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Today we are living in a world of technology  where all kind of works are easy to do with small amount of that we forget the value of physical exercise which is free and popular  and that is WALKING there are several benifits which gives to people 

1. It is free of cost
2. We don't need any physical equipment 
3.we don't need to join gym or exercise classes helps to improve our blood circulation 
5. It gives exercise to the each and every organ of the body
6. It is powerful weapon to improve out respiratory problems as well as  able to keep diseases at bay 
6 defeat deadly disease like fat,obesity, asthama,respiratory problems, etc
7.we get a chance to boost our work efficiency 
8.ti helps to contol cholesterol  blood pressure 
9. We feel fresh and energetic whole day
10. We are able to loss our weight 
11. We get fresh air
12.improved management of conditions such as  high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes

                So that we must have contribute 1 hr in the early morning for walking. For example recently Apollo health insurance company launched a scheme in this scheme we have to download Apollo health insurance application from the play store and we have to log in it. And this application give one benifit to the policy holders  which is discount in health insurance payment. Customer have to walk 10000 steps everyday and duration of the premium payment customer get discount according to walking steps. So in this scheme they get 2 benifits. Firstly  they get a discount in the insurance payment and secondly they get better health.

        To get more benifits we need to choose better place for walking. Like PARK because there is a lot of greenery avalible so walking on grass gives pure oxygen and plays inevitable role in the health. Furthermore we must choose walking in the early morning instead of cellphone. Bcz cellphone radiation  affecting greatly on our mind which is responsible for brain migration. So it is better to choose health first. Because all we know that health is wealth.walking is beneficial in other ways like when we go for walking then we meet people who come from different income group and we meet them we able to expand our social circle and we also share our view with them. Just 30 minutes every day can increase  cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. finally use technology to measure everyday walking record and try to compete eveyday walking record which gives faster and better results instantly. 

      In conclusion  walking is a weapon to live healthy life with small effort and we all know that present day society is controlled by the latest and trendy elecronic devices so shortly it is true that today's world needs to think about themselves not orhers because better health gives everything which they want in their entire life span.