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The Mission of Chambal Ghati - 5

The Mission of Chambal Ghati 5

The night in the plains is a little late, while the evening is long. All awake

Kriparam took out the incense sticks and started the aarti of the goddess Maiya. The rest of the rebels came to him.

After the Arti, the rebels came out of the hut and started sitting face to face on the ground, then the attention of the abducted was focused on them.

Kriparam shouted to Shyambabu, 'Shyambabu daru nai paayog? ... Let's get the bottle! We lost round-the-clock since yesterday. '

Shyambabu took out a large bottle of liquor from the pot and the Marwari youth brought five-six glasses of steel from the hut. The middle-aged Marwari pulled out five or six bales of onion and started breaking onions one by one.

In half an hour, they all got drunk and were cheating the police.

Suddenly Kriparam woke up and stood up directly near Ketki, "Come on, let me take a lot of money!"

Fearful of this crisis, Ketki was looking at him with dilated eyes while Girraj's heart beat with the fear of something untoward.

After listening to Kriparam, the ketti was sitting down with a low head, the patience of the rebel was lost. He caught Ketki's arm and tried to forcibly lift her up. Ketaki had risen again and the dead body of the corpse was loosely hanging in Kriparam's hands.

Kupit Kriparam, with his strong hands, grabbed him by the waist and lifted him to the shoulder. Ketki was now wailing in a loud voice throwing her hands and feet, so all the rebels watching this scene were enjoying themselves and started saying in a high voice.

At one hundred steps, there was a clump of trees, Kriparam got entrenched in the clump loaded with Ketki, and Girraj felt his heart darting with a sharp dance.

After a minute, the sound of Ketaki's crying and Kriparam's scolding started coming.

As soon as dawn, those people left quickly and started walking quickly.

It was afternoon on the go. Signs of hunger and fatigue were visible on the faces of the abducted, but there was no wrinkle on the faces of the rebels.

Lalla hesitantly asked Shyambabu - "Dau, Nahaive ki Nayi Ho Rae?"

"Daughter Cho, Tan Bado is a Pandit." Go bring the water to the area, keep watching the water, where will you find it? Chuppaachap Chalo Chal

Lalla Pandit did not mind to see himself being insulted like this, he might have felt bad. Kriparam, while walking, bit the butt of the gun with a slow hand, stung and scolded Lalla's back - "All the Luigian jaiso said," Stay crying? Don't show much tantrums, now let's go straight! "

After an hour, the rebel Ajay expressed hunger, and the fourth rebel also supported him.

Giraraj's eyes were on the chief, how he scolds his comrades. But he was surprised that Kriparam had stopped smiling. A ruin was seen nearby, he pointed there, so all moved towards that side.

When Girraj found the sign of Shyam Babu, he opened one of the boxes loaded on the head. A lot of the puris of color, design and size of the kind was seen in that bundle. Kriparam picked up ten-twelve puris and gave it to Shyambabu. Then one by one he divided the whole. Finally, after placing a puri on his left hand, he broke the mouth with the right hand and put it in his mouth, then everyone started eating.

There was a small mouth well near the ruins. When the food was done, Shyambabu took out a lotta-door from a bag. Girraj climbed forward and took the door-lota in his hand and opened the door of the well near the well and took the lota into the well, and with long hands Panhar (spread) started pulling the door. Kriparam became very happy with Girraj's habit of working ahead in this way, said - "Tell me name of Teyo re lala tainen?"

"Let me be the chief Giraraj!"

"Girraj Tain will do the upper work from tomorrow and all the work will be done by Seva Tahl. Who will make bread by sitting with Sargu Bamna.

Girraj Pulkit was speaking as "the third wish Hoya head".

"Listen to all of us, we are right for Hukam Manve Vare. Our minds are big, but we are butchers. "

Shyambabu carried Kriparam's point forward - "Butcher's, we are demons - Rakshas." Jee big hair, Mahinan no Raho without a bath, day and night worship Goddess Bhavani and Ja gun Bhavani forever.

Lumbu Thakur saw that the rebels are talking freely today, then said with folded hands, "Mukhiya, humaye ghar bhi kori do na, kya kittte rupe hai?"

"Have patience, dear, we are the ones that you are worth more money than ever." First of all, we should escape from the police and take a card in Kau village for a few days and then ask for money from your house. "

Laughed with laughter.

They ate there after eating and drinking. But when the twilight of the evening spread, then quickly got up quickly and left from there. After walking continuously for two hours, they were on the crest of a hill.

An old folded tarpaulin placed in the bundle was removed and laid, then at first all the hijackers were tied together by a chain, then one rebel on either side, and the people of the hold were lying in the middle, but Ketki was adamant that Will not sleep between men Kriparam let him sit in his knees and put Shyamab on the rebel guard.

The kidnappers could not sleep until midnight. While the rebels, like yesterday, immediately started snoring.

When the voice of the female voice got a slight sob, Girraj opened the eye with a bandage, saw that Shyambabu saw Kriparam sleeping on the opportunity and went to Ketki, with one hand he held Ketki's hair while with the other hand he got Ketki He has kept his mouth pressed, by putting his knee in Ketki's back, he is trying to stand him. When Ketaki could not stand, the giant Shyambabu from the demon picked him up like a toy and descended down the hill. Girraj's eyes were fixed on him, even if he would move a little bit, he left his feet as soon as he could get upright. He focused his entire consciousness on the eyes and ears. Going down a little from the top of the hill, Shyambabu slammed Ketki on the ground and was already half naked, he started pulling Keti's saree, then Ketki screamed again. Girraj's blood was shattered, the black-faced Chetkaru-faced Shyambabu was caught in Ketki as if a small deer was trapped in the clutches of a dreaded Banele Singh. ... and Ketki's sobs echoed in the atmosphere.

In the morning, after rinse datun, Ajayram made laddoos mixed with sugar and ghee in raw wheat flour. When Lalla asked, Shyambabu told that these are the laddus of Kachonda.

These were the laddoos of Kachonda. Those people saw this laddu for the first time. The rebels ripped five-five, seven-seven laddus, and then ordered the people of the catch to eat them. Where would Giraraj and Lalla taste the raw flour? So he refused to eat Kachonda, Thakur also started napping.

Shyambabu and Ajayram deteriorated when both of them refused. Both of them forced the six people to eat two laddus each. The rest of the Kachonda were stitched by the rebels and sat down with their hands crossed. The hijackers tied the balls and stood on the head.

They descended from the hill. Four-five bicycles of milkmen were seen coming from the front footpath. When the rebels stopped seeing them, the condition of the milkmen worsened. They stopped far away trembling with fear. Shyambabu gave him a voice and convinced him that he would come near and give milk from his can, in that he would be liberated.

Girraj saw that as soon as the milk cane opened, all the villagers broke from the hungry Bengali. Since yesterday, he was seeing that rebels are always hungry for milk and ghee.

They all drank the milk of Over the stomach.

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