The Mysterious Girl

Sara was a very kind, sweet-hearted girl. She was beautiful , honest and a trust-worthy girl. She lost her parents when she was a kid of about 10years . She had no relatives so the neighbours use to take care of her and as she grown up she started working and earn her own living. She helps everyone in her area where she lives. She takes tuitions for earning. She was living a happy life.
 One day the girl- Sara went in the jungle for some work as she was returning she saw a old woman lying on the footpath. Sara took that old woman at her home which was close-by. She gave her clothes, food, medicines and asked old woman what had happened with her. Old woman startes crying in front of her. As sara was a bit emotional girl she also started crying then the old woman told her ,” I and my daughter-in-law were going to market and suddenly a van came and some mens came and kidnapped my daughter-in-law and they pushed me away and took her away.”The girl Sara became emotional she told old woman,” Don’t take tension tomorrow morning will go to the police station and we will file a police complaint you can sleep fearlessly no one will come here.” The girl- Sara and the old woman went to sleep. After a few hours , someone started banging the door , the girl came out she was scared that who came up so late. She opened the door and saw a girl in red saree with messed up hairs. The old woman went to see who was there and it was her daughter-in-law.
The old woman started crying after seeing her daughter-in-law in this terrible condition. Sara gave  that woman clothes and medicines and they went to sleep. The next day morning, Sara went to the market for buying vegetables and fruits. When she returned home what she saw was terrible. The old woman and daughter-in- law were searching something in her house and messed up everything . The girl- Sara asked them,” what is all  this?” The old woman told her,” to bring all the expensive things which she has.” The girl with bravery she said ,”no .” The old woman told ,”her give me all the expensive things which you have we know you have lots of money with you.”Then the old woman’s daughter-in-law came from behind and shot her with a bullet and they got some expensive jewelleries and ran away. People living next to her came running and they saw the girl was leing and the blood was flowing from her body they called the police. They filed the complaint  and the police went-out in search for the those two criminals they were actually robbers what was the reason behind killing her was a mystery...........
              The girl was though a sweet, caring girl she had something in her past which was a bit terrible which we will see in the next part of the story. 

Zeenat Mansuri.


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