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Happiness - 1



Pain or happiness, always smiling mom,

whether night or day, always smiling mom

sleeping in wet, keeping me dry, pampering mom,

all year along, always smiling mom,

what in my world without you mom,

dawn or dusk, always smiling mom.

If you are there, my life is gladsome,

cold or hot, always smiling mom.

Life is blessed, because of you mom,

new or full moon, always smiling mom.

Millions of teachers can't supplant mom,

huffing and swaying, always smiling mom.

Cries with me when I cried,

up or down, she always smiled.

God has sent you as stand-in

always smiling mom, out or in.

Your feet are my place forever,

smiling mom, in front of me forever.

All the happiness of heaven in your lair,

smiling mom in fake anger forever.

My heartbeat is in her breath,

mom smiles forever in my every glitch.

Presenting my needs without querying,

mom, as a friend, always smiling.


Let me have a glance, if the door opens

Let me offer myself whole for once,

Let me lodge the idol, in the temple of my mind,

Let me offer a notional service of a kind.

Dedicating my life to parents today,

Let me thank them now & everyday.

Sleeping in wet, keeping me dry,

Let me describe their benevolence,

To live a simple life, 'Sakhi'

Let me keep in my eyes; honey.

Leaving the world's glory away

let me sacrifice life at the feet, anyway.

For the symbol of renunciation; to the world

in open and loud, let me expound.


The board is far away from the ground.

See if Kashish brings color today.


A Aarju was raised from where

Take an arm as far as that II


Seems to be out of sight.

It is very close to the heart.

Once you get angry,

you go out.

Let's take the name of being forgotten.


There is a fool who will not understand.

Muflis was not able to understand


It is difficult to hide the condition of the heart.

It is difficult to tell the condition of the heart.

It is a very delicate journey for love.

God is hard for the heart.

Light is in your heart.

Heart is hard heart condition.

Toba made capable of love.

It is difficult to express the condition of the heart.

Kashish grows slowly.

Friend's heart is hard.

My friend said that my heart came to my mind

Dont be able to understand in mind


Seeing what the outcome is.

Whether the voice has been seen or not is heard.


How is bondage not understood?

How is your passion not understood ?|

Today, no matter what the age.

What kind of Kashish does not understand.

When burnt, burn with the Shama Parwana.

How is friendship not understood ?|

Tied in an unknowable bond.

How is Preet not able to understand ?|

In which mode did Sakhi become an officer?

How is youth not able to understand ?|


Who did not ask my life?

He will be the one who knocks the funeral.

There were equal shares in the population.

Will make love an affliction.

Halle - Whom should you tell the heart?

Will make you crazy

Have gone through a difficult floor.

What else will you do?

Stuck in strange worries.

Girlfriend will tear you apart .


Live in hopeful meeting

We live in your memory

Muddato has cried in Dard-Ishq.

Yahi lives by tadpad ||

When you come in front, forget to say

Live in the hope of union.

Neither the city cuts nor the sky

Live here in Mahave Daru ||

Get a free fall from the garage.

Live in the pangs of pain

Stay alive in separation day and night.

Tham's liver also lives .|

Rough-faced man will never bear it.

Live with the help of dreams


Those eyes will not forget

the moments of the moonlight night.

The weather will keep coming,

eyes will not forget you.

You left the lights smiling more.

The intoxicated eyes will not forget the eyes.

No one has come back from where he is from.

The eyes of Rupa's queen will not be forgotten.