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Our Imperfect Marriage - 10 - surprise for her

In the evening hetvi came outside for something. I told her will you please make sandwiches for me? I am hungry. She nodded. I informed her to prepare some extra I wanted to eat at night also. She looked at me but did not say anything.

She started to prepare and I went to the kitchen and asked her Riaan also used to like these sandwiches? She said no. I told her to make the sandwich which she and Riaan used to eat. I wanted to taste that. She saw me with hurtful eyes but did not say anything and said okay.

I felt bad for saying things this way but I wanted her to make that sandwich and make new memories. After 1 hour or something, the doorbell rang. I acted like I did not hear and started to work again. Again the bell ring hetvi opened the door.

And there was the saviour of my marriage standing. Riaan sheety. The surprise was all over on her face. He came inside hetvi introduced us to each other. But Riaan said we know each other, you don't have to do all the formalities.

I gave him a look to stop saying anything and told hetvi to bring a sandwich. I told him she made your favorite food. I saw a different look on hetvi’s face. Maybe she was scared or nervous. We ate and I can say I never tasted this kind of sandwich ever. Riaan was lucky. I excuse myself to give them their time. Hoping for the best to save my marriage.

Riaan Pov:-

I was sitting with my fiance Baani. The unknown number showed on my phone. I answered the call and it was Akshat. Hetvi’s husband wanted to meet me and I said okay. I informed baani. She knew everything about hetvi she wanted to meet her once. She asked hetvi is also coming. I said no and in some time Akshat and Arya came and we greeted each other.

After a few minutes of silence, Akshat said I need your help bro and he explained everything to me. Before I could announce anything, baani said yes sure he will help you. He also craved to talk with her. She said holding my hand you have to go. And I accepted. Akshat thanked me and we said bye. Baani soothes me by saying she is your best friend Ro. you have to meet her and say sorry to her you need your best friend. Don’t let her go when life gives you a second chance to meet her.

When I went to her home she looked pale. She looks so different. I awkwardly smiled and she smiled back. She was nervous but still managed to introduce me and akshat to each other. And I said don't do formalities. Akshat gave me a look but all I can see is care in his eyes for hetvi.

Hetvi brought a sandwich damm I was missing. For a second I wanted to be selfish and say I won't share it with anyone. Akshat gave us our space and time to talk. He went into his bedroom.

I asked her how's she? She replied and asked me back and I said I am the same as how I used to be. She did not speak anything. Talking with strangers is simple but talking with a known stranger is really something which we never wanted to feel.

Before saying or doing anything we asked ourselves what if we hurt them again? Will she forgive? Will she believe again? I am still important to her? Are we still best friends? Or she gave that possession to someone else? That's what's going on in my head right now. With the same person whom I talked about anything without even thinking once today I have to think about before saying.

I want to hug her but what if she won't allow. I look at her. She asked me why you came here? Who gave you an address I can not tell lies to her I never did that so I told her everything.

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