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The rainbow of life..10-Last part

10. Love is in the air, again...


On the day of publication-

Aabha was getting ready for the publication ceremony. She reached the place and the publication ceremony ended well. Her novel, "The rainbow of life.." was released. Finally the day had come. She was overwhelmed by remembering the past incidences. Everyone congratulated her and after that she sat on a chair and closed her eyes.. That time she had a slide show of the past events. She realized it was her mistake. That time she was missing Rohan .

Suddenly she heard Rohan's voice, "Hello madam," so she opened her eyes. She was surprised to see Rohan as she had not invited him for the ceremony . She saw Rohan with a big bouquet in his hand. He offered the flowers to Aabha and said,

"Congratulations Madam . How was the idea of novel? Everybody's life is full of surprises. wasn't that a good topic?. "

Aabha was listening to Rohan... for a second she couldn't understand anything because she had not expected that Rohan might have helped her.. "and I am sorry Aabha.. for not understanding you and not giving you time. " Rohan said. Aabha was speechless. And stunned to see that the mysterious person was Rohan . She came in her senses . But she couldn't react at that time. Her eyes were speaking . Her eyes were full of tears . She wiped her eyes and started talking to Rohan,

"Rohan, You mailed me anonymously? You helped me indirectly without telling your name? Oh my God.. why I didn't think that you might have helped me. Rohan, you always surprise me with your behaviour. " Aabha was happy to see Rohan in front of her eyes. And she couldn't hide her feelings.

"Yes.. When you really left our house, I was shattered. Actually I thought you are just scaring me by telling that you will go to your mumma's place. But you were very serious and you really left the house. I was so helpless at that time. I wanted to stop you but couldn't do it was it was very unexpected for me. I was missing you so much but didn't want to call you as I knew, you were very angry and you wouldn't listen to me. Also, I was very guilty and didn't want to make you more angry. So preferred mailing you anonymously . That time you were not in a position to hear anything. I hope, you liked the surprise . Actually wasn't sure whether you would reply to my mail by I wanted to take the chance. Luckily, you responded to all my mails and was happy as I could help you. I wasn't with you but still was with you. I wanted to be with you when you were working on your novel."

"Your surprise was so good. I don't have words to express my feelings. . I love you Rohan . You were not with me but still you were there around. But how I didn't understand, it was you. And Me too Sorry Rohan . It was my fault. . I don't know why I was not in a condition to hear anything.. and unnecessarily blamed your parents . Very sorry. It was all my fault and I was blaming you. You were also busy in your work. but that time I wasn't in a position to listen to what you were saying. "

"I couldn't hear a word against my parents and lost my temper . But it was my mistake. I didn't give you quality time as I was giving you after marriage. . Work is important but my preference should be to family. But understood that late when you were not with me. Don't blame yourself for anything."

"I don't know. Why our life changed so much. What made me so selfish? And why I blamed mom and dad?" Aabha said with deep disappointment.

"Don't think about what happened Aabha. You tell me, what is the end of your novel? Is it a happy end or you made it sad?"

"What Rohan?" Aabha surprisingly asked, "You don't know, I never write a sad end. All my stories are with happy ending and then how my novel would have a sad ending?"

"So you were thinking of talking to me after your publication?" Rohan smiled and asked Aabha..

"Nooo. I was thinking of ending the marriage because you didn't bother to call me once in this one month. You can't guess, how difficult it was for me to stay away from you."

"Is it? Then why you didn't call me? It was your decision to leave our"

"Rohan.. I think, this is not the right place to talk everything . Let's go home and talk..Will continue this chat after going home. You will have to answer all my questions. I am not going to leave you just like that."

"You are absolutely right Aabha.. But I have a doubt. " Rohan mischievously asked..

"What doubt Rohan?" Aabha asked suspiciously..

"Which home you are talking about? Your home or my home?" Rohan asked with confusion..

"Shut up Rohan..." Aabha said angrily.."You know, what I meant . Now please don't make me angry . My home... you know, what I am talking about . Now don't act as if you don't know anything. "

"Ha-ha.." Rohan laughed.. and said, "My question was not wrong Aabha. You only left the house . At the time of leaving the house you said going my house . And yes... this is not the right place . I have to talk many things with you.. but will talk once we are home. "

Aabha and rohan reached home and they directly went in their bed room. Without pausing, Aabha started fighting,

"Rohan.. I agree, I left the house and it was my fault, but you didn't even stop me from going my home.. You didn't say don't go Aabha... not even once . I might have changed my thoughts. You didn't behave good. I missed you so much."

"No.. please don't start again Aabha. I was angry that time so didn't say don't go. It was my biggest mistake Aabha. I missed you too and now don't want to fight with you. I accepted my fault. You can't imagine how difficult it was for me to live for 1 month without you. Please don't fight. And talk something good. "

"Oh.. I see, I fight.. and you never fight with me.." Aabha was talking but that time Rohan didn't talk a word . Rohan only kept his hand on Aabha's mouth and said in a low voice, "I love you Aabha... I missed you so much. . Now please don't go away from me in any case. Remember your gift? The watch? It was also running slow.. Now you can imagine, how much I missed you."

Aabha blushed and said "me too and sorry! Now won't go away from you anywhere.." Both promised each other that they will always be together.. Aabha was very happy. After dramatic end both were together.. Aabha hugged Rohan . And Rohan said,

"Aabha..We saw many colours of life. But now only one colour, colour of love. " Aabha smiled and hugged Rohan more tightly .

--------------------------------------- end --------------------------------------------------

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It was really an encouraging story , the ups and downs in marriage /love.