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Falling in love - 5 - Are you insane?

Are you insane?

So this is the fifth chapter of my story,
I hope you'll enjoy it.. have a read..

My Mobile is ringing, I turn it on a silent mode. I don't want to talk to Aarav, I know he must have something sarcastic to say, so I ignore his call.

I go to kitchen and prepare instant noodles for me, I am about to eat spoonful of it,when my door bell rings, I think my parents have returned, so I eat mouth full of the noodles and open a door.

I am shocked because it is Aarav, standing in front of my eyes, I feel so embarrassed, I put both my hands on my mouth, engulf half chewed noodles and ask, "what brings you here?"

He is looking angry, sweat is all over his forehead, he asks in a loud voice," are you insane? Why didn't you answer my call?"

I shrug at him and open my mouth to say, "it's my phone" but he stops me with his hand and says," now listen to me you silly girl, Kiara wanted to talk to you, so we were coming to your place and we met with an accident."

I become tense and say, "oh my god where is she? Is she alright?" He says," I don't know she passed out so I drove her to the hospital and called you to inform. But you didn't receive my call. Then I Called Anurag, thank God he is not like you" I interrupt, "ok take me to the hospital please."

I hurriedly go inside, take my phone, lock my house, and wait outside.

Aarav takes his car in reverse, there are many scratches on his car, one side-mirror, is broken, he stops his car in front of me, I get in his car, unlock my cell phone to call my mom, and I see 5 missed call and 1 message from Aarav.

I look at him with corner of my eyes, he is busy in driving. I message my mom that I am going to my friend's home for assignment, and ask Aarav in which hospital she is admitted? He answers in flat voice,"the general hospital at the side of this road."

I say in a low voice,"I am sorry for not receiving your call." He doesn't speak a word. He still looks angry so I ask," how is this accident occurred?" He says without looking at me," I'll give you every detail, can you keep silence for sometime."

I am furious at him, but I am more worried about my friend so I shut my mouth and message to Anurag asking, how is she? But he must be busy so he doesn't read my message.

Within 15 minutes we reach at the hospital, as the car stops, I get out and run towards the hospital's main door, ask in reception, and go to Kiara's room, push it to open and I see that Kiara is sitting on the bed resting her back and talking with Anurag.

They both look at me. I go to her bed and hug her tightly, she says,"hey" I ask "how are you dear?" She says, "fine" I release her and sit near Anurag, Aarav comes too.

I ask, "so tell me what happened?" Kia explains in a low voice "we were coming to your place, at the corner of your house, as I took the left hand turn, I was in speed so I hit the car with near by wall." And she giggles, I furrow and say, "you must be careful while driving, you always drive in high speed." she nods,"hmmm".

Anurag says, "nurse was saying it was just a shock that you passed out,but be careful next time, and what about your parents, do you want to inform them?" Kiara looks at Aarav and asks, "did you call my parents?" Aarav raises his brows and says,"well... no but I'll definatly call uncle if next time I see this type of carelessness." Kiara rolled her eyes and asks," you alright?"

Aarav smiles and says,"yeah I am fine, but sadly I can't say this for my car." Kiara says in a very low voice,"I am sorry dear." He says," by the way nurse was telling me that if you are feeling ok then you can leave."

Kiara laughs and says,"let's go then." I insist, "come to my place all of you." Kiara smiles and agrees," yeah good idea." Aarav tells, "I've to go" I don't know I feel hurt that he is not coming with us but then I think it's good that he is not coming.

So Anurag and Kia leave with me in Anurag's car and Aarav leaves in his car. I was feeling so ashamed that I didn't look at Aarav once.

When we reach at my home, my parents were there, I tell them about accident, my mom explains that I sensed that something is wrong when I saw a bowl of noodles and your car in garage.

I didn't tell her that Kiara passed out, otherwise she'll inform her mom so I lied that no one got injured,only Aarav's car got the scratche.

Then we leave to my room, sit on a couch, my mom serves cold drinks to us, insists that Anurag ang Kiara stay for dinner, they agree.

After she leaves we start our conversation. Kiara asks, "so Aarav came here?" I am feeling so embarrassed that I lower my eyes and says, "yes, Anurag must have explained the way to my home." I look at Anurag so he nods his head and explains,"no, he had already left, when I reached at the entrance of the hospital"

I am really shocked, butterflies start to erupt in my stomach, how is it possible that he has seen my home? I mean we just met yesterday. I am sure that he is really up to something.

Kia smiles at me and says, " he is very smart." Then she observes my expressions, I ask,"what?" She smiles and says "nothing"
I say, "I am curious why were you coming to meet me?", She shrugs her shoulders and says,"well I wanted you to properly introduce with Aarav"

I raise my brows and ask, "was he ready to meet me?" Kiara says," I know him very well he is as stubborn as you so I lied to him that he can drop me at your door step and leave."

I furrow at her and argue, "I am not stubborn and I don't want any introduction with that proudy.. I already know him well." Kiara tries to explain,"but listen to me he is...."

Anurag raises his hand to stop her and says," can we talk about anything else please" Kiara furrows at him and says, "ok".

Then we talk about my projects, Anurag's business deals, Kiara's internship, upcoming movies, and what not. We keep talking until my mom calls us for dinner.

My mom prepared Anurag's special dish. So he is very happy, he hugs my mom and thanks her.

At dinner table my mom is busy chatting with Anurag and my dad is talking with Kiara. I am only a spectator, listening to them. Finally dinner is over, both of them thank my parents and leave.

I am feeling so good after talking to my two best friends after long time. I help my mom to clear the table, then my parents wish me good night and go to sleep.

I am not sleepy, so I lie down on a couch and switch on the tv, and find my favourite movie 'Frozen' on it so I am watching it with so much interest and my phone rings.

I look at the screen, again it is Aarav, I don't want to answer his call but what if anything bad has happened like before? So I receive his call, he laughs and says, "Hello Raavi" in a husky voice, a wave of chilled passes through my spine, I ask "what?" Angrily,

He continues,"enjoying movie right? I am shocked so I ask, "are you ghost or something, how do you know?" He laughs loudly and says, "you are really fool, I can hear voices of your tv, you silly!!" Then again he laughs loudly.

I am so angry on my self, why do I behave like an idiot in presence of him? He again says in slow husky voice "I was checking that are you gonna receive my call or not?" I say, "oh done with your checking?" He answers, "yep, you know Raavi, you should learn from your friends that how to behave, I mean look at your friend Tina, she is so smart and beautiful, on the other hand you are so weird all the time."

His words make my breathing fast, I don't know why but I didn't like the way he spoke the name 'Tina'. I don't want to admit but first time in my life I feel jealousy, I control my breathing and say, "I'll always be the weird one, if you have problem with that then leave me alone and talk with that Tina." and I cut the call. I am no longer interested in movie so go to my room and try to sleep.

I think that Why do his words affect me?, why do I lose my temper very easily When things are related to Aarav? This is not me, I never care for anyone's opinion. But why do his opinion matters to me? Why do I want to hear impressive comment on me from him? So much questions are swirling in my mind. It's been only two days and I am in a whirlpool of his thoughts.

When I close my eyes, I am seeing only his face, his expression, his eyes. I open my eyes, exhale, speak loudly to my self, "Raavi, he is a jerk, don't think about him" then close my eyes.

Again I remember his words about Tina, I wake up, take my cell phone and open photos posted by him, I see Aarav and Tina were sitting closely, they were looking at each other, I feel sharp pain in my stomach. I put my phone aside and again close my eyes, but I am not able to sleep. So I decide to start my project, I do all paper work until I am mentally exhausted, then I go to sleep.

Next day is very busy, I go to college, attend so many lectures, then go to college library to work on my project, it is around 7:00 pm I come back at home. I sit for just 15 minutes drink tea and go to my room to practice cutting and stitching. I take my dinner and start my project work. I was totally busy in my study whole day.

I like the thing about study that you don't need any company. You forget all the things. You don't worry about your past and future. You just live in present. Just yourself. I am feeling so live after two bad days. I am again me. No confusion, no worries, just my work and me.

It is around 12am when I clean my room, it is all filled with threads and cloths cuttings. Then I go to sleep, take my cell phone to check chats and messages.

I haven't checked it in whole day. There are so many messages, I just scroll down, cause nothing is important. So I put my cell phone down and close my eyes and I hear the notification tone, so I again look my cell phone that who is it? It is from Aarav's number.

I open and read it. He asked "are you free now?" I am thinking Why does he care? Again his second message pops "you should sleep early, it's not good for witless people to wake late at night, now I know why your IQ is below 10." Then he sends me three laughing emoji. I am so tired, I don't want to argue with this man, seriously why he is after me?, always try to put me down, I want to block his number but I don't do it. I turn my cell phone to silent mode and close my eyes.

Again very busy next day, lectures, practicals, project work. Today I decide to go to my friends home for practice work, cause when you have someone to criticise, you work better.

So from college I go to Priya's home, we work on our stitching skills and embroidery. When I leave her place, it is late at night, I reach at my home around at 10:00 o'clock. I park my car and go inside.

What I see, is Aarav having conversation with my parents!!, I am shocked, he smiles at me and greets me "hey Raavi" I just reply,"hi", I directly go to kitchen, drink water, when my mom comes in, I ask furiously,"what is Kiara's cousin doing here?" My mom smiles and says, "he came for business purpose."

I raise my brows and ask,"what kind of business?" My mom replies, "you should ask your dad, you know that I don't have much knowledge of it." I furrow at her and come out.

He lifts his head and looks at me, his eyes are suspicious, he stands up and says to my dad, "okay uncle it's so late, so I should take my leave" he looks at me and wishes, "good night Raavi".

The way he spoke my name, affects me very badly, I feel that I am under his charm. Then he walks out of my house, I angrily ask to my dad, "what was he doing here?" My dad explains,"well he wants to renovate his old farm house so with Kiara's reference he came to me, but why are you angry.? I reply, "I don't like him."

Then I realize that My mom didn't recognize him, of course whenever she finds any suitable profile for me on matrimonial sites she is more interested in boy's wealth than his face and second thing is, she has gone through thousands of profiles so it is impossible for her to remember Aarav.

I don't tell them anything. I am very hungry so sit on a dining table and eat silently then talk to my mom about my work and go to bed, I don't want to look at my phone. Though when I close my eyes I remember how handsome and charming Aarav looked.

I thought why this guy even has a profile on matrimonial site? Doesn't he suppose to have a girlfriend, why would he prefer arranged marriage, he must go for love marriage, he should marry to someone like him, beautiful and elegant. Do I deserve him?

I sometimes feel that he was right I am not his type, I mean I don't know how to show off, I don't know flirting, I don't belong to his society, though I am rich but I can't be like any other rich girls I meet in my college. There is only one thing I am good at and that is 'study.' It doesn't mean that I am boring, Yeah I am fun loving person, but I think in my this life I will not be able to find a person who can love me despite knowing who am I?

Then I think it's okay why do I need someone to love me. I can love myself. I'll have a bright future. I'll be a great designer, then I can leave this city, move to Mumbai. I should think about those dreams not love and all.

I am lost in my thoughts and my cell phone rings, I see the name it is from Anurag, I pick it up and answer,"yes". he says," I want to talk to you, you are not sleeping right?" "No,I am awake" I reply. He says "Raavi, do you know Kiara is dating someone?"

"What,it's not possible." I say surprisingly. "I saw her with someone today." explains Anurag. "Where" I instantly ask "at the coffee shop." Replies he.

He continues "What do I do?,can't ask her directly, though when I saw her, I called her,but she didn't receive my call." His voice seems tense. I say, "don't worry I'll ask Kiara, give me the name of the cafe, stay calm and sleep well okay, I'll call you tomorrow, so wait and have passions."

He sighs, "okay, but please ask her quickly." I wish, "good night" and hang up.

When I open my eyes it is 7:00am so I get up from my bed, do my routines, go downstairs to eat my breakfast, My mom looks at me and says,"I am worried about you, why are you working so hard? You sleep after 12:00am and wake at 7:00am. For good health you should sleep well. I know you are skipping your meals too."

I roll my eyes, look at her and smile, "oh mom it's my last year, I have to work hard. And don't worry I am eating well. Now I have to be ready, I want to meet Kiara today."

So I rush to my room and change my cloths, take my bag and dial Kiara's number, I say, "hey Kia, are you home? I have something to talk to you?" She answers,"yeah please come."

So I leave my home and go to Kiara's. Her mom opens the door, she says happily, "hey Raavi good morning, please come in. When I enter she invites, "join us for breakfast." I reply," thank you aunty but I am in a hurry. I want to meet Kia" she directs me, "she is in her room."so I go upstairs in her room, she is being ready for college.

She asks, "what is it, do you want to tell me? I am curious to know." I ask directly," what were you doing yesterday at Lakeview cafe? I saw you with someone." She narrows her eyes and says," oh yeah, I went to meet advocate Rajiv to ask for internship,by the way what were you doing there?"

I lie, "I passed through there to go to Priya's home. When I saw you I thought that you are dating someone and you didn't tell me" She looks at me, narrowing her eyes and says,"when will I start dating someone I'll tell you first so don't think too much now and let's go."

When we come downstairs she forcefully drag me to her dining table for breakfast. To my surprise Aarav was there, I look at him, he lifts his head, smiles and says "hey Raavi" I greet him back "hi." Inside I am angry at Kia, I sit near Kiara, Her maid serves us grilled vegetable sandwich and tea. I wanted to drink tea and run away but Kiara forces me to eat.

after a while Aunty joins us. Aunty asks me about my family, my study. So I am answering her questions, Kiara also comments in between but Aarav is silent, busy eating and ignoring all of us.

After sometimes he gets up from the chair and says "so Kia, now you have your friend to drop you, I should go,I am getting late." Kia raises her brows and says in a pleading tone "no brother,our colleges are in opposite direction, so it's not possible for Raavi to drop me, you just wait five minutes I'll be ready.

He looks at me then looks at his wrist watch and says,"I am sorry but I have a urgent meeting to attend, so bye aunty." And he hurridly walks away. I say to Kia "don't worry I'll drop you" Aunty says to Kia "you should keep in mind that he is very punctual about time."

Kia twitches her lips and says,"yeah I know, it's just that my car is in service, dad and you are not giving me your cars. So I have to ask him otherwise I never had asked him." Aunty shrugs, "but we all have work to do..." kiara says " whatever..." she looks at me and says, "Raavi you don't have to drop me, I'll call the cab." I smile at her and say, "oh dear it's fine, just grab your bag and come."

So I drop her to college and go to my college I am one hour late so I miss my first lecture.

Again when I get out of my college, it is around 6:00pm, I look at my phone, see that Anurag had called me so I dial him up. He answers, "hey so you got free now?, okay listen to me let's take dinner together I know a good place." I ask, "everyone?". he replies, "no...just us..I'll pick you up at 9:00pm so be ready." I agree, "okay."

Then I go to my home, talk about whole day to my mom, drink tea, watch tv, then be ready for a dinner, I am wearing white top and long skirt, I keep my hairs open. At sharp 9:00pm Anurag comes at my house and we leave.

He stops his car to very beautiful hotel. We go inside the hotel's restaurant, the inside is also calm, soft music is playing, whole place is decorated with different coloured lights, artificial water falls are kept, the atmosphere is quite attractive, I feel so good. We sit on chairs near by the empty table.

Anurag smiles at me and asks, "do you like this place?" I am busy looking the interior. I answer, "of course it's a good place for our gathering."

Waiter comes and serves us water to drink. I am looking around, people are coming and going.

Anurag asks me, "so what do you like to eat." I shrug at him and say, " whatever the speciality"

He takes the menu, he is suggesting names, I am listening to him, Suddenly a person comes and stands near by our table, I think it must be a waiter so I want to tell him, "we haven't decided yet, please come after sometime"

So I look at him and almost scream comes out of my mouth, "you", Anurag looks up from menu, smiles and says in a friendly voice, "hey Aarav, what a surprise bro!!!..."