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Our Imperfect Marriage - 5 - Her beauty

I reached my home, the only place which I called mine as soon as I reached my siblings hugged me and said we missed you so much. Jiju is not coming ? you came alone? how’s jiju? And here our lady don’s voice came to let her come inside first, don't trouble her. And I hugged my Mummaa. She kissed my forehead and it feels like after marriage you get more love from your family.

I was speaking with my mum and suddenly Aryan told Arya. Now someone doesn't love us. She loves the only jiju and Arya sings a song like dee dee na rahi ab jiju ki hogai and we laughed and I told them I will always love you guys.

In the evening when we were alone in the bedroom Arya asked me for any improvement in your marriage? Only she knows about my miserable marriage life Sometimes she behaves like an older sister. I said we are trying and she said don't lie to me at least share with someone you know right I am with you I smiled and the ring of my phone paused our conversation.

I saw the name and got confused about why he called? Before I came to reality I saw Arya talking with him and said we are having a girl's time and you disturb us but I have an offer for you if you are available and you want to join us then you can And she cut the call. Arya told me that jiju reached home Aryan and Arya both are waiting for their jiju but truth I know he won't come.

My siblings are going to be disappointed. The doorbell rang Aryan opened the door. I could see from our kitchen glass our neighbor's little boy came to give something to my brother . to light up the mood I told my Mumma you know my siblings are not mine now they love their jiju not me. Of course, they love me more right Mumma, a voice came and they both laughed loudly.

Akshat pov:-

One of my clients invited us for dinner, so I and Hetvi reached there before time but the moment we reached there my client's text came because of some accident we can not come. I truly apologize for it. Hetvi continuously looked here and there we silently finished our meal and was going out and one gentleman came and gave me car keys and smiled.

In the car for the first time, I saw her from near. I admire her beauty. She is simple yet beautiful. Her hair was flying because of the open window. close to her ear, A tiny mole was there. She applied a kajal on her eye and a light shade of lipstick. I wished to caress her. I must say she is looking wonderful in the saree. any man can fall for her beauty. And here I did not glance at her. How dumb I was. I only know about her, that is her food. I can say she is the best cook. I stopped myself from getting attached to her beauty. She was lost in her thoughts so she did not notice my gaze on her.

It's been 3 days since she is not smiling nor she is listening to music which she hears while cooking. It's something odd because from the last 4 months her music has become my alarm. At the start, it irked me but now I am habituated. Maybe she did not like going out with me. That's why she is unhappy from that day. I wanted to ask her but I ignored that feeling and without eating breakfast I went to the office.

It was Sunday she was sitting in the window. I gathered some courage and asked her, Are you okay? She just nodded. I wanted to hear her voice. I got irritated and I came out of the room but after some time I went to her room again with coffee and tea. We both have a different choice.

When she saw me confusion was all over on her face. I asked her with more gentleness this time she spoke about Riaan, the key guy, about her past.when she stopped talking I asked her phir? Because I wanted to know she still loves him. Is that what is disturbing her from so many days. Again she started to talk and I listened when she said our bond became stronger but I couldn't handle more so I got up from there and closed the door angrily.

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