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The Rainbow of life...9

9. A huge quarrel.


After that there was not a single day which passed without fight. Almost every day they used to have fight on some subject. Their relation was getting worse day by day.. Aabha couldn't concentrate on writing and that time she got an assignment of writing a novel from a big publication house. It was the tough time for Aabha. One day she decided to go to her house to complete her assignment. She called Rohan to tell him her decision..

"Rohan, I think I need time to think once again about our relationship. And right now, I have to complete a big assignment in 1 month. I need peace of mind to write a novel and I don't think, I will get it here.. So have decided to go to my house. My mumma's house. I will contact you after 1 month and will take decision about continuing our marriage. I can't live with you like this. We fight almost every day. And that is disturbing me alot. From many days' I couldn't concentrate on my writing due to our fights."

"Oh.. now you want to think about our relationship. And you want to take decision about continuing our marriage . Great!!" Rohan gave a sad smile, "When are you leaving?" Rohan felt very bad after listening to Aabha and he couldn't control his feelings and he became very upset.

"Today.. and yes, need to think once more about continuing our marriage. By the way , you didn't feel like stopping me Rohan?"

"No.. Now I am not going to stop you. After all it's your life and you should live it according to your wish.. I am no one to stop you. And if I stop you, you will do as per your wish. I don't think, right now you are ready to listen to anything. We will talk after you finish all your important works . And best of luck for writing your novel. " Rohan was sounding low but he also didn't try to stop Aabha..

"Nice... " Aabha also became sad. "Now will leave.. and please don't try to convince me by calling. Please don't disturb me. I need to complete my novel and for that I don't want any negative thoughts." Aabha said..

"Don't worry. I am not going to disturb you. Even I have my important assignments to complete. You enjoy writing your novel."

"Fine..." Aabha replied and started packing her bags.. She packed her bags and left for her house..

Aabha reached her house.. Her mom was happy to see her.. but when she saw the bags, she was a bit worried and she inquired,

"Aabha, have you come to stay with us?"

"Yes mumma.."

"Great.. I will inform your pappa. He will be happy to know that you have come to stay here for few days. He wanted to spend some time with you. It's been many days, you met him. For how many days you will be staying here?"

"Mumma.." Aabha shouted, " Do I have to tell you for how many days I am going to live here?" Aabha said.. Her mom noticed that she is very irritated..

"Why are you so irritated Aabha.. Is anything wrong between you and Rohan?"

"I don't know mumma.. Please let me sit quietly for some time.."

"Ok ok.. Do you want your favourite coffee?"

"Yes.. please give in mumma. Give in it my room. And thanks . Now going in my room, please don't disturb for some time.. Need to be alone and need to start writing my novel. I have to complete writing the novel in a month . "

"Alright Aabha.. You relax in your room.. I will take care that no one disturbs you.. You do your writings and don't worry . Will get you coffee in a while.."

"Ok mumma.. and sorry. Today not in mood to talk anything. A bit disturbed."

"No problem Aabha.. You have come to your own house. And you will be relaxed very soon." Aabha's mom smiled. and went in the kitchen to make coffee for Aabha.. Aabha went in her room and sat on her bed thinking about what had happened. Her mom gave her coffee and mom left without talking to Aabha.

Aabha started drinking the coffee. But Aabha couldn't stop thinking about Rohan. She was missing Rohan and wanted to call him but stopped herself from doing that. Rohan also didn't call her. To avoid the thoughts, she opened her mailbox in her laptop and started thinking about the topic on which she can write her next novel. But she couldn't think about any topic.. Finally, She closed her eyes and sat on the bed... Suddenly she heard a ping on her laptop.. She opened her eyes to check whose mail she had got.. It was a mail from an anonymous sender..The subject was- 'A mail from reader.' Out of curiosity, she opened the mail and started reading it..

"Hello... Madam, I am fan of your writing . I never miss a single writing of you but from many days you haven't written anything. Why have you stopped writing? I am missing your articles. You always inspire me by your articles. And now when can I read your next writings? I am waiting to read your writings .

Look forward to hear from you,

Fan of your writing."

Aabha was reading the mail and her mood started changing . A smile rested on Aabha's face after reading the mail. She realized, she hasn't written anything from long still people were remembering her. She started finding the name of the sender. She couldn't find the name of the sender. But she started wondering, who sent her an anonymous mail.. She couldn't find sender's name anywhere but still she thought of responding to the mail,

"Thanks alot for your mail. It feels good to read mails from readers. Readers are waiting to read my writings is such a great feeling. From many days I have been busy in something else so couldn't write anything. Right now, I am working on a novel and you will get it to read very soon. " Aabha replied to the mail. And in no time she got another reply,

"Wow Madam... I am eager to read your novel. What is the topic of the novel? I know, asking such questions is not good but couldn't stop myself from inquiring about topic of your novel. Actually, I can't wait to read your novel. "

Aabha didn't want to respond again but she couldn't stop herself from sending the reply,

"Oh..thanks alot!! Topic of the novel? I am confused with the topic. Can't decide the topic.."

"Can I suggest the topic Madam?"

This time Aabha responded immediately without thinking.. "Sure..." and she got an instant reply,

"Madam, write on your life story. I mean, everyone has a different life story.. It has many ups and downs. Some experiences can really make a good story. How you fell in love and your love life. Also many other experiences which have enriched your life. And you are an author so I need not explain it further. Obviously it is my thinking and you are the author, not me. . But I thought the novel will become interesting if the story line is on your life. "

Aabha read the mail and her eyes sparkled. Now she had got a storyline for her novel. She said thanks to the sender and inquired the name but she didn't get any answer. Mysterious person helped her. Aabha had a huge fan following so she was happy that her fan has helped her. That time she felt very bad by thinking about Rohan. She had thought Rohan would call her but he didn't bother to call her. She only had told Rohan, not to call her but she thought Rohan would call her in any case as she thought Rohan loves her. But that didn't happen. Aabha was upset but the mysterious person helped her and helped her to change her bad mood. She was happy as she got the topic for her novel and she started working on it.. She made an outline for her novel. She was very excited to write her novel. Her mom also realized that but she didn't say anything to her.

Now Aabha was not going to stop unless she finishes her novel. Aabha was very happy writing her novel. Days were passing fast. Finally completed her novel and she gave name to the novel, "The rainbow of life.." and the date of publication was decided. As she used to make the end positive, she ended her novel positively. But she was knowing, her life won't be positive after publication of her novel. Aabha was excited but at the same time she was missing Rohan. But in 1 month Rohan didn't even bother to call her to ask how was she!! She didn't call Rohan to call for publication ceremony. She kept Rohan's thoughts aside and mailed the person who had given her the idea of writing the novel,

"Hello.. I have finished writing my novel and the novel will be published in 2 days. I am requesting to attend the ceremony. Thanks a lot for your help. "

Aabha sent the mail and in some time she got the reply,

"Congratulations Madam.. I sure will attend your publication ceremony. Thanks for your invite. "

Aabha was happy to get the reply. And she again was busy in her work. Aabha decided to move on in her life. After completion of the novel, she was very happy and she was very satisfied with her work. Completion of the novel was the happiest moment for her. She had thought, in the whole process of writing, she would get help from Rohan but that didn't happen and that was making her feel bad again and again. She had thought, Rohan is her life but she realized her mistake and she decided to rethink about the marriage after that publication of the book. Aabha was a very positive girl but she had no control over her life.


Anuja Kulkarni.

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