CLIMATE - The Twelve Days Luvstory - 3 in English Love Stories by Amar Kamble books and stories PDF | CLIMATE - The Twelve Days Luvstory - 3

CLIMATE - The Twelve Days Luvstory - 3

Oh I luv all it! I luv Salwar suit! I luv Bindi! I luv lipstick! I luv Chashma! And I.... I luv her! I luv Shruti! Shruti, my first luv! Whose sight was proving my sight; Whose fragrance was proving my admissibility; Whose touch was proving my sensation; Whose just being before me was enough for, enhancing my heartbeats; accelerating my blood circulation; withholding my eye blinks & for loosing all the presence of mind! This is called the Luv. This is the madness. This is the sense. This is the feeling. Yes, I am in luv! Shruti's luv! Shruti, who disturbed my sleep yesterday; Shruti, only for whose sake, I completed that nonsense assignment & hence captured attention of every eye in the class; Shruti, who has created a splash in my mind since two days; That Shruti! Shruti Sinha!! I am fully clear about myself. This is not just attraction, this is Luv. Spiritual luv! And this spiritual luv will be recognized to her today.
With full preparation, I entered the garden. It was raining light. Ground had become muddy. The bench was not worthy to sit & she had not come yet. I had dressed somewhat better exteriors (Which had been being washed for two hours by me!). My mind started being nervous but I convinced it. She'll come! By sure!! I didn't find any other choice than that bench so I sat on it promising myself not to let her stand in front of my back! After all, I had to get wet in that light rain also! I kept waiting for her. By the time, the water level of the rain started increasing with increase in 'Mercury' level of mine. Shett!!! There my roommates are doubting me as I am an International Criminal still I have come here & she? I was really being so angry on her. There is a revision in the class tomorrow & I? Oh Gosh!!! Ten minutes passed in such nonsense & my patience ended. I stood up to leave & found her at gate. Totally wet, faint Green Salwar, soaked hairs..... but my brain was burning. I covered the gap between us & almost shrieked her,"Yeh samay hai tere aane ka? Aadhe ghante se yahaan machchhar mar raha hu. Kal revision hai meri aur main pagal hu jo yahaan aaya hu!" She just smiled & asked,"Kuch kahna tha na tumhein?" God promise if I would've a gun.... Can someone be so irritating? I barked,"Nothing to say now!" & took a leave; soon her voice stopped me,"Propose karna chahte ho?" My heartbeat stopped. The sound of rain stopped. The chill in the atmosphere stopped. Only her words were working on this mankind. I turned back & she smiled. My eyes started flowing. God, I am so sentimental! She came to me & said,"Bolo naa!" My voice was like rubbed drum over a road,"Shruti.... I luv you!" & she smiled & said,"Me too!" & I lost all control on my eyes. I forgot everything & hugged her tight. Time of about quarter past seven 'o' clock at evening! Her warm touch was making my hair stand on end. My eyes were closed. Even I had no care that somebody will see us. After some time, she said,"Tum bahut filmi ho!" & I left her. She kept laughing. I wiped out my eyes (Actually there was no need to do so in such rain!). She asked,"Tumhara naam kya hai?" & I shocked for a while. Then I remembered our previous meetings. Had I tell her my name earlier? I regretted,"Sorry, Karan, Karan Saxena!" She said,"Karan! Nice name!" & I couldn't hide my smile. The rain became more graceful.
People think that our unease is till our propose. Once we propose, after that, total peace. Totally false!!! Even rest of the peace also seized from me. Yeah, revision went fine; but what about else? Every of my actions was dominated by her. Every now & then, only Shruti, Shruti & Shruti! In addition to this, I shared this with my friends in overconfidence. Then what? Nothing much, smoke & fire at the same time! They started not only asking uninviting questions but also offering unexpected suggestions. Even 'those' also!!! Although I too was thinking about taking a step ahead. Then finally I decided myself - one step ahead in today's meeting! Lip to lip kiss!!!

( To Be Continued... )

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