our fight. I have not given you nay right to talk against my parents. And when my parents didn't behave good with you? I can't recollect anything like that. They both take your care and mom always try not to disturb you. So she does all the work at home. I can't tolerate if you say anything against my parents. "

"Oh.. when I was talking about me, you were busy in your work. And when I started talking about your parents that time you have time to talk. Wow..Before that you had lots of work. I see....Btw, now you don't have work?" Aabha too shouted..."Do your work and leave me alone. Now I don't wish to talk to you. "

"No.. I can't leave you alone . Don't think you would say anything about my parents and I will agree with you. I never disobey your parents and expect the same from you. Don't get them in our fight. And understand one thing, Nobody wants your God's grace my parents are well off. They have everything and if they want anything I am there. They don't need anything from anyone . Don't put false charges on my parents. I will never tolerate that." The fight was getting worse.

"Oh wow!! You never thought so much about your wife.." Aabha was very annoyed and same was the case with Rohan. Both had a huge fight . And nobody wanted to listen to anyone . Finally Rohan left the room and the fight stopped. Their beautiful relation was getting ruined.


Anuja Kulkarni.

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