When We Met - EP - 41 (His Passion and Her Loss) in English Fiction Stories by Aisha books and stories PDF | When We Met - EP - 41 (His Passion and Her Loss)

When We Met - EP - 41 (His Passion and Her Loss)

Mia's POV:

While I just remembered saying one thing to him at last when he fell asleep beside me, pulling me closer, soft snores coming from his nose.

"I love you, Jake" I whispered, running my hands along his cheeks"I don't know why I am telling you this after all these years, but I just felt like I should tell you. You deserve to know what I feel, though I never deserved to be in your arms, let alone in your future!!"

I knew I would regret it the moment I would wake up, and I knew he would regret it too.

But before we both lose whatever existed between us all these years, I picked up my last clothing, wearing it properly, combing my hairs with a little difficulty.

It was hurting like volcano between my thighs and I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to walk down all the way to my home like this.

Clock showed 4 am and it was still too early for anyone to wake up in this hour.

I knocked bedroom door of Jake's grandparents!

Sighing in relief that his grandmother came out, I quickly hugged her in emotions, slightly staggering in pain.

"Dear. What happened!? Why are you limping? Are you hurt!? Did Jake do anything!?"

Tears started to wet the carpet as I told her everything that happened between us. I just thought hiding it this much would make me go mad in a minute.

"Oh dear! You two-"

"I know. I know. I am so sorry. Please forgive me! I feel ashamed now!"

"But dear-"

"Can you do me a favour? Just one favour!?"

She looked at me with pity and affection.

"Yes Dear! Ask anthing!"

I hesitated a bit. "Call your servants to have him all dressed up!"


"Yes. Please. I don't want him to know anything that had happened between us. It's all in past and I never want it to come in between our future, if we ever had one!"

"But dear, it's injustice to him!"

"Believe me, it's the best for both of us! Besides, he wouldn't remeber anything anyways! So I don't want to leave any clues behind!"

"And where will you be going now, dear? It's too late at night! You shouldn't-"

"I'm all safe and will always be!"

"But where are you going? Tell me the name of the place-"

"I can't! I'm going far away from my past! From everything now!"

I hugged her shocked form tightly. "I'll miss you so much!"

"Mia dear-"

"Remember you called me something last summer! Your daughter! Then please, please" I placed my hands over hers,"please never tell him anything about all this. It's my last request to you!"


"Can you not scold him much for bringing over new girlfriends daily? He doesn't like it when you do all that? If he wants to live life his way, let him do it! Trust him better! Believe me, as much as I know, he isn't actually a bad person! He is just moody and maybe spoiled a little!"

"Are you saying goodbye this soon dear? Didn't you love him once!?"

"I told you I am going away from my past. For better and for best! Goodbye!"

I turned around abruptly on my heels and fled outside before any reason could stop me from walking forward
and leaving him behind, tears flew continuously out of my tired eyes while I just wondered if Jake would even care I left without saying a proper goodbye to him...


I know she didn't do very good leaving him but there were many reasons for not staying with him too. I hope you guys can survive this angst cause there is more to their story than drama.

Thank you so much for reading.

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