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Revenge of the Ghost - 7

‘He was the driver of Suraj Sinh.’ This line was being hammered in Ravindra’s mind since last 3 hours. Suddenly the mobile rang, and he came out of that trance. It was Satya. He picked up and said, ‘what is the post-mortem report?’ Satya said, ‘the reason is heavy blood loss. He was cut at many places and died a very painful death. My initial judgement was, he was cut using some sort of metal claws. But to my surprise, there was no residue of metal or anything.’ Ravindra interrupted and asked, ‘then what was used to have scars like that on Suraj Sinh’s body.’ She said, ‘There was no sign of any tool or weapon. That concludes that it was a human who did this to Suraj Sinh as we found some necrotic tissues in the wounds which is extremely strange. As if this murder was done by someone who is already dead or having some serious tissue damage.’

Ravindra lost her after he heard necrotic tissue. His own brain was asking him, ‘how can that be possible?’ Ravindra asked her, ‘what do you mean by someone already dead?’ She said, ‘No idea but the tissues we found were dead a long time ago. Now what does that mean is a mystery to me.’ Ravindra was still confused and trying to grasp the crux of the situation. ‘So, you are telling me that a dead person killed Suraj Sinh’, asked Ravindra. Satya said not me the autopsy report proved that. Suddenly, a question popped in Ravindra’s mind and he asked her, ‘was there any dead tissue found on our first victim?’ Satya tapped her temple and said, ‘if my memory serves me right, no.’

Both were completely confused. There was no common pattern between two cases. The only link was Hemant who was the driver of Suraj Sinh 15 years back. It is extremely rare to find a concrete link between them after so much time has been passed. Ravindra called his constable and asked him to call one of the servants of Suraj Sinh from the mansion. After a while, the constable came back with that servant and made him sit in the interrogation room. Ravindra entered the room with a straight and partially cruel face. The servant was already shivering like dry leaves. He asked, ‘What is your name? and since how long you have been working in the mansion?’ The servant was so stunned to his bones and could not speak a word for a while. After a few minutes he said, ‘Bahadur and since last 6 years I have been working over there.’

Ravindra sighed and asked him, ‘Can you tell me about relatives or friends of your master?’ he replied sir had no relatives, his wife was dead, and he had no kids. He neither had any friends nor anyone came to visit him since the day I started to work there. He was a very private person, but he had always helped the villagers in their need. So occasionally someone is always there to ask for help. And our sir never denied anyone. I do not understand who wants to kill such a kind person with tears in his eyes.’ Ravindra got the idea and now he knew nothing more can be extracted from Bahadur. He asked him to leave and said, ‘Don’t leave the village without notifying us.’ Bahadur almost ran like a bullet fired from a gun and almost stumbled upon Satya who was passing by.

Satya questioned Ravindra, ‘why did he run like that?’ Nothing said Ravindra and asked why you were here. She said, ‘I could not control any thoughts and extremely confused so just thought to meet you and discuss.’ Satya’s presence in the police station was making Ravindra nervous. So, he asked her to sit in his cabin. Both were trying to find any link between the cases, and both spoke at the same time. Ravindra smiled and said ladies first. Satya said, ‘Let us put all the details on the board which will help us in identifying any link between the cases or may reveal some other secret.’ Ravindra stood up and pulled up a drawing board. He wrote down all the details of both the cases.

Both almost burned their eyes by staring at the board but nothing. Satya turned towards Ravindra and found him staring at the board. He was so deeply involved in the board that he was almost reliving both the cases and was rigorously trying to find a link. Satya was impressed and kept staring him. ‘What if there is no connection between the two cases and we are making a mistake, or we are moving in a wrong direction to solve the cases?’, asked Ravindra. Satya said possible but then how would you explain the bizarre reasons of both the deaths. Bizarre he repeated. ‘According to the proofs we collected there is no link between the two cases, but my gut feeling says that is not the case. There is something then meets the eye’, said Ravindra.

He called the constable and asked him to prepare a detailed file and record all the movements of both the victims since last two weeks plus the financial details too.

Is the board going to reveal any detail? Will they be able to find any link or there is absolutely no link between the cases? To know all the answers please read the next part. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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