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CLIMATE - The Twelve Days Luvstory - 4

As concluded, again with full preparation means chewing two - three bubble gums, I reached. It took about fifteen minutes to revise those sentences - Karan, be confident! Tomorrow never comes. And why are you being nervous? She's your girlfriend yaar..... & so on! Sixteenth minute crossed for her arrival. She entered the garden. Believe me, Red Salwar & Black pant's chemistry causes boys go banana for girls! She came to me & said,"Hi!" I also greeted her. Dramatic!!! No matter Chatting to little avail in friendship turns into deep formality after link-up. God knows how it happens! Anyway, I had to kiss her that day. We sat on bench & did some profitless talks. Then I came to the point,"Um Shruti, I want something from you!" Seemed she understood; still asked,"Kya?" I toddled,"Um....kiss..." Her glance fall with a smile on lips. Oh my God! That bud!! I asked,"Naaraj ho gayi?" She looked at me; said,"Main beshak de du, tum nahin kar paoge!" What??? Does she think I am in 'third gender'? I said,"Bet lagati ho?" She said,"Har jaoge!" I Clasped her shoulders. She smiled, stood up. I stood up, too! Then I held her neck. She closed her eyes. I proceeded. The gap of fifteen centimetres between us decreased rapidly; but the rest two centimetres' gap couldn't! I couldn't dare to kiss her anyway feeling that kissing her will fall off her shine. I... I couldn't. No doubt I was enough daring to kiss her; but.....
Calendar was seeking ahead; our relationship was being more firm. Agreed that the next step of the luv is the intercourse; but I was loving this step,too! I was not hastened about the next one. Rare people ( Like me?) think so! Many of the people venture a lot in a few time; atone later! I wasn't of them. She wasn't of them. She was very different. Within our three hours' meeting, time of about two & half hours had been being taken by her to chat about my studies only! I, too, was being interested in studies now. Everything was fine, except that of mobile! Her mobile number had been taken so curiously. Whenever dialled - "Aap jis vyakti se sampark karna chahte hai, wo abhi dusre call pe vyast hai......" & if she is enquired about it - "Are wo ghar pe phone lagaya tha...." Like she calls home at three 'O' clock of night also! Sometimes, suspicious views used to peek into my mind; but I never berthed them. I was loving her like a mad keen, that's all! Revision test marks of a certain subject were to result today. For the first time, the paper had gone fine to me giving chances of getting marks above twenty! No sooner was I thinking about her reaction if it happens so, than the professor came in.
I break to the garden. My joyful face itself was expressing my result. The subject in which I had failed earlier, had passed me by twenty two out of twenty five! I was extremely pleased. I came to the gate & she came to me. She had weared the dress of the first day. I said,"Shruti, Shruti pachchis mein se baais!" & her eyes ran under that 'Chashma'. I hugged her. That was the hug from which I never wanted to exit dreaming to lead whole life hugging her like this. Such many fantasies had fulfilled my mind soon her voice came,"Karan...... raat ki gaadi se hum ja rahe hai." My eyes opened dashingly. I escaped her from my hug & looked in a phenomenon view. She was looking in an insentient view of same intensity. I asked,"Wh...What?" She said,"Yaad hai na....barah din!" I was totally hang. I asked,"And...our luv?" She said,"Hamaara luv yahin tak tha Karan. Hum ekk nahin ho sakte." I asked,"But why?" Smiling, she held my hand in hers & said,"Karan, hum bas barah din ke saathi the. Yeh baat tum bhi jaante the. Hamaari manzil ek nahin hai. Main Kisi aur state se hu." I hastened,"Mujhe koi fark nahin padta!" She said politely,"Fark toh mujhe bhi nahin padta Karan! Par zamaane ko padta hai." I was not getting anything. I just didn't want to let her go. I said,"Shruti main tumhein khona nahin chahta. Mat jaao na, please!" She said,"Tum mujhe khona nahin chahte na? To meri baat dhyan se suno. Apni padhai poori karo. Koi achhi si naukari dhoond lo. Phir Mumbai aana, mere paas!" "Kya?" I couldn't say more. She said,"Haan Karan, agar hamaare naseeb mein milna likha hai, toh hum zaroor milenge." & she kept her hand over my eyes. My left chik felt a smooth touch of her lips & she took a leave. I screamed,"Shruti, Shruti..........."
Two & half years have passed today. I have completed my Diploma Engineering in First class & am working on a better post in a better company. All this happened because of whom; her number is still engaged. Facebook, What's App, Twitter, Orkut, etc. nobody has identified her account on them. Gmail, Hotmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo mail, etc. nobody has found her Id on them. Even, Mumbai's voters list also hasn't her allusion!!!
Still I am not giving it up! The girl who can change my complete life, can make me capable of standing within the community, can make me deserving; wouldn't be a normal girl & hence I am setting out to Mumbai. Will I get her or not, I don't know; but will keep trying. Shruti was my first luv & first luv is impossible to live down, by sure!!!
Lets hope for the best!


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