The friendship chapter 3

Rose looked at Alexi  amused look on her face " really he was that amazing " Alexi blushed red like tomato . She nodded her head . Rose laughed out loud .  Alexi smiled " he is attracting me ever since I don't know whether I will meet him ever or not " Rose looked at her " you will certainly meet him if you are made for each other " she shrugged her shoulder " ok bye I have to return to New York  

She decided to concentrate on her forget about any guys which distract her from her achievement which she was getting . But next day as she landed in New York she saw Alexander in air port . She got carried away went near him " hi you remember me Alexi ,nice to meet you again in New York " He looked her for  sometimes felt really happy that he again found her felt all his denial melting away in his heart he shook her hand " it's really nice to meet you Alexi " . She smiled " yes it's a great surprise to see you in New York " . They bid goodbyes went their way but promised to meet over lunch in a hotel . 

They met over sometimes became friends .
Alexander found  happiness with her. He opened up more to her became more friendly and outgoing with every one . She loved his company she forgot about all the sorrow and past that made her into cold person . She started mixing freely more with people with ease . They became very good friends even sometimes flirted others laughed about that with each other. They both transformed each other's life . They started liking each other . Alexander liked her in his heart but could tell her that he liked her . Alexi also liked him but could express her feelings to him , she feared of losing his friendship so she kept mum . 

One day she was coming from office when she saw Alexander standing with woman talking felt a pang of jealousy she went to him " what are doing here with her ?" She looked at him , he grinned " this woman  is from my office actually she was proposing me today ," she had tears in her eyes " listen I like you maybe after sometimes I will love you also ." He looked stunned at her confession then smirked in his heart that his plan of making her jealous worked . He looked at her "  I like you too ,  I only brought her here to make you jealous baby " she hugged him " pl don't misunderstand me I love you so much " he felt so happy he kissed her with passion . She responded to him with same favour holding him tight in her arms  . They were two good friends became one with love . They wanted to have a beautiful future together .


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