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You are my life episode 2

Life's one of blissful moments is watching a baby during its sleep. Babies are God's beautiful gifts, nature's creation at its best!!

He was thinking while kept watching the sleeping kid for the past 5 minutes. The slight twitch of her cute little rosy lips in her sleeping state itself, automatically brought smile on his lips..

He felt like he got a boon from that pretty little Angel, it wiped out all his tiredness due to the whole night travelling, 'it's enough for me, I am fulfilled', he thought, with a satisfied and pleased mind, he sat beside the baby, as he doesn't want to go to bed room leaving the baby here alone, he decided to sleep in the sofa itself. He held his one arm around her abdomen protectively, leaned back, kept his other arm below his head like a pillow and drifted into sleep.


Even after talking with chitra sister, through mobile phone while coming in the bus, Ramya felt a constant purr, nagging at corner of her mind. She once again dialled chitra's number in between her class drama rehearsal, and confirmed the safety of the baby, then only she felt relieved.

It's a normal instinct for all mothers who have female children, a fear starts appearing right from the birth of that girl child, the fear rolls and rolls inside them, produces a constant fire in their stomach until the girl gets safely married to a man.

Each and every woman trying her level best to take care of her baby whether it's boy or girl. But circumstances don't allow them to do so. The situation is even worse for a working mother. Balancing both family and work is very challenging. Some times , there's no other go, they have to rely on somebody for that.

Ramya, one among them, she wanted to look after her baby to the fullest possible level, but fate didn't allow her, for which she was blaming herself constantly and feeling guilty.

The celebration got over at 11'o clock itself. After completing the left over works , Ramya returned home at 12 noon. She had gone straight to the The baby care center to take her baby home along with her. The creche works from morning 9 to afternoon 3'o clock, after that they will drop the baby to home in their van, usually chitra sis will receive the baby and look after her until Ramya returns from her work.

Even though chitra insisted not to put her in baby creche, as she can take care of baby for whole day, why wasting money on that, she knew very well that, 'Ramya's expenses are more than her income, since she is only a nursery School teacher, she is trying hard to minimize the expenses at every possible way'.

But Ramya didn't want to trouble her caring neighbor as chitra is doing already more than that what could be expected normally from a neighbor. Without chitra sister, she couldn't imagine her life at all, she knew it wouldn't be this much smooth raising a two year old baby as a single working parent.


It's 9'o clock in the night, Ramya gently tapping her baby rhythmically on her chest by lying her side, a cool breeze came over, fluttering the baby's hair over her forehead, Ramya softly tuck them by the side, for which her baby responded with a cute smile and slowly drifted into sleep.

'My girl is too much pretty', she thought proudly, 'she swipes everyone's heart easily, It's hard to resist a kiss, whoever come across this pretty angel', she thought. But it's also dangerous being this much pretty, she knew, she has to be even more careful in protecting her from men's eagle eyes.

That's why she was very much worried this morning also, when she left her child in that boy's hand. But "that boy.....he doesn't seemed like that..... Her new neighbor, chitra sister's cousin... I haven't asked him any favour, he didn't even know what for I had knocked his door, but how come he able to do that?! he immediately understood my situation and said those words even in his annoyed state of mind due to interrupted sleep.. who will do this?! Who will come forward for baby sitting in that early morning?!'.

'He must be hardly crossed 18, for this age, this much maturity, that too for a boy, is unbelievable, the voice also very soft and caring, mesmerizing enough to do what he says', while Ramya was thinking continuously, suddenly her rational mind woke up and shut her off by saying, " it's just a help, anybody could do that, you are thinking too much of an unknown person, that too about a man, stop here itself and go for sleep". "am I ?!..." She asked herself and started sleeping.


Nothing new in Face book, Vijay started searching for new apps, but he felt drowsy, he couldn't take rest during the day time as he was very much occupied by the beautiful little angel, the newcomer in his life. Her tumbling walk, gibberish talk, the big pure eyes and the cute giggles.... it's lot of fun being around with her.

He very much enjoyed her company, the day had passed quickly like a minute in presence of her. Actually he was so reluctant to come over here, when 'chithu' demanded him to spend his holidays here in Chennai. After much of her compulsion he just planned his trip for a week. But after seeing that dolly angel, he could consider extending the days, he thought.

He placed his mobile in nearby table, turned off the lights, lyed down in his bed and closed his eyes. "Such a lovely face...", he was jerked a moment at that thought as he never ever thought about a woman like that before, after his mother.

"That baby's mom... like mom, like baby..." once again his thought process continued like that, he got back into his senses and felt ashamed about his thought, "I must be more careful about my thoughts here after..", he decided and drifted into sleep.

To be continued..

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