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A Reminder to all trustworthy people

When I was three and a half year old my parents were staying in Harippad near Bethany Balika Madom school. Those days my brother used to take me to a Christian s house opposite to ours. He was seen proposing to a baby looking child in red banyan and nicker whose nickname was  ‘Muth’. They came  from some other place just to see my brother athakk istham arunnu, he liked her so much and they used kiss each other.

When I was studying in 1st standard after a few months, I was admitted to boarding of Bethany Balika Madom SchoolMuttam, Harippad. When we used to get into our dormitory, people with white coloured mundu/dhoti in the group used to visit our bedroom as if to check our safety. Banumathy Aunty and her daughter were also accommodated ground floor as they were from some other place and could not get accommodation in any other safe place. Years later the same people were seen in my neighbourhood in Perurkada and Nalanchira near Mar Ivanios College. They looked old.

In the early 1980s after my parents applied for a transfer and when my family tried to settle down the present place, two new real estate brokers approached my father. Since he was already committed to another broker he was unwilling to give any commission. Later they created issues in front of our rented house. So my dad called the police His elder brother was in police as DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) those days. Aravindakshan and late Sukumaran were imprisoned. After releasing from jail Aravindakshan went gulf and came back years later and settled down in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram city. Chellappan is Aravindskshan' s relative. When I was studying in Nirmala Bhavan English Medium School, Kowdiar, Trivandurm, Chellappan’s daughter nicknamed Muth/Geethika used to come and meet my classmates like Meera G Nair, Dincy Peter C.V, Tiny Varghese,Lincy David, Archana Bhaskar and others.

When I joined for pre-degree, Mar Ivanios College for humanities, I thought I would score good marks without any efforts so I did not prepare well for economics and scored only third class. So when the results were out my classmate Manila Chithran advised me go for tuition and that they were having tuition from pre-degree first year onward in her neighbourhood a chechi (didi)who was BA Degree second rank holder for Economics from Mar Ivanios College, Lekha chechi (Muslim girl, who later married Dr.Panagi, a faculty of CDS. Those days Nisha Mathew was staying in their neighbourhood for rent (her father was a bank officer) and she had completed pre-degree science group in All Saints College. Once when I and Priya Menon were sitting in Manila’s house two familiar people of Mar Ivanios College, a white slim lady and a fair boy (pre-degree Mar Ivanios-science and  known to Meera G Nair, my classmate) was seen visiting Nisha’s house. Manila told that they were having combined study. They were Chellappan’s children Arun and Geethika.

During my BA degree days in Mar Ivanios College, I used to go for tuition in the house of retired Prof.Rugmini Amma, MG College, Tvpm who is the wife of retired Prof.Appukkuttan Nair. She used to teach us Economics. From first year onward Chellappan's children Arun and Geethika used roam around the house and made friends with Appukkuttan Nair. The classes were  taken behind the house in a shed...and both of them used to circle round the house and run away. Sometimes their kind of film-related groups was seen in the main road of Paruthippara all were boys. Later made Manila and Priya Menon my staunch enemies and by the end of degree final year I never sought their help for any purpose.

During first year BA Economics in Mar Ivanios College, once the college was dismissed due to strike in the morning, we all planned to visit my friend Nisha Mathew’s house in  Mannammola, Vivekananda Nagar, newly built single storied house with car shed. I, Priya menon, Manila Chithran (now working as Government Higher Secondary (Senior) teacher in Trivandrum District) another friend from Thirumala Bexy Thomas went there. Within half an hour we had spent there,  Nisha’s younger sister had guests a Nair grandmother (looked 65 years of age) who told that she belonged to Laitha Padmini Ragini’s family and told that her niece Geeth… is getting married etc. The grandmother also told that they were staying in the neighbourhood in Nedumangaud where they had 72 cents of land,similarly at many places, she came there to tell this to all. After some time two Christian ladies who told that they are connected to Mar Ivanios college staff came there to meet all.

During my BA degree days, my parents had given the ground floor of our house for rent to a person by name Reji and his wife he was a Penthacost contractor He had an electronic keyboard/piano. Once I and my mother had gone there since the chechi(didi) invited me to use the keyboard. Fewweeks later Reji was trapped in an immoral case inside his house by two ladies one- a familiar lady in black scurf (Maoist) and another in a light green saree both were Christians who used to meet him in his church. It was Gracy aunty who had spotted them. Later he bought a house in Nedumangaudu. There again he was trapped. One of the lady as  Gracy aunty had told me was an ex-mar ivanios student by name Geeth...I could not understand its gravity those days....now she is dear to chief minister also due to her love life with Dr.B.M.Anil Kumar.

During my first year BA Degree Economics in Mari Ivanios College1995, Trivandrum my father's parents stayed with us and a home nurse was kept for their take care. The home nurse was from Pettah and she had a lover with whom her engagement was going to be fixed. Even after she went away her boyfriend used call through the land phone from some nearby place. Whenever I was on leave especially study leave he used to call me. His rigorous phone calls made feel bad about me and I started having a severe headache. It was in 1995 and 1996. When I questioned my friends in college, they told that I was called from my neighbourhood and that they were not involved in it.

When I was studying for PG in the Department of economics, University Centre, Kariavattom, University of Kerala, Trivandrum all my juniors for PG (Post Graduation) made friends with chellapan's daughter Geetika nicknamed ‘Muth’ with whom B.M.Anil Kumar fell head over heels and he made her a Maoist. Whenever my ‘kariavattom friends’ used to visit my house they used to visit chellapan's house also. Later it was heard that she got married and was working in Trivandrum Technopark.

After my PG exams were completed, I was sitting at home. My mother suggested me to go to MBS Youth Choir. It was by the end of 1999. Once when I was in the KSRTC bus, I saw my old pre –degree classmate Indu who was then working as Secretariat Assistant. She told me that my old school mate and the then TV anchor Meera G Nair is getting married to a Brahmin. I out of ‘ahamkaram’ (ego), I  asked her How can a Nair girl marry a Brahmin and that too a girl like Meera who had many friends circle? Then she literally shouted at me and told ‘VEETTIL VARUM will come home’.I did not take it very seriously. But later after eating one full Christmas cake with icing I  got a stomach problem on the same day on December 31st morning I vomited. My father gave me diluted brandy [2-3 table spoon] to drink which he had bought for me for gas trouble. The next day from 2.30 onward I vomited a lot .But my parents and my brother scolded me for sleeping a lot. I went back  to sleep and in my sleep, I saw the same strangers including 'white king', his mother and father, Rekha who is Anand G Nair’s later wife, Hari [white] and later some Gunda looking people and two dark tall men with khaki pants. After a lot of fight and scream I fainted. This was a nightmare at 11.30 am where none was there to help me.But when I got up there was a calling bell few strangers were seen outside. My brother asked to open the door. So I opened and boys were seen outside taking photos with another boy. When I complained to my brother he said I was mad or something. It was Chellapan's son and his friends, whom my brother did not knew well as he would tell me.

After my B.Ed  (Bachelor of Education), I joined Sarawathy Vidhyala , Vattiyoorkavu as LP (Lower Primary) School teacher. Those days ‘Muth’ came there once when we did not get the school bus. She made friends with other teachers like Smitha and others. A Maruti Omni van came to pick her up. She introduced us to her father in law and mother in law who were coming from Nedumangaud and lots of coconuts were inside the van which they had collected from their property in Nedumangaud. Those days she had ‘kumkum’ on her forehead representing married lady. It was in 2003.Rest of the story my relatives knows.

In the year 2004, in Malayala Manorama Newspaper there was a short news about immoral traffic that occurred in a house in (a nagar visible from the roadside) Muttada. One of the names they gave was ‘Muth’ and alumini’s of Mar Ivanios College.

My school mates, college mates all knew this lady very well. My classmates for PG in the Department of Economics, Kariavattom like Freddy Mathew, Dino Mathew, Veena Renjini, Rakendu all knew Chellappan's daughter nicknamed ‘MUTH’ very well. Later I worked as guest lecturer in Dept.of Economics, MG College from 2007-11. My friends there like Prof.Shrija Nambiar, then HoD (Head Of Department) Prof.Sreekumaran Nair and all knew ‘them’ very well. She often used to visit Zoology Department there, I was told. Similarly, my neighbour Sindhu Sadhasivan's husband's relative Chittalloor's Siva Kumar and most of my youngster neighbours used to visit my workplace on a regular basis...and made friends with all higher officers here in KSPB (Kerala State Planning Board)during 2016,17,18.

When I went for planning board RA’s (Research Assistant) PSC (Kerala Public Service Commission) interview, a lady  by name ‘Muth’ came there along with politicians kind of ‘mundu udutha people’ (many people in white dhotis and she started talking to B.M.Anil Kumar, my junior for PG in Dept.of Economics, Kariavattom. Anil introduced Muth to my father and I was thinking only about my family problems So I was not that aware of her presence. Later when we were taken to the main building she was there and started talking to Arun Shaymnath ‘yeda..patti enne  ketta moda...ennittu ente anna ne ivare arelum kondu kettikkamoda..yeda.. patty.....etc’ (Hey, dog marry me and let my brother marry any ladies in the PSC shortlist)

In 2011 we had a Pooja at home for three days. On the first day, it was ‘Ganapathy Homam’ and in the evening ‘Bhagavathi Seva’. Next day morning it was ‘Pithru Homam’ and it was ‘Sukritha Homam’ in the evening, on the third day we had ‘Rudra Homam’. At the end of all poojas the priest advised us to visit all temples in Trivandrum city including Thiruvallam Parasurama temple for performing Thila  Homam and Archana. When we went there inside the temple, the whole film crew (junior artist) was there including very familiar people. Similarly in 2005 when we went to Puttaparthi for getting Sathya Sai Baba’s Dharsan some they and those in their friend's list were there.

From 2014 onwards that is from the time when my brother's engagement was fixed, Research Officer of District Planning Office by name Beena.M 's relatives were put for renovation work of my house in Peroorkada and it more or less ended in August 2017....And my father used to confide everything to them including all good and bad news.

On 1.1.2015 when my first increment fell due I told Sudhi and others in establishment. But they told that I am not ‘well informed’. Days later I wrote a submission as per the advice of my parents   and later Junior Superintendent showed me what Sudhi wrote in the note file ‘thethhaya...rekha samarappicha thinal...ee udyogasthakk yethire disciplinary action yedukkanam’  (as the employee has submitted a wrong submission to mislead the authorities, disciplinary action should be taken against her), when I complained to DPO  and then  to Dy.DPO  Shaji sir told me to cool down, it is all part of service and that I will get it months later etc. After a lot of fight and arguments, it got the order from sudhi six months.

=> It was in 2002 that my neighbourhood house was bought by an Eranakulam based family whose relatives were connected to Singapore. The house was previously owned by Advocate (late) Sri. Hashim Babu and his family. He had sold the house and later relocated in Ravi Nagar/Pipeline road itself. In the house, a grandmother, her grandson and another lady lived. Chellappan's daughter nicknamed Muth (Geethika) often used to visit the house. Later it was heard that the grandmother died and a baby died in the bathtub. Years later in 2015 Colonel Karamachandran's bar boys started staying in the house; where Sujith Kumar and Muth started staying along with bar boys very secretly from 2016 and now very openly from 2017 onward singing duet, pop music, everything is there Sometimes colonel comes in the morning to see his pet pairs. Daily evening SFI kind of student community accompany Muth in an auto-rickshaw and drop her to Colonel Karamachandran's house as if she comes from another place.  From 2015 onward my neighbourhood house owned by Colonel Karmachandran was occupied by bar boys. That is what I was told and the key to the house was kept by my father. Late nights often ladies used to visit the house and love talks could be heard. Around 2016 July we shifted to a rented house in Mary Giri school compound road. So I forgot everything.

Now a ladies and a man’s very very loud voices including love talks and jealousy talks could be heard aloud. My neighbours are also helping them including youngsters, Salvation Army people, neighbour Gracy Aunty, MLA's of planning and my parents (dad) also. Four years  back (2014-15) bengali's and gurka's son were put outside for security. Now (2017) it is a black dog. If some trespassers enter the house the dog will immediately bark and the female will hide. She is Chellppan's daughter and  State Planning Board's confidential assistant and Technopark official Arun's sister.

From 2015 onward my dad started terrace vegetable cultivation as a leisure time activity and he had some people to assist him and those days a kind of white powder was smeared all over my bed and room like dust particles when we shifted to a house in Kudappankkunnu also, the same thing happened and when we came back lots of similar white powder were seen in all rooms and the wrapper was also seen. It was a pesticide powder.It was just an accident. Now everything is OK.

=> Later on November 23rd, 2016, my engagement took place in Classic Avenue, Tvpm, I had informed the Chief, Evaluation Division of the matter as it was a working day and my innocence. On the spot itself, things went wrong for me. Two days later Sujith was seen on bike rides with Geethika of Kerala State Planning Board. When my father and I were coming from the city after the purchase of items two months before marriage, both of them were seen in black T-shirts. During his phone calls to me at nights a lady’s voice was also heard and I asked him whether she is his sister. He got angry and cut the phone. Even after the breakup of my engagement, he was seen happily on bike rides with Geethika. It was told that Sujith was invited by the planning board staffs in the late evenings to meet someone special.

After my engagement was fixed on Nov.23rd 2016, Assistant Director, Smt. Deepa Chandran, madam wanted to see the would be’s photograph so I showed the photographs she took the phone and gave it hours later and that is how the planning board staff got his phone number. It was Dr.B.M.Anilkumar  and Arun Shyamnath who had invited him to planning board late evenings to save Chellapan's daughter

After Feb1st 2016,(the day my marriage was fixed) a senior officer, joint director Sri.Madhusoodhanan Pillai sir here told me that my ‘man’ was here with a lady staff in the lift electricity went off in the evenings and they took photos also and things like that and that they were mocking at me.

In 2017, planning board's Hon'ble Vice Chairperson scribbled and  passed a note to member Jayan Jose sir referring to me ‘what is the name of that lady writing minutes?’ He took the photocopy and gave it through another officer to me. At another time VC wrote in the note file I had handled those days  ‘What is the name of that play?’  referring to me. Since I do not know good English I should refer it to someone else. He was actually educated in a western country and knows fluent English. He too did this to save another ladies honour Chellapan's daughter.

Later in August 2017 in the morning NGOs (familiar faces) here used to protest near my house in Peroorkada with slogans like INGULAB ZINDABAD etc...at 5.00 am /5.30 am with some other purpose. It happened for a few weeks in the morning. May be ‘some things are misunderstandings’ but not all.

  Now Sujith Kumar and Geethika are living in my immediate neighbourhood for the past two years or so (2016-2019), late nights were  live with pop music ‘Yekshi yerangi nadakkuvanno yennu thonnum’ (as if a maiden ghost is hanging around nearby place with singing sweet romantic songs in high pitch).

In  my rented house in Mary Giri school compound road to which we had shifted due to nearness to Collectorate Tvpm,)many ordinary people with ‘mundu’ (light coloured dhotis) and shirts with ‘dog like eyes’ used to make enquires to my father regarding my Tata Nano car and about the people who lived in the house before. There is nothing wrong in it. But after we shifted back to SREE VARDHINI house Tamil speaking people were often heard talking over phone “sare ...a amma nalla get up ulla sthree anu..veedu oru 50 laksham varum athil kooduthal varilla...and about a Rao sir nu room book cheyyunna karyam etc. (madam, that lady is nice nothing bad about conduct, the house they live may be valued as fifty lakh rupees and about booking a room for a person Rao sir,let me see etc)

I had similar bitter experiences during my BA degree  days also when I used to  travel back home with my friends as if some old prisoners were following me who are showing their commitment to a high-level lady not anyone of my relatives. Here in the Evaluation Division, Pattom Planning board, 2016  also many similar people used to come in addition to Chittaloor’s Siva Kumar and his wife.

When I was working in evaluation division 2017-18, the then chief asked me to prepare a synopsis on the performance of AKSHAYA services in Alappuzha district and I will have to go there for the meeting with the district planning officer. She told me that my parents will not be allowed with me, I will have to stay there for two months of work arrangement will not be provided government vehicle or night stay facility even with the lady peon there and will have to collect data from all garama panchayats alone. I thought it in a lighter way. Later when chief was admitted in the regional Cancer centre he called me from the hospital bed to remind me that any begger/ thendi  or dog/ patty can put signature for approved for the issue so manjusha can also do ...my confidential reports which I had humbly placed before him were not forwarded to the then Member Secretaries. He did this for the ladies in the office, as he confided to me. Often NGOs were seen inside his cabin to have hard talks with him for some other personal purposes.

  Later I got transferred to Industry Division, 2018 and was assigned to assist the then Assistant Director, Smt. Shakeela madam. Before the plan work had started she used to ask me to her help work after 5.30 pm because she was ill. Once I was forced to stay with her until 7 pm, to exaggerate at 8.40 pm and my old dad was waiting outside. He had a gastric problem, so he went to have snacks in a bakery. Until then Shakeela madam told me that she will help me join my dad hastily went out for her home. And I had to wait for my dad suddenly bolero vehicles with state government nameplate came there swiftly there were more than 4 bolero vehicles which did not belong to the state planning board, in the meanwhile my dad came back and the drivers were checking my dad’s car from outside when he came back and called me.

Still, some of my neighbours are seen on bike rides with ‘Muth’ and late nights her presence is in the house owned by Colonel Karmachandran!

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