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You Are not Mine - 1

"Virag wake up...! please wake up.....!!!

you are sleeping from more than 12 hours .... come on

i am giving you lemon water.. your hang over soon be vanished...

wake up.. you will feel better " raghav said to virag

Virag had barely open up his eyes and said
" which hangover you are talking about ?
you know i never had hangover due to alcohol......
this is something else....this is hangover of someone i have loved from the core of my heart.. without whom i have never thought to stay alive.. this is the hangover of love ..which will never be vanished"

virag laughed in pain and tried to open up his eyes full of tears

" please don't start it again..virag everyone does not realised but i already understood what drama you had created yesterday night..okay

plzzzzzzz spare me now.. you are gone made.. just few time ago.. you hate that girl.. you had no intrest in her.. she was nobody to you..and now you are talking so insane.. and seriously i did not feel that she is so special that you should waste your time on her... there are so many beautiful girl are in our campus so please..

have this lemon water..
take a bath.. and come downstairs as i am waiting for you for lunch "
raghav told virag tap on his shoulder and left the room...

Virag is still in tears.. bursting out from his eyes.. lost in thoughts....

why? why ? why ? why that happened to me..
why i fall in love with her....
that stone hearted girl.. with higher virtues..with lots of ethics & all .. i know she will never accept me and my love... and my love for her will never be vanished....i have dated many girls but never felt this way with anyone.. she has taken over me.. for others she may be ordinary but for me she is so special.. and she has denied my love this way.. May be she didnt like me.. i am not a right person for her

he was in thoughts & mobile rang ,
raghav was on the other side " vir.. are you coming for lunch or not ?"
" not hungry " virag replied & cut the phone without hearing him

he stand up reached to his wardrobe & took his secret diary from it.. he wrote..

" Itna guroor Naa kar khud par
Maine jaanbujh kar to tujhe chaaha nahi
Manzar dekh meri khudhgarzi ka
phir bhi khudaa se tujhe mangaa nahi "

bahot rok ke rakha tha apne dil ko
bewafa nikla meri maana nahi
dilo se to bahot khele hein
paththaro se bhi mohabbat hoti he jaana nahi

najro se kar lege parde..
dil pe lagaa dege bediyaa
apne aap ko to sambhal hi lege
bas khwaabo me tum aana nahi "

& again tears roll down his cheeks....

to be continued

(Disclaimer : this story is work of fiction.. bearing no relation with any living or dead person)