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My Life Story

My name is prerna. I am from Haryana but since my childhood I live in ahemdabad. My life story was not Intresting as I was only 15 years old girl and I have nothing much to tell you about me. But there are some incidents which I will share with you.first of all I will tell you my family. In my family we four people including me.first my father. My father's name was TR.Singh. He works in army .he gave his 24 years to this job and 10 years are remaining more. Now my father was posted in Jodhpur and here we are also with him since two years. Jodhpur is a nice city but sometime I didn't like this city. Now my mother. My mother's name is Poonam and she is a housewife. I love her very much but sometimes I was angry on her. Now my little brother he was just one year younger than me but sometimes he behave like that I was his small sister. Me and brother always fight with each other my parents was tiered with us. If we can't listen them they get angry on us and we didn't like this.but it's ok they are our parents. Me and my brother share everything thing with each other but this is not good for my brother because sometimes when he irritate me I was started blackmiling 
Him that I told papa about you everything that you have got less marks in test. But I was just blackmil him. I never say about him to my father a word because I know if I tell about him to my father he was badly angry on him. So I didn't say anything. When we are fighting with each other my mother can't stop us. But sometime he behaves like a good boy. There was not a single day when we didn't fight with each other but also we love each other. Now I was in 11 class and I got only 76 percent in my 10 board. But due to corona virus( covid19) the education minister removed board from 10 class. My most favorite person's in my life are my mother,my father,my brother,my grandma and kriti Sanon. I love her very much. She is my favorite actress and in actor I love Sushant Singh Rajput,Salman Khan and shahrukh khan. I will share a incident with you of my dream. I saw in my dream something unique. I saw that there was a girl and we know each other perfectly. When I woke up didn't remember her face but I will sure that I have never seen that girl before in my life.when I was trying to remember her I couldn't remember her face. I don't know who is she. And also I have a birthmark like 3 or M on my body. Sometimes it looks like mahadev's trishul. And I don't know what was the meaning of that. That's it to tell about me. I will write the second part of the story also and that was the best story than it.

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