The Heart thats Meant to Love you - 8


                        Chapter - 10 

Kavya kept quiet all the way as Kartik dragged her inside the lift and then outside into the lobby.

Kartik was very furious over everything that happened in the Conference Hall. 
Gripping Kavya's hand roughly, he kept on walking through the lobby in anger. 

" Owww ", Kavya hissed in pain when she accidentally bumped her leg against the corner of a glass table kept in the middle of the lobby.

Kartik immediately halted and came out of his angry trance, he looked at her in concern,
" Hey...what happened ?"

" Nothing, in order to keep up with your fast stride, I failed to notice the table kept here," Kavya replied hesitantly.

" Oh...I am really sorry. Are you fine or should we see a doctor ?", Kartik asked in concern. 
To be honest he was quite mad at himself, because of him she is hurt.

" Oh no, it's completely fine ", Kavya answered him back with a polite smile.

All of a sudden Kartik's cellphone rang loudly and he immediately took his cell out of his coat pocket.
A frown formed on his forehead as soon as he looked at the name flashing on his phone screen," I am sorry, it is an urgent call which I have to receive. Please wait here for me, I will be back in a few minutes." 

Kartik immediately headed somewhere to receive the call, leaving Kavya alone in the lobby.

Vikram didn't know why he felt so aggravated and mad after the meeting. 
With a rigid posture and a blank face, he stormed out of the Conference hall and quickly reached the lobby of the hotel.

As he was leaving the lobby, a familiar face captivated his eyes making him stop in his way. He scooted a little closer to her and then stopped himself from walking any further. 

He keenly observed her from afar. She was gazing at a flower vase kept in one corner of the lobby.

His eyes first settled on her face. She was looking so innocent, so pure with flushing cheeks and her rosy lips were curved into a small smile.

His gaze then drifted lower and lower on her body and unknowingly his eyes darkened with desire on seeing her dress. In all honesty, he has never seen her dressed like this before. 

All of a sudden he remembered everything that happened in the conference hall and his blood boiled when he thought of a particular incident. 

" Seems like we've got some talking to do Kavya ", Vikram smirked as a devious plan formed in his mind. 

" Excuse me, mam there's a person who said that he is your boss and he asked me to inform you that he is waiting for you on the backside gate of the building ." 

Kavya felt confused that why Kartik hasn't called her himself to inform this but not thinking much about it she shrugged it off.

" Okay, Could you tell me what route I need to take to reach the backside gate ?", Kavya questioned the female staff who came to convey her the message of Kartik. 

" Yes, mam. Take that passage over there,  you'll reach the backside gate," the female staff replied, pointing towards a narrow passageway. 
Kavya kept on walking through the dimly lit narrow passageway but she slowed down when she noticed a wall in front of her. 
She looked all around her and spotted some rooms and offices in the passageway but there wasn't any gate.  

" I don't find any gate here, Is this supposed to be some kind of joke?"
Completely puzzled and annoyed, she turned around and decided to go back to the lobby but before she could take a step forward, all of a sudden a hand was clamped over her mouth while another hand was encircled around her stomach.

Kavya's eyes widened in horror and panic gripped her heart. 

With a jerk, someone pulled her back and she felt her back crashing with someone's strong chest.
Before she could understand anything, the person holding her dragged her inside one of the rooms present in the passageway. 

As soon as they entered inside the room, the person who was holding her immediately freed her from his grip and gently pushed her inside the room. 

Kavya quickly turned around and a loud gasp escaped her mouth when she saw Vikram standing in front of her.

For a few seconds she was completely blank, she couldn't understand what just happened with her in a blink of an eye.

As some seconds passed, her breathing returned to normal. She glanced all around her and noticed some shelves, broken chairs and bundles of files kept in the room. It seemed more like a Storeroom to her. 

Her breath hitched when she saw Vikram locking the door of the room. 

A sudden wave of fury rose within her, " What the hell, are you mad or what? Is this the way to behave with someone ?", She shouted at him. 

Vikram didn't respond instead he just stared her blankly.  

Kavya became more irritated on seeing him act so ignorant as if he didn't just forcefully dragged her inside here. 

Stomping her heels she walked up to him and yelled, " Why did you lock me inside this room? Answer me ". 

Folding his hands across his chest, Vikram just leaned against the door watching her calmly.

Looking deep into his eyes she tried to search any trace of guilt within them but all she could see were pair of dark orbs staring her blankly.
She felt annoyed when she again got no response from him, " Move aside Vikram, Let me go out ."

" Why? So that you could go back to that lover of yours ?" Vikram bit back, all the calmness vanishing from his face.

" Huh ?", Kavya scrunched her brows in confusion as soon as she heard him.

" Ahaaa, how could I forget that you are best at pretending things. Well, you don't need to pretend that you don't know that lover of yours!" , Vikram spat back angrily as he glared at her. 

Kavya tried to stop herself from getting teary-eyed when she heard such insulting words from him. She was hurt by his false blame.

Vikram noticed her pain-stricken face but the pent up jealousy and anger inside him overpowered and urged him to speak more, 
" But I should really appreciate your skills Kavya, you got yourself a young rich man which is more than enough for a gold digger like you....", he chuckled bitterly.

Kavya was deeply hurt by his words, his words were cutting her deeper than a knife can ever.

Masking her emotions she stared him blankly, "Yes....move aside. Let me go to my lover, he is waiting for me. " 

Vikram's mood changed completely and a scowl covered his face, " Mind your words Kavya."  

" Why should I ? ", She chuckled bitterly, 
" Ohhh I could say anything while I couldn't just speak the truth. Oh yes, my lover is very very rich. Now move aside I have to rob my rich lover also." 

" Watch your tongue Kavya. You're walking on a thin line. Don't let me lose my patience with you", Vikram warned her in a dangerously calm voice.  Every word she was saying was just riling him up more and more. 

Kavya was really irritated by his double standards and she knew that this is the only way to get back at him.

Faking a sweet smile she continued," Why? You're losing your patience so early when I have not even started the good stuff. Oh didn't I forgot to mention the part where I tell you how my lover 's touch and kisses feel like especially when he ......"

Her words were caught in her mouth when all of a sudden Vikram's mouth was on hers stopping her from speaking any further.

His lips moved roughly against her. 
The kiss they were sharing was more of a punishing kiss. Vikram swiftly twirled her around and gently pushed her against the door, all the while his lips attached to hers.

Kavya lost all her sanity the moment Vikram pressed his lips against hers. She clutched the sides of his shirt roughly. Her body betrayed her mind and she responded back to his kiss.

On feeling her getting out of breath, Vikram stopped kissing her and slowly pulled back such that his face was just a few centimetres away from hers, " Do not dare to speak those sentences again. No one besides me has the right to touch you ", he whispered huskily. 

His eyes wandered all over her reddened face as he tried to capture every detail of her face in his mind. 

Kavya's eyes fluttered open as soon as his words registered in mind.

Oh God, How could she act so vulnerable in front of him? What's wrong with her? How could she let him kiss her and why the hell did she kiss him back?

Anger filled her veins and she immediately pushed him back using all her force, " You have lost the right to order me around the day you asked me to go away from your life, get that in your mind Vikram Malhotra ", she spat back at him. 

Vikram gritted his teeth in anger. 
How could she act so innocent and behave as if everything that happened in the past is his fault when she clearly knows that she is the one responsible for ruining everything between them.

A loud knocking on the door earned their attention. 

" Kavya, you're fine? Kavya!", Kartik's loud voice boomed from the other side of the door. 

" Huh! look your lover arrived," Vikram sneered.

Kavya rolled her eyes at him and sighed. 
Without delaying any further she turned around and unlocked the door. 

Kartik breathed a sigh of relief as soon as his eyes landed on Kavya," Thank God, I found you here. What the hell were you doing in this?" Words got stuck in his throat when he saw Vikram standing a few lengths behind her. 

Vikram smirked at him as soon as their eyes met. 

" What the hell is he doing here Kavya?", Kartik clenched his fist in anger. 

" Umm...he, he just ", Kavya mumbled awkwardly. 
Frankly, she had no idea why Vikram locked her here in the first place. 

In the next moment, Vikram deliberately stepped ahead and stood just behind Kavya. 
Leaning a little, he whispered in Kavya's ear, " I had a lovely time with you baby. You made me relive certain moments we have spent together in the past. I couldn't wait for the next time to do it." 

The words were spoken loud enough for Kartik to hear. 
Kavya's face paled and eyes widened in horror when Vikram said those words. She looked at him in shock.

Vikram shocked her even more when he leaned towards her and pecked her on her cheek right in front of Kartik.

" Till we meet again Baby ", Wiping his lower lip with the back of his hands, Vikram pushed past Kartik and headed out of the room. 

As soon as Vikram left, Kavya's gaze drifted towards Kartik who in turn was looking her intensely.

" I...I don't know why he ..", She mumbled in embarrassment, not knowing what to say to him.

" I am leaving for the office," Kartik declared in a stern voice and immediately walked away from there, leaving a totally confused and frustrated Kavya alone.

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