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Revenge of the Ghost - 6

Ravindra came back to Satya who was still shaking by the horrors of the most gruesome scene she had witnessed ever. Ravindra held her hand and walked towards his jeep. Nobody dared to speak a word as the silence was very loud. Ravindra and Satya reached to Satya’s home. He looked at Satya and asked, ‘Don’t stay alone tonight. Call any of your friend.’ Satya said, ‘I don’t have any friend who can support me. And she dared to ask, ‘Can you please stay here tonight? I do not want to be alone. Ravindra nodded and they went into her home.

There was a small foyer and a very beautiful garden in front of the house. It was a typical house like you find in mountains. A small bungalow having space all the four sides just at the bottom of the mountain. They walked towards the door and an owl cried. The hearts missed a beat and a sudden chill passed through their entire bodies. Satya’s mouth was opened but the tongue lost the words. She just held Ravindra’s hand tightly and walked quickly into the home. Before entering the home, Ravindra quickly glanced surroundings for any anomalies. After a satisfying result, he entered the home. The moment door was closed, two red eyes disappeared into thin air who were constantly chasing the couple from the mansion.

The home was nice, simple but beautifully decorated. The entire home was a mere reflection of Satya’s personality. A very calm and composed soul. Satya made coffee for them. Still there was a loud silence in the room. Finally, Ravindra broke the ice and said, ‘I will sleep here on the sofa and you please sleep in your bedroom but check it thoroughly first.’ Satya nodded with a faint smile on her face and walked towards her room to sleep. Ravindra adjusted himself on the sofa but the processes in the brain were unable to stop and he kept on reliving the same scene again and again. Rest of the night passed without any incident. The darkness of night was defeated by the Knight of day.

Ravindra was in deep sleep. But his subconscious mind was still trying to solve the mystery. Suddenly, a tender voice called his name and he felt a slight pat on his shoulder. Ravindra woke up in panic and drew his service revolver with a sheer horror-struck face. Satya said, ‘Ravindra, it is me. Please have a cup of coffee.’ He came to his senses and took the mug. He took a huge gulp and his entire nervous system felt a quick jolt. Then he looked at Satya. My God, she was looking stunningly beautiful. Her hair was not braided and were fluttering, and she was trying very hard to keep them covering her bright, shining face. The rays of sun were being obstructed by her face but not completely, hence an aura was created around her innocent face. Ravindra suddenly realised that he had been staring her since last 5 minutes. He felt embarrassed.

He stood up, thanked her, and walked out of the house. Satya wanted to come to the front gate to wave him bye, but she could not do it. Ravindra went his home, freshened up and quickly went to his station. As soon as he settled down in his chair, he called his friend Pratap for an update. As this was the itch, he was unable to scratch. His gut feeling was shouting that there is some link between these two completely random cases. Pratap picked up the call and said, ‘I was about to call you my friend. I have inquired about Hemantbhai. He has been living here since last 15 years but there is an interesting fact about him.’ Ravindra’s excitement was out of control and he almost shouted please tell me quickly.

Pratap said, ‘He used to be the driver of Suraj Sinh who is living in Vikramnagar.’ Ravindra answered, ‘Was living in Vikramnagar.’ Pratap could not understand and asked, ‘was?’. He replied, ‘He was murdered brutally last night in his own mansion.’ Now the plot thickens. As till now there was no connection between two cases, but now there is. A faint one but a connection. Ravindra thanked Pratap and ended the call. He called Satya and asked, ‘How are you now?’ She said fine now and added, ‘the post-mortem report will be ready by noon.’ Ravindra ended the call abruptly and closed his eyes to connect the dots.

What is the connection between the two cases? Will there be more murders? Is this the beginning of the end? To know all the answers please read the next part. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.