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Our Imperfect Marriage - 8 - The distance 

But, Destiny had more to serve on my plate. My day started in hospitals and ended there only. I started to stay in hospital 24*7. And one day your dad visits the hospital. He asked for my hand in front of my dad. And he said yes I was not in a state to say anything. At that moment my dad’s happiness mattered to me. I said yes while looking at my dad. And he left me the next moment. The last smile was on his face because of your dad. He always wanted to see me married.

I don't understand why you agreed to marry me. I didn't have an option. But you had many options to say no to marriage. But you did not and today you showed your fake care and love in front of my family. I started to believe in your effort and I got the result of trusting again. I throw the papers on his face. Which our neighbor gave me before you came. I could not handle it anymore. I locked the door and I kept crying till I couldn't sleep.

Around 6.30 in the morning I open the room door. Akshat was sleeping on the sofa. Ice cream, papers, his shirt Everything was scattered. I started to clean the house. But I was feeling uneasy. Accidentally I touched Akshat's leg and he woke up. I said sorry and was going from there he said hetvi can we talk I did not stop and went to the bedroom again I slept.

Akshat POV:-

I don't know what got into me. I had an urge to feed her so I did what my heart wanted me to do. I saw her body's reaction when my fingers touched her skin. I was enjoying the scene. When driving back home I decided to bring ice cream for her. Arya told me about her love for ice cream. I wanted to make her feel special.

When I open the door, Hetvi is doing something with her phone. I told her I bought ice cream. But she got angry and snapped. She is thinking about what I did was fake? I did show off? Here I am taking efforts and she is thinking I am nothing but fake?

In anger, I said something which I regret the next moment but it already slipped out of my mouth. I demand to know her past and Riaan's story the truth. I didn't want to know the things this way. I don't want her to think I am a bad husband. I can not see hatred in her eye for me. She started with her story all I wanted to say is no I don't want to know I trust you.

She choked in the middle of her sentence but she controlled. All I wanted to do is hug her, comfort her, and tell her I am here with you. I won't leave you ever. But I stood there and did nothing and when I took a step ahead to go near her she threw the papers on me the divorce paper. Which I completely forgot about. Before I can explain she locked the bedroom door. I can hear her sobbing. But I could not do anything.

It's been a week and she is not talking with me. it's bothering me. She did not loo0k at me, she didn't serve me food now. She stays in her room all the time. Whenever I try to talk to her either she starts to read the book or tries to sleep. One day I tried to go near her but she showed me her hand indicating to me to stop.

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