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Rhythm of Life - 1

Life has a rhythm,
sometimes it will be fast,
Sometimes it will be slow,
Everybody is trying to catch up the rhythm.

Early morning. The sun started spreading his rays on Earth. Anitha opened her eyes and tried to get up from the bed. Instead she was hugged tightly by her husband Arun who is sleeping next to her with a whisper of saying
' let us sleep some more honey ' in her ears.

Oh no Arun, I have to go, it's Friday I have lot of works to do, the milkman will also be coming soon, anitha said and let out a yawn.

Five minutes please, Arun said and started lingering over her throat by his face with which anitha accepted and hugged back her husband with overwhelmed shyness.

Arun, basically an IT guy, working here in Chennai in a renowned company. After getting ready for office, he entered the living room, where he was stunned by looking at his wife .
Wow! Gorgeous honey! I am in no mood to go to office after seeing you like this.

Come on Arun , it's getting late already, your breakfast is ready on the table, Anitha said after rolling her eyes, for his comment.

Arun left the house, after having his breakfast and some playful acts with his lovely wife.

Anitha started cleaning her house with a sheepish smile on her lips. Her hands did the work in a very skilled manner like a habit while her heart as thinking about her beloved husband.

Both anitha and Arun were college mates where they started loving each other. It was love at first sight. Since Anitha lost her father in her childhood itself, her mother all alone raised her with lots of difficulties. Anitha was studious girl, she managed to enter the engineering college where Arun had been studying third year already.

When arun's parents came to know about their relationship they obviously opposed becoz their family was a well to do one. After all they had big plans for Arun in their mind.

Arun was very stubborn in this , he married anitha without their knowledge in a registrar office. So they dumped their son and settled with their daughter in USA.

Anitha was very much worried about this issue and Arun was the one who always console her with hiswarm and kind words.

Another worrying thought was, even with their intimate happy married life, she was unable to conceive a baby. They consulted a doctor too. The obstetrician said both were normal in all reports, can wait for another 6 months before putting her on all that powerful hormonal tablets. Anitha let out a shy.

In office, Arun during his teabreak, checked the mails, and wandered in FB , suddenly a notification popped up and told him that today is anitha's birthday.

OMG arun! How come man, you forgot this?
Scolding himself, he dialled anitha instantly.
When anitha picked up the call, Arun said
Hey honey! Sorry dear, I forgot that actually.
Many more happy returns of the day babe ""
Will go out in the evening, be ready.

Oh, thank you Arun, as you wish , I ll be waiting, anitha replied.

That's my girl, gotta go, bye dear, with that Arun ended the call. He knew his wife, she was not a type who is getting mad with these little issues, that's one of the reason why he love her so much.

To keep his promise, Arun got permission around 3' o clock itself, and they have gone out happily. After buying a new silk saree for her, they went to cinema, after that with a delightful dinner, they were returning home in their small ,yet cozy car.

On their way, anitha saw a man lying on the stonebench roadside bleeding. She asked her husband to stop the car. Arun stated that, maybe he was some drunkenman, no need to bother about him. But anitha insisted that, it was in humanitarian if we were not taking him to the hospital.

Helpless, Arun stopped the vehicle, went to the man, who was an adolescent boy with some injuries and almost semiconscious. With the help of anitha, he shifted him to the car, and drove to the nearby hospital.

'Bring him to the casualty,' nurse ordered the attender male, she turned to Arun ,
were you hit him with your car? She asked with a suspicious look.

No staff, Arun said with panic.

He was lying in a roadside bench, we just brought him to the hospital, he replied.

After attending the patient, the duty doctor asked Arun to come inside the consulting room. He stated that patient was having a fracture in his right forearm and some small abrasions here and there. Nothing to worry much.
He was given pop for the fracture and TT analgesics along with a sleeping dose. He would be alright by tomorrow morning and could be discharged by then.

Thank you doctor, Arun said and started leaving.

By the way, it's looking more assault than car accident, how it happened? Doctor asked.

No sir, you have mistaken, I haven't hit him. Arun explained what had happened.

Anyway, you have to give information to the nearby police station, it's a formality, said doctor and left the room.

Arun stood standstill for 2 minutes, and with much of tiredness, he returned to anitha.
Come let's go, I ll drop u in the house, and it's going to be a long night for me.

After dropping her, he went to the area police station and reported with a written statement. Constable told him he would be collecting details in the morning once the patient becomes conscious.

He reached the hospital, went near to that unknown person who is sleeping sound with some bandages here and there.

Who is he? Why am I helping him ?
With the strange thought in his mind , Arun lie down in the nearby couch and fell asleep.