The Story of Kali An Ugly Girl

The Story of Kali, An Ugly Girl

This is a story about a girl. Readers might think that it's about a good-looking girl but it's not. It's a story about Kali, an ugly looking girl. Her complexion was so dark that she was called Kali by everyone though she had a good name, Bidisha.

From the time, she gained her consciousness, she heard this name, not from her neighbours but also from her own relatives. Even her classmates taunt her with the name. Her father also hated her. Her only friend was her mother.

She would cry every day after looking at her face on the mirror. She knew that no prince would come to love her. But whenever her mother used to tell her the story of Beauty and the Beast, her subconscious mind made her think that a prince will come to her life. He will love her. His magical touch will make her beautiful.

On 7th February, the whole world was celebrating Rose Day but Kali alone returning from college. She was a class 12 student. After a few minutes, she noticed a boy stalking her. At first, she feared. The good-looking boy suddenly came in front of her and knelt down before her. He stretched out his hand with a rose and wished her, "Happy rose day."

She got surprised. It seemed to her like a dream came true. She looked at the boy.

He was the handsome, fair complexion, well-trimmed beard with narrow moustache. He seemed prince to her.

"Happy rose day, Bidisha." The boy said the second time. Bidisha aka Kali got more surprised this time. "How did he know my name?" She asked herself. But she didn't utter a word to the boy. She started to enjoy the moment. She heard her good name after a long time. She almost forgot the name. A thousand thoughts occupied her mind. She thought to accept the rose but her mind stopped her.

"Who are you and how did you know my name?" Bidisha inquired him.

"My name is Jatin. I see you returning home every day. As I started loving you so I choose today to propose to you," the boy answered.

Happiness filled in Bidisha's heart. She felt the happiest girl. She never dreamt of this situation. She wished she could have shown it to her criticizers.

February is the month of winter but to her, it seemed to spring. She saw how lovers propose to their loved ones in this month but she never thought, one day, she would face it.

"Won't you accept my rose?" The sound broke her all thoughts. She saw the boy was still kneeling down with rose. He was eagerly waiting for her acceptance.

Bidisha took the rose from him. He smiled. He stood up. He turned her slightly to show her something. As he touched her, Bidisha felt the first touch from a boy. She looked at the boy. He seemed known face to her. She thought that the boy was approaching to kiss her. She closed her eyes in excitement. Till the day, she was neglected by everyone but today, she's going to feel what every girl needs to feel once in her lifetime.

"Hello! Look there." A harsh voice forced her to open her eyes.

Bidisha looked at the boy, pointing his index finger to somewhere across the road. She looked there. She found a van standing there.

"Look into the van, there is a camera. You're being fooled in my prank video." The boy grinned.

The sky seemed to have broken down on her head. She could understand that she was being insulted again. Her heart broke into pieces but she stood silent. She smiled.

"Hi! My name is Jatin Ranaut. I'm a YouTuber. I make prank videos on YouTube. Today I'm making prank video on you. You may have watched my videos." The boy explained.

"But, how did you know my name?" Bidisha wanted to know.

"Your friend, Papiya told me," the boy answered.

Papiya, Bidisha's classmate. She was her best friend six months ago but now she's her rival.

Bidisha remembered that she used to share her sad stories with Papiya. Papiya was her only friend who understood her well. Papiya liked to watch prank videos on YouTube. She was a no.1 fan of Jatin Ranaut's prank videos. Bidisha saw his few videos on Papiya's mobile. For this reason, he looked known face to her but she didn't recognise today.

She also remembered how Papiya became her rival. Papiya was not good at study. She used to be busy with her phone by watching videos, chatting with friends. But Bidisha was very serious in her study. She tried to convince Papiya to be serious in her study but Papiya never listened. In the last exam, held by the college, Bidisha passed but Papiya failed. From that day, Papiya became her rival.

"Hello ma'am, what are you thinking?" Jatin Ranaut gave her a cap what he often gives to them whom he makes fool.

"Papiya phoned and requested my team to make you fool. She gave me your details. Even she told us that you often return home by this road." Jatin left the place saying this. In a few moments, when Jatin's car crossed her, she cried bitterly. Tears started flowing from her eyes. It echoed into her ears what her relatives said, "No one will marry you because you're ugly." She, confusingly, ran towards home. She needed support that her mother could. But she paused. She knew, how many times her mother got beaten only for her ugliness by her father. Many times, her father came home drunk and abused her. Her only friend, Papiya, also plotted this plan to make fun of her. She stopped.

She turned to the opposite lane. She thought of not returning home. She went to a nearby lake. She jumped into the lake.

In the next morning, the news was published in an esteemed daily with the headline, "A college student committed suicide in fear of failing in the upcoming H.S exam."


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