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Malangi - the fraind of all

Story of Rajnarayan Bohare

Malangi - the fraind of all

When I looked around, I found that there were not only children, but women from all over the country had gathered.

Bijuri, the JG, was moved, saying, "This poor person has served everyone all his life, what sin has it been that he has to suffer. "

Jamuna said, "No sin, what was that?" Censoring is the biggest sin. It had broken all the jihajas for a few days. Now she is reaping the fruits of that. "

Jamadi with lady of barodia, mugawali and takneri had disagreed with Jamuna and she started supporting Bijuri wali ji. Even the children were not silent, they were also singing his qualities.

His, that is, Malangi!

Malangi means the pet bitch of everyone, not any one of our neighborhoods. We were proud of this bitch in a gray, tall and healthy.

Every child in the locality used to call him only his bitch and quarreled over the issue. I once had a fight with Pikku. When Pikku hit me, the middle brother beat him with sticks. Here we were fighting for him, and Malangi was playing with children like a cool Malang. Malangi used to play with children. We used to encourage Malangi to show him a piece of bread, sometimes for running, sometimes for a long jump.

We have seen Malangi in this locality from a very young age. Malangi's mother Champi was also the beloved bitch of our locality, for whom food was kept safe in every kitchen, in every house, and the same situation is with Malangi. Then Malangi was so young that her mother Champi ate gulab jamun of poison served by the municipal people one day. By the evening, the screaming body was abandoned and Malangi was orphaned. We all came to our mind involuntarily for Malangi. Everyone found him and started calling him home. Then she came to know that from morning till afternoon she would go to every house in turn and take her food and when she was full, she would lie down at the door of the cleric of the mosque.

I reached Bhelsa road, so why would a stranger dog bark at me. To raise the dog, I picked up a stone and hit it hard. What was it then, how did that dog crying in the voice of cane-camu make out how many dogs surrounded me from where I was going to hurry.

I was terrified. Many dogs were moving towards me, especially the eagle dog was just trying to jump on me, that suddenly Mali appeared and climbed on that dog. The rest of the dogs were staring at the tukur-tukur malangi while living in a silent silence. But the next moment the front changed. On the other hand, the race that Malangi took while breaking the arsenal of dogs, so go and go. She was flying. From that day onwards, I had become grateful to Malangi, when given the chance, I would also drink my share of milk.

Malangi's maternal uncle "Tipu" was a very nimble dog. But he had grown old in those days, so he stopped displaying the art of crossing the brackish well. We children were somewhat disheartened by this. Because the saline well of our locality was a ten feet wide well, which was obtained when Tipu Kaushal knew to go into the same stride. Whenever a child outside the locality would come, we used to run Tipu to the well and provoke him to go. Tipu spontaneously leaps well It was a matter of great pride for us. Then one day Tipu died, so we thought that this art will also end with Tipu.

When Kisan and Munna started teaching this art to Malangi, everyone was very happy. Later one day Malangi also got this skill, so all of us children were proud again. Now we were again showing this skill of Malangi in front of other locals and outside guests.

Malangi was gradually becoming stronger and his voice was increasing brutally in the same proportion. She looked asleep here and there throughout the day, but at night she woke up with full devotion and took care of the locality. She forgot how ruthless we are, who pamper her in the daytime and drive her out at night, whether it is cold water or cold winter.

One night, in the outer wall of Kisan's house, a rogue was in the circle of making a dent, that Malangi came under foot and took his hand in his jaw. I do not know how she would lift her hand and ran, but Malangi barked, and woke up the whole locality. The sabbaliya lying near the wall, blood droplets spread on the ground and a small hole made in the wall were telling the story of the Malangi's vigil. We were thankful to Malangi again.

The month of September came, so from where to where, stubborn dogs started visiting our neighborhood. They used to hang their long tongues around Malangi. All of us children were in a panic, but Malangi looked very mean and careless, in reverse. Silence would climb on any dog, and would bark for a long time. These days, the elders of our neighborhood used to think that Malangi was very cruel. He was already angry with the Kalla dog of Parashar Mohalla, the panga below Roussalle, and the Moti Dog of the old market, who were trying to snuff out any traveler who went alone overnight. Who would like such spoiled dogs in their locality, who would have given such a dog a chance if they had a chance, sometimes they would get lathi in the Malangi.

Then suddenly all the dogs disappeared. Jeezy with Bijuri, delighted, had told Sironj's aunt that Malangi is now pregnant, will soon give birth to five-six puppies.

This information was very beneficial for our congregation, we were going to get five-six toys. We all searched our corners safely for delivery in our homes and also brought the Malangi around there. All the women and children of the neighborhood were anxiously awaiting the delivery of Malangi. We all started collecting loaves in her potential maternity homes. The saying goes that soon after delivery, the bitch feels hungry and in such a situation she eats her own puppy. We did not want even a single puppy of Malangi to be inferior, so after gathering enough food for postpartum hunger of Malangi, we were not sure.

For delivery, Malangi chose the house of Bijuri with Bijuri. She gave birth to six puppies. Jiji with Bijuri was very happy, and he had given a feast to us children on this occasion.

We used to go to see the pups of Malangi in the morning and evening. The soft, tickling and young little puppies loved us all. Bijuri GG said that Malangi did not give milk to those children, there was little scope for the children to escape. This is what happened. Those puppies were saved from cotton swabs. Everyone would make good dogs if they survived, because every puppy was sick. That is, every puppy was born with twenty nails.

Then this happened for many years, the puppies would be born like this and go in this way. We used to feel very sad, Bijuri ji used to cry. But Malangi was the biggest nonchalant. The Maulviji of the mosque used to say- its name is Malangi. Malangi means the female who lives in the cool Malang. Malang was really like cool malang. The people of the locality used to call her a vagabond, so no one would miss a road print bitch. But she did not mind, she was loyal to everyone.

Due to Malangi, no stray and ferocious animals have ever come from outside. With her pointed claws, sharp teeth and cruel voice, she used to terrorize the intruder. But that time a creature entered our locality, who used to jump on houses and trees, not on land. For this reason, he had absolutely no fear of Malangi.

Where did a langur from the black mouth stray into our neighborhood and stung everyone's eyes. He used to jump on thatch, blast our cabal, ruin the drying cereals on the roofs and also burst the pickles and jars of jars. Everybody was troubled and looking for new ways to deal with it.

It was just a day before, Kalyan saw the langur sitting on a raid from below and also raised the Malangi up and touched the Malangi on the langur. When the Malangi lunged at the langur, go to it and the langur was the langur; Malangi poori was left sitting down and he was showing teeth sitting above.

Then a similar game continued for two days. Malangi used to sit down and he used to do his weird tricks.

The treatment of the langur with the locals was now very fierce. Seeing a lonely unarmed man, he now started attacking. Whatever he got in hand, he would have taken away. Had there been an empty hand, the langur would have climbed with a lot of scuffle and quickness. Sometimes he would come down into the courtyard of the people, and would run away with whatever he had.

One day another wonder, the langur was sitting on the thatch above, someone was grabbing the bread picked up from the house and the malangi sitting at the bottom was staring at him. Suddenly the langur picked up a bun and sprang towards Malangi. For a minute or two, Malangi sometimes looked at the bread with a left eye, then got up and sniffed, as if to examine its purity, then lovingly chewed the whole bread in small pieces to taste. That one loaf started a friendship between those two alien beings.

Now whatever the langur snatches, he would honestly share Malangi. He would also come down and sit next to Malangi. Licked away from his body. Malangi used to kick her long and lick the back of the langur.

We were very helpless and surprised that now who should fight against it. He broke one of our members and joined them. The elders of the locality used to keep patting Malangi day and night, who had been befriending the wild langur who scratched. Malangi, which used to sneak up to our house and courtyard, all of us started to see change due to the effect of the langur. Our deeply intimate Malangi had realized that she had accepted the creature of the outer environment as her own.

The women of the locality were giving malangi ill-gotten, deceitful, vagabond, fake, cheeky and not-so-bad titles, while Malangi was very cool with Langur. Both of them would run in any direction, then after twinkling, they would return gasping. His eyes were full of intoxicating glitter and full of tricks. Sometimes they would climb both the sheds, then they wandered from one house to the next while thrashing. The langur would have run away but Malangi would have been thrashed. We all saw a huge change in Malangi. Due to being with the langur, now he had a tendency to bark without talk, to attack and to leap over long distance thatch.

It is morning today. Municipal dogs entered our neighborhood with a cage to hold them. They came to capture the langur. We children were concerned that Malangi should not be surrounded even in the langur affair. Put the cage in one place, and then told the locals that, standing on their thatch and roofs, grab the langur. Everyone climbed on top of their houses with sticks and started langur.

When the langur saw this view, he panicked and after escaping, another one escaped. Malangi followed him. Running from disgrace, the langur started moving towards the Tilaua garden on the right of Mohlele. In the same sequence, he jumped from Jamuna's attic to Mohan's attic, then caught Neem's cast and climbed on it and jumped on that side. Here Malangi, following her, also came running in the same passion and jumped from Jamuna's attic to Mohan's attic. But the baboon is the baboon and the dog is the dog. Where was it possible for Malangi to tear down a lane of ten feet on the thatch of Mohan's attic thirty feet higher than a twenty feet tall Jamuna attic! So Malangi jumped in her own puddle, but instead of reaching thatch, she sat against Mohan's wall and, falling into the wall, fell down a paved street.

As soon as he had fallen, he had prayed, which the children and children sitting in their respective houses were shocked and had gathered at once. Not only children but women and men also gathered there.

Since then, everyone has been surrounded by Malangi. When my sleep broke down, I found Malangi suffering.

In our locality, there is also Varma ji, a compounder of the hospital. Suddenly Biji's JG got this idea, so he reminded everyone. Then what ? With seven or eight children, Pikku's grandfather went to call Verma.

Vermaji had probably heard the whole story at home, so he came with him carrying a bag of medicines.

For five minutes, he ran his hand over Malangi's body, then opened his bag and took out an injection. With a yellow liquid in the syringe, he injected a needle injected into the Malangi's hip. After taking out the needle and wiping it with cotton, he stopped keeping it in the bag, and thinking something, took out a bottle. In injecting the milk-colored substance again, Verma ji injected the Malangi once more, then with the seedling GG, "Don't worry GG, Malangi will be cured." Actually, some of its ribs have broken due to falling from above. They must be hurting and there will be fear of falling, weeping because of this. I have injected, now it will sleep comfortably till tomorrow. Tomorrow the pain will subside and the fear of it will also end. ”

We took a sigh of satisfaction. On the other hand, the municipalities had caught the langur. Here Malangi slept for the next twenty-four hours. Bijuri with Jiji had taken her up to her house, so we children gathered there the next morning. The afternoon passed while sitting there.

Suddenly Malangi took the ring, so we got curious and started staring at her. He opened his eyes, raised his head, and looked at us in a loving tone. Great children were happy.

When Malangi started walking again after two or four days, she looked completely changed. Now she was not a middle-aged Malangi, but the same old Malangi, who was the watchman of our neighborhood, a member of every household and was the beloved friend of our children. She reached her door-to-door style and got her share and started her duty on the previous night.

I do not know whether Langur was remaining in his memories or not, but we all forgot Langur as a nightmare.


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