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Revenge of the Ghost - 9

Ravindra was thinking very hard to establish a link among these murders. The strange part about all these murders was there was no murder weapon and there was no clear motive for murder. Apart from that modus operandi was different in every murder. This ruled out serial killing. But Ravindra’s gut feeling was so strong that he believed there is some invisible link among all these cases.

Satya stormed in the cabin and Ravindra’s chain of thoughts was broken and he looked a bit startled. Satya just picked up the glass of water and gulped a huge amount of water. She looked nervous. Small sweat droplets were formed on her forehead and the rays of the Sun were passing through that which made her face golden and she was looking marvellously beautiful. Ravindra knew that he should not have these thoughts in mind right now, but he could not help it. Unknowingly a seed of love was being planted in both the hearts. Satya said, ‘Read the forensic report.’

Ravindra opened and read. There were burn marks on the entire body Gayatri maa. And the strangest part was there was no sign of any tool used to do that. It was barbaric. She was alive when she was burned. And the reason for death was the rod which was shoved in her throat till it penetrated back of the skull. It was difficult to describe such things in words. Ravindra read the entire report twice but could not conclude on anything. He looked at Satya and asked, ‘What do you think about this? Are these murders connected? Is there something which we are missing? Who wants to kill an old lady with such brutality and for what?’ Nothing was stolen from any of the places yet. Satya nodded. Ravindra said, ‘I think we are barking up a wrong tree here.’ We need to dig out the past of this village which may connect all our victims.

Ravindra rang the bell on his desk and a constable came in. He asked him to collect all the information about all the victims. Meanwhile the door was pushed hard, and a constable came in. Sir one more murder. Sir one more murder. Ravindra felt chills and he ran after that constable. Satya could not move from her chair and could not decide whether to go with Ravindra or not. Ravindra shouted her name and asked her to join. It was almost 7 pm in the evening and it was dark outside. Ravindra was driving and Satya was sitting next to him. Suddenly, Satya screamed so loudly that everything just stopped, and she clutched Ravindra’s hand tightly and she was just shivering. Due to this Ravindra lost the control and the jeep struck the nearby tree.

Ravindra was in shock but he looked immediately at Satya who was still staring the side mirror. She pointed and said red eyes, red eyes, red eyes. Clearly, she was in tremendous shock and could not understand anything around her. Ravindra very gently patted her back and asked with a mild voice what happened Satya. She again pointed the mirror and said red eyes. Two big red eyes and a skull. Ravindra was a brave police officer and did not believe in ghosts. So, he said, ‘it is ok Satya. There was nothing there. We checked it. Let us go please. Satya followed his order and sat in the jeep again. Ravindra looked again at the back and found nothing. When he turned his back, he felt that his back was burning, and he looked again.

This time he could see a shadow skull having two red burning eyes and it glued him to the place he was standing. He could not believe his eyes, and everybody jumped out as there was a loud scream. That shadow skull was coming towards Ravindra and his team at a rapid pace. Every policeman pulled out his weapon and fired at that shadow. Nothing happened. Shadow skull passed them, and everybody just closed their eyes. Satya and Ravindra both opened their eyes at the same time and saw nothing. There was no sign of that shadow skull. There was only fear and nothing else. Satya fainted in Ravindra’s arms. He looked worried and he patted her face and said, ‘Satya what happened. Please talk to me please. What happened?’

A constable brought a bottle of water from jeep and he sprinkled some water on her face. Satya opened her eyes in extreme fear and asked where was it? Ravindra said it was gone. Satya drank some water and came to her senses. She walked back to jeep and sat inside and again screamed. Ravindra was now completely lost his control and shouted, ‘Please Satya stop screaming. You are scaring every one of us.’ Satya with a tremoring hand pointed at the jeep’s main glass, something was written in blood over there. Ravindra jumped out and his eyes were wide open when he read that.

What was written on the Jeep’s glass? Who was murdered? To know all the answers please read the next part. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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