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One Night Stand - 1


Hall is decorated with white flowers and lights. New York city has gathered to attend the engagement of the richest and well-known businessman Alexander Bruke son of Edward Bruke. He is getting engaged to his father’s friend daughter June who is a smart and beautiful business woman of London city. Alexander friend Nyon is his childhood friend who stands beside him through thin and thick of life. He knows each and every inch of Alex Bruke. Nyon congratulates him that finally he met his soulmate. He mocks about marriage and kids with his dear friend Alex.

You know me dog! In fact, you know everything that this is just a business deal and she is not at all my type. She is a smart young woman who can capture business venture but not my life and heart. So, this engagement is meaning less for me but not for my father once after this joint venture of London and New York is done. I will find a way to be a free bird again. How will this happen my friend? Nyon asked calmly. He replies that he does not know but will make it happen one day, his eyes fixed on the glass of wine in his hand. Both leaves and after an hour engagement ceremony takes place and everyone gives blessings to Alex and June for their bright future. Next morning June’s father David Clayton hugged his friend Edward Bruke on airport and promised to plan for the wedding ceremony soon. June kisses Alex and says good bye and the whole family flew back to London.

Monday morning Alex enters the office and back in the role of a boss. He enters his room and his secretary Marie informs him about his schedule of the day, he looked at his engagement ring and kept it in his drawer and got busy with his work. Alex is just 28 and has become the CEO of a big company after his father retires from the business. He is a handsome man with blue and grey eyes. Every girl in the office was sad to know that the most eligible bachelor is engaged now. Marie tells him that tomorrow he has to attend a charity program organised by Bruke Enterprises to raise funds for his late mother organisation, "Child and Care". Yes, I remember tomorrow is my mother’s Ryna Bruke’s birthday and I never forget this day. His voice grumbled. Alex sees his pretty mother photograph who died of lung cancer when he was just 14. She wanted to raise his name in lawn tennis although he is good in the game but has turned to be a man of business because of his excellence in economics and business. He had to stand by his father’s side and when he was left alone after his mother death. Deep inside his heart he has a desire to fulfil his mother wish. With tears in eyes he remembers his mother’s memories.

Next day, his father Edward, friend Nyon and Alex go to attend the program. After the program when they come out and find the glass of the car broken. He walks towards his car and sees that driver was holding a 14-15-year boy who has tears in his eyes. His father has already left in his car and they both stare that boy. What's your name? Asked Alex. Jimmy, boy replies with fear. You know how much does it cost, are you going to pay for this? Alex says angrily. Boy cries and says I am sorry sir! Actually, my sister is working inside for this charity program and i was playing football when it hit your car glass accidentally. He regrets and apologizes that he cannot pay the damage. Alex angrily asks the boy to call his sister. Alex says Nyon let’s leave, we are getting late for my musical show which is going to begin in half an hour. Tell your sister to come to my office tomorrow and gives his business card to the little boy. Alex asks his driver to arrange another car. Alex and Nyon leaves leaving the little boy crying.