Our Imperfect Marriage - 4️ - Mom’s advice in English Short Stories by Heena Solanki books and stories PDF | Our Imperfect Marriage - 4️ - Mom’s advice

Our Imperfect Marriage - 4️ - Mom’s advice

After finishing household chores I decided to visit my mom's place and in-laws house. In the evening when I was visiting my law house I saw a small bakery. I bought a pastry for dad. He loves cake.

I went home and my father in law opened the door as soon as he saw me. A big smile came across on his face and he said come beta inside. I hugged my mother in law and took blessings from them. We chit chat for some time eating delicious medu vada and sambar.

Dad said opening the cake box you know my choice very well and mom taunts him that everyone knows about your tastes only I don't know any of your choices and they started their lovable war. It reminds me of my parents how my dad also used to tease my mom and make my mom angry.

I always wanted this bonding with my partner and it reminded me of my own marriage. How I and akshat barely talk. In 4 months of marriage, I only went out with him only twice. It made me cry but I controlled and distracted myself. We share our little moments, with mom and dad.

I want to know more about akshat’s choice. I want to work on this marriage. Mom and dad helped me with akshat like and dislike. After dad went to bed mom getting emotional she asked me will he forgive us? He already forgave you, mom it was his plan only to visit here but because of some work, he did not come. I lied to her. I could not see her crying.

We gossiped for some more time and she gave me advice on ‘ pati ke dil ka rasta khane se hokar jata hai’. he likes spicy food but he loves sweets and I guess it's true that a mother understands a child more than anyone can. In the morning before I got up mom made breakfast while eating breakfast. Dad told me to stay here until akshat is not coming from Delhi.

I said I would love to stay here dad but wanted to visit my mom’s place also so I had to go and he said dramatically oh girl you disappoint me. Mom told me don't trap into his emotional drama. He is like this only. and with a sad smile dad said promise me you will visit soon. I and Akshat will come together soon to spend the weekend here. I promised him and said goodbye to them.

I reached my home, the only place which I called mine as soon as I reached my siblings hugged me and said we missed you so much. Jiju is not coming ? you came alone? how’s jiju? And here our lady don’s voice came, let her come inside first, don't trouble her saving me from them, And I hugged my Mumma. She kissed my forehead and it feels like after marriage you get more love from your family.

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