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The Mission of Chambal Ghati - 3

The Mission of Chambal Ghati 3

In total, six men were shortlisted, in addition to Girraj, her girl Balsakha Lalla Pandit and the woman were also trapped.

The rebels were used to the bumpy road, so despite the weight of the gun, they were galloping, but the five men carrying the goods were forcibly sliding from step to step in the young woman. Every one of the bandits behind every slippery used to beat them one by one. On reaching the top of the hill, it was found that a rebel stood there holding some potties. The sheesh rebels put those balls on their foreheads very quickly. One bundle was more, that bag was loaded by some rebel by putting extra weight on Girraj's forehead.

The robber's body, dragging the young woman's wrist, has a strange smell - like rotting of curd, such a smell that the whole stomach is eaten - Piya started to jump out.

A middle-aged man with a big mustache, carrying goods, fell suddenly next to Girraj.

His fall was that a strong rebel biting down like a dog broke. With the butt of the gun, he punched the chest of the much-touted man with such ruthlessness that the poor fellow could not even stand upright, fell to the ground and cried frantically.

Seeing such kindness, the blood of the other people dried up. All of them were praying with lowered eyes that they should survive. This series of attacks could not get infected and reach them!

But his prayers went in vain. What did the four rebels know about each other, that then the machine gun went off, all four rebels broke down on the other four people. He was made to suffer with thongs, kicks, punches and gun butts.

The girl's face turned white with fear. He started to have an unknown fear that what will happen next when it is in the beginning!

When we got the sign of Kriparam, they started right away.

In the midst of walking the path, Kriparam opened the roti bundle and took four puris out of it and caught them all. Due to fear and fatigue, they all had their mouth spit dried up and even the mouth of the puri was not easily coming down their throat in the dry mouth, but perhaps due to fear, they all swallowed some dry bread And in the same manner as the rebels, they drank like a dhur in a river and drank water, then kept walking in the direction of the nose. He was in a very bad condition due to pain. But the six people were so frightened inside that the pain of the pain was far away, they were not giving up bursts of mouth, cough and even air. Just the sound of Lalla Pandit's slow Sitaram-Sitaram and the slow crying of that young woman was echoing.

A bit of dawn emerged in the sky. The soil below the foot had begun to be tarnished and from this, Girraj made a mistake that he must have entered the border of Rajasthan at this time. Probably, the police will be searching for them in Madhya Pradesh itself.

A clump of trees was seen far away, and the hijackers lengthened their steps with the gesture of walking towards the same clump. There was hope in my mind that I might get a chance to sit now.

That clump was then left pachasake steps away, that they all stopped. At the behest of Kriparam, one of his companions woke up in a peacock's voice - "Mayo mayo mayo:".

Peacock Konk also emerged from that clump in the copy.

As they progressed further, they came to know that that bunch of trees is a group of sprinkler trees scattered in a mine. Girraj is aware that in Rajasthan they are called Khirkari - Here is the trend of the Khirkars, which is made by enclosing a large enclosure in the jungles and lakes far away from the township and in which the Marwari shepherds here live with their sheep and goats. Let's take care of.

Two shadows appeared in the windows, one of which had a lantern in its hand. Perhaps he had identified the Kriparam gang so the voice echoed - "Jai Karsadeva!"

- "Jai Karsadeva!"

After getting Kriparam's answer, he was satisfied that Khirkwasi's voice was echoed again. All is well. "

At the behest of Kriparam, one of his companions stepped forward. Before reaching Khirak, he threw a sharp glance at the faces of the people standing in Khirak and then went with them to Khirakari to take the inner reconnaissance. After a moment, they came out and when that rebel hinted at Kriparam to leave, then they moved forward under Kriparam's leadership.

Two huts were built in the front surrounded by a four foot high boundary wall. There were numerous sheep in the back yard about 100 feet wide and two feet long.

Both the Marwari shepherds present there were watching. And one of them was a sixty-five-year-old middle-aged man, while the other man was a twenty-five-thirty-year-old man. It seemed that they were closely related to the chief's gang, because they met Kriparam in a hug. The middle-aged Marwari said to them all to sit down - "Our chief has come to our attention in the big day!" Have you been tortured?

"We were sitting in a rainstorm, sitting silently, the people of Pa modi cho puls have little peace." The Haramis did Rakhi after Ungaria. We were threatened by the relatives of the Karairave, who looted the Alania bus and took Draupadi to Sangay of five Pandavans.

For the first time, the middle-aged Marwari, with a keen eye piercing the people caught inside, first saw Girraj too. Almost all the women standing in fear were clothed in rags on their bodies. The condition of the girl had become like a deciduous tree, no jewel was left nor bright ... Pallu was not on the head, the sari slit with mud. Was living Slippers were broken, feet bled with thorns. Seeing her, Girraj got weeping, seeing her swollen cheeks and eyes thickened… .. She kept on crying all night while walking, maybe! His hair was shattered like the hair of a corpse .... His heart woke up.

Kriparam scolded all of them and ordered, "Are you fatter than a chomp? They are not disgusted with a heavy load! Go to the sit of Dhur Jhari.

Catch the bastards began to sit in the ground.

"Kachru roti is the provision of water?" Kriparam asked the old Marwari suddenly, he gnashed his teeth - "No chief, Abai Hall Puri will be made."

- "You all are nine Khave thirteen hungry people. Fuck Nikaro Shyam Babu utensils. "Kruparam named one of his companions for the first time.

... and a bandit sat on the ground and opened the potlia.

"Hey girl, get up and take care of the kitchen!" Kriparam narrates the girl to Hukam and after filling the empty bottle of Daru had gone towards the trench looking at Khirkari's right

An unfortunate young lady arose and started handling the dough items kept in the bag and set the kitchen pattern. If Girraj did not agree, he got up and started helping the girl.

The girl's tears had either ended or she had accepted her destiny, at that time she would look at the rebels with her eyes and sometimes look at her companions like a cow being taken to the slaughterhouse. Girraj had been watching her tragedy since yesterday ... ... The compulsive compassion towards him had emerged in Girraj's mind. Seeing the rebels merry in conversation among themselves, he asked the young lady, "Who gam ki ho lali?"

"Dhirpura ki!" The girl's voice rang out very slowly.

"What is the name?"


"Who community?"

"Jeannie Baniya ..." When Ketki was almost sobbing, Girraj kept a finger on her arms and indicated to her to keep quiet.

Ketaki stopped her lips tightly and the woman started kneading the dough with easy accessibility. ... He was married only four months ago. Although the husband had a master's degree in business management, but was very straightforward and innocent. After her first meeting with Ketki, she was blushing like a girl. Ketki unknowingly turned her arm over her romp-filled arm as if she was turning her hands from thick to velvet ... and she was filled with a strange frenzy ... remembered her face again The same Lalai ran. She forgot where she was, and how she was brought here!

Girraj picked up six or seven bricks lying here and made a stove and started burning fire by depositing thin dry wood in that stove.

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