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Our Imperfect Marriage - 3 - Mission you

It's a friend request from Riaan Shetty. I checked his profile before accepting the request and it was his profile. I accepted his request quickly after stalking him. and sleep took over me. in the office I was checking my phone again and again and did not receive any notification, No No I got messages from several people but I was waiting for that one message. And I could not wait more so I sent him hello, good morning. Great way to start the conversation I assumed

After almost half an hour I received a good morning text from him but I was involved with my schedule so I did not get a chance to reply so when I went home after getting fresh I sent him emoji. Soon he replied with hello. I hope you remember me and our conversation begins. The feeling was new because I had never talked with any guy for so long it's approximately 1 am and we said goodnight to each other

I wanted to ask him one question but I already told him bye so I waited for the morning and our chatting began. It's been 5 days since we started talking and I did not ask him that question. Now we are also connected on Instagram and finally, I asked him how did you find out my name and on Facebook? And what he said was fully shockable to me

When you were keeping a book in the purse I saw a small keychain in your purse when you helped me with my guitar that time your keychain drop on the floor so I picked up and wanted to give you but held with myself so I found your name from it but I don’t know your last name so I search for your name on Facebook Me and my friend scanned each profile of your name and when I lost all the hope unexpectedly my friend scream out we fulfilled it. And we hugged each other for our little victory on a mission you.

Ohh no that keychain I check my purse for a keychain and it was not their I advised him to keep it safe and he said always before I let out words I needed it back but I stay quiet it's been a month we started talking now it's become a routine to talk from good morning to goodnight, pictures, stories, daily stuff our bond became stronger.

Suddenly akshat got up angrily and said I have an important meeting tomorrow. Before I said anything he closed the door harshly and went to another room. It felt like again I am alone in this huge apartment. With the wet eye, I sleep.

Around 7.30 he came outside of the room. I served him breakfast looking at him. I can be sure he did not sleep well; he must be working lately. He said I am going to Delhi for a meeting. I will come back after 2-3 days. I said okay.

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