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Our Imperfect Marriage - 9 - his feelings

In the evening I decided to make food. She came into the kitchen and I was thinking she would say something like let me cook you finish your work. But to my shock, she told me where to sign in the paper so we can start the process for the divorce. I tore the papers, that's all I managed to speak. And went to the room.

I started to think from the start how my dad came home in the evening and on the dining table he announced I found a girl for you. Her father is dying so I asked him for her daughter’s hand for you. I promised him. my son will marry your daughter. She wants a simple marriage and only family members will be there.

I am just 26, I don't want to marry this early. I am not marrying that unknown girl. I never met her. How can you decide something important without even asking me?. It’s my decision my dad argued back: But it's my life and I am not marrying that girl. What if she is behind our money? I am sure she will be greedy. That's why she agreed. how can that girl be so stupid to marry someone unknow?

My dad never lost control but that day for some random girl he raised his voice on me and said in grit teeth if you won't marry her I won't hand over the company to you I will take all the right of yours from my company and from all my property.

I angrily went from there and I never ran behind his property. But I can not lose the company in this business. I gave my everything in the last 4 years to get more success. He can not do this with me. I agree to marry for my own selfish reason. But I told them I can not stay with them after marriage so I decided to take a new flat and shift there.

After marriage, I never visited my parents nor talked with them. Today only they can save my marriage but if I go there to ask for their help my dad will support her not me I know so I dropped that idea.

I was waiting for one chance to divorce her but hetvi neither asked for money nor she used my credit cards which I gave her. Nor does she demand anything. She did everything without expecting. My dad chose the best girl for me and now I can not lose her. Only one person can save our marriage.

I called her for help. I told her everything. She was not ready because I hurt her sister but for her sister's happiness, she got ready. 2 days passed but we could not find anything. Now we have only 1 option and that is Hetvi’s phone. When she went for a bath I checked her phone but it was locked to my disappointment.

I called Arya and her phone was locked. She thinks for some time and says put 0416 I unlock her phone. Before she came I did what I wanted to do.

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