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Our Imperfect Marriage - 6 - sweet to bitter

In the room, I was trying to sleep but all this question was going on in my mind from last Sunday. I started to like her presence and here she is thinking about someone else. Did she love him? But it did not look like that. why it's disturbing me. I have nothing to do with it. Soon I will give her divorce and she can live happily with her boyfriend. I called my lawyer in the middle of night and told him to make the divorce paper ready. And send it.

It was a never-ending debate between my mind and heart. In the morning I informed her I am going to Delhi and she said okay and I left. I got enough time to think about everything.

I was missing my mom and dad also. I wanted to see them but what they did with me was unfair so my ego was stopping me from going there. My meeting was over soon so I rescheduled my flight ticket and came early thinking about spending some more time with Hetvi and I wanted to know the whole story first. I don't want to come to the conclusion without even knowing her side of the story.

When I reached home it was locked. My mind started to overthink about her meeting Riaan; it made my blood boil thinking about their being together. I called her many times but her phone was out of coverage.

I took a shower and again I dialed her number. It was not a hetvi voice but it was familiar so I was relieved she is not with Riaan. I reached home. That's why I called her and Arya teased me with ohh you are already missing my sis. She invited me and I want to see hetvi also wait what? No, I am not missing her, I told myself.

I reached her place and Aryan was talking with one guy. I searched for her but I could not find her. And her voice came. My siblings are not mine now they love their jiju, not me. And for teasing or giving surprise to her I said, of course, they love me more. With the shocking expression she came outside to check what she heard is true or not and Aryan and Arya laughed and she blushed in embarrassment.

I got comfortable with Aryan and Arya in a couple of minutes only. I always wished for siblings and today I got that. Me and Aryan were doing some business talk and she came to call us for dinner. I want to eat on the same plate with hetvi so I pleaded Arya for help.

I went to call them for dinner but for a few minutes, I stood there staring at akshat and Aryan. Aryan never talks with anyone so freely I guess he is comfortable with him. And also Akshat can help him with his new business. Arya was serving everyone and she declared dee and jiju you have to eat on the same plate.

Me and akshat gave a look and akshat smirked. What's got into him. why he is behaving oddly. I said no and complained to Mumma but she is also with them. She said the new married couple should eat in plate Pyar badhta hai. I wanted to argue back but stopped by akshat he said sure we will eat on the same plate.

And there another shock came. Akshat caringly put the hair behind my ear and fed me with his hand. and Arya and Aryan gave background music awww love is in air. I looked at him and he gave me a teasing smile and it annoys me. his strange behavior. I know he is trying to be the best son in law in front of my family.

But honestly, it gave me butterflies in my stomach when his fingers gently touched my skin. My whole body gets goosebumps. And he is definitely liking all this. I know he is doing it purposely but I am too shy to react in front of my Mumma.

After some time we said goodbye to my family. And went home. I miss them already. Akshat said you go upstairs. I am coming in some time.

He came inside and I was scrolling Instagram he said I brought ice cream for us. And I cannot hold more so I snapped. don't try to pretend no one is around us now. So stop, please. You don't have to do all this for me or my family.

I saw the sadness in his face but he soon covered it. Okay, he said and took a deep breath let me directly ask you. What's going on between both of you I mean between you and Riaan. I want to hear the whole story. The truth

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