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Come Back to Leave Me... Again - 11 - FIRST FIGHT


April 23, 2015.
This was the day when we fought tremendously with each other for the very first time. I became a bit in secured and disturbed on that day when Hritisha started narrating her past relationship in college. She said her ex-boyfriend broke up with her and married another girl. This unexpected painful incident made her upset and she took three months to recover herself. This was the time when her best friend Niraj supported her. Niraj brought back smile on her face for the second time. Those days Niraj would take her to malls and restaurants to divert her mind and prevent her thinking of her painful relationship repeatedly.
I felt jealous and I ordered her to stay away from him. Hritisha angrily claimed that she never had any liking towards Niraj, she always considered her as a best friend, nothing more than that. However, I did not agree with her statement and forced her to stay away from him.
She disconnected the line without wishing me goodnight. I went on calling her, but there was no reply from her end. I did not sleep that night and waited until she woke up early morning for office. I noticed that she had read all the messages, which I had sent her while she was sleeping.
I started calling her again just to say her sorry. I did not know and wanted to figure out that why I became so in secured and never bothered to understand her feelings.
On that day, it was me, who forced her to speak out about her past relationship. She ignored many times, as she knew my nature and the consequences that, I would become in secured and would start crying. However, she spoke about it and the fight happened.
It was totally my fault. I could not concentrate on office work and be thinking how to convince her. I texted her a hell lot of ‘sorry’ messages. That day she did not come online for lunch also.
I decided to write an apology letter. Therefore, I took a pen, went to the washroom and wrote an apology letter on tissue paper. The letter was.
To My Bacchi,
Of course, I make mistakes; I was not born with USER MANUAL, But Once I say SORRY,
I mean it.
I am sorry.
I love you
Bettu, Pagal, Idiot, Mottu, and Ganda dimaag wala pati.
She took almost a week to forgive me and I believed that I deserved the punishment.

And then after, I have realised that I would have to control on my behavior towards Hritisha. Hritisha was not the typical girl. She believed in self respect. I had tried my best not to fight with her. She was sweet enough to forget but hard enough to forgive.

Remember, if a girl is sharing her life or her problems with you, do not get irritated or think that she is problematic. But, it means that you're the only one whom she can trust. Never forget

( To be Continued... )

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