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You Are not Mine - 11

aarvi was claustrophobic and was locked in anatomy lab by viraag on the 4th floor. aarvi tried to stay calm and was trying to contact her fellow mates but she found that her mobile was missing from her bag. he was knocking the door continuously but no one herd her as classes are finished and either of them are left and few are in canteen.

aarvi got anxiety attacks and feel suffocating.. she was trying to stay calm. on the other side jenny and nishant found something fishy on aarvi is missing and viraag called him for help.

jenny and nishant went on each class of each floor to find aarvi.

on the otherside aarvi felt like fainting.. stil she was trying to stay calm and knocking the door.

jenny and nishant couldn't find her till the third floor.. now they came on the 4th floor..

raghav was hiding little far from lab and closely observing viraag's plan.. but when he saw jenny and nishant coming.. he rushed downwards to inform viraag.

nishant and jenny were all rushing, shouting and knocking all the windows , doors... jenny was checking the rest rooms.. wash rooms and all

aarvi heard the voices of knocking and shouting of her name by nishant and jenny.. she knocked lab door hard.. calling nishant and jenny's name.

jenny heard her voice.. and sound of knocking near anatomy lab.. nishant also followed the sound.. they came near the lab... and without wasting the time opened the door. they found aarvi sitting on the floor in fainting like condition.

jenny hugged her.. nishant and jenny took her out of lab.. make her sit comfortably.. gave her water.. make her calm.

after a while nishant asked her " why you came in the lab even after our lectures are finished ?"

" It was a trap i think so because tara told me that you call me in anatomy lab.. initially i find it strange but i thought let me check , just when i entered the lab.. the door was closed by someone and i was trapped.. just today in discussions in class everyone came to know that i am claustrophobic so someone had done mischief to me but they never know how dangerous it is... it can take someone 's life also
i am lucky to have friendship like both of you.. otherwise .... god knows... "

nishant interupt " dont even speak like that... nothing can be happen to you.. we are always there for you... i know who had done this to you.. i will complain about him to the principal "

jenny said " yes aarvi.. i know that viraag was behind all this because strange thing is he called nishant to solve his queries.. he actually never liked nishant as he is your friend and topper of the class on the other hand you told me that tara told you that nishant is calling you in anatomy lab.. tara had done this because she had crush on viraag and mostly trying to be his gang member "

aarvi said " disgusting... ! how someone can reached to this level for revenge.. he even didnt know this is life threatening.., i will surely complain about this.. so he can never ever even think to do this kinda thing to anyone.. "

" yes for sure " jenny and nishant said " we are with you ". they concluded

to be continued