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The Mission of Chambal Ghati - 6

The Mission of Chambal Ghati 6

Surpura was a village of Ghosians. There was already information about their arrival in the village, probably because food was being prepared for them when they arrived. People from several villages were waiting to gather gathered in the village school compound. Upon Kriparam's arrival, they were very happy and quizzed the whole gang with arms.

When seated comfortably, Kriparam inquired about the well-being of the families and relatives. It seemed that the people of Surpura were deeply involved with Kriparam. When the Patel of the village asked Kriparam about his movements, he was seen with tears in his face.

Proudly he told that due to the help of fraternal brothers, he is alive and happy today, what will be a greater proof of his willingness to loot the bus filled on the main road this time. ... He has brought a hold of the Baroa caste, including a woman of Jain society, knowing that there was a huge upheaval in the present community, many people started coming up to see the people as if they were Be wonder

Shyambabu showed arrogance, 'Brother brothers, after a great battle, our time has come, we will do all that we have done to us for many years with the Baroa caste. Look forward to what we do! '

Applause rang in the gathering. There was applause for the Kriparam gang on the faces of the attendees. Kruparam was the pride of society.

When they reached the bed, it was past three in the night. Ketaki's face had become more dark. That night, Kalicharan was sitting at the guard, ... and that night, even the fragile and kamasin Ketaki was hit. Like the first second night, that night too, his body was rubbed, scratched, but also bitten by teeth in many places. Like every night, Girraj did not mind seeing the impish and obscene acts of that male animal.

When dawn came and birds chirped, the police officer Raghuvanshi woke up with a voice. Girraj, who had just slept, sat up in compulsion. While the people of the police force were exercising, Girraj was sitting with Patel of Janpura to arrange tea for the police force.

The control room's instruction was to halve in Janpura for two days, then a new situation would be told. Hearing this message, everyone of the troop were happy, at least for two days now they will be free from nomadic life.

During the day Raghuvanshi spread his map and called Girraj to identify the places in the map where the robbers might be hiding. When Giraraj left the bandits four days ago, he was in a dugout in Marbari; He was in Shashopanj to tell which place.

Speculatively, he expressed the apprehension that the dacoits were hiding in Purana Marh, Thakur Baba Wala Banyan and Old Bridge. Raghuvanshi punctured those places with red ink on the map.

In the evening, the Patel of the village organized the gammat. A group of eight-ten people who were interested in singing and singing had come with the Dholak-Harmonium, and then in the school campuses that were soaked, the folklore began to play such a melodious voice that everyone was overjoyed. Every man began to express his fun in a different way. All the policemen started putting their guns in their hands.

While lying on his bed, Girraj remembered that the dacoits were also fond of folk songs, especially in Alkhanda ... but that day he was fond of film songs. Shyambabu had started playing the song in a loud voice by removing his cachet player, so do not break meri berry ke berry, nahi kanto kanta…… ..… .. The film song echoed.

Why were you in a mood to celebrate that day rebel, so four full bottles of wine were ordered

All of them had started drinking since morning. Both the Marwari of Khirak got Mufat so they were also going on glass by glass.

Gradually Daru showed his complexion, then they all started to drift. The music playing in the loud voice further enhanced his fun. Tackle all four bottles, by which time they were all at the peak of intoxication. The noise of the music and the tempo of the song were constantly catching pace.

When Shyam Babu's fun increased, he started to dance to the tune of the film song. Seeing him twitching, Ajayram also enjoyed himself so that he could hold the butt of the gun in one hand and raise the hand in the other hand, he stood in the middle place trembling on both feet. Then there was a competition, the four bandits started dancing to music singularly. On the other hand, both Marwadis were so gaffy that they were sitting in their place, making eye-popping teeth and laughing with their teeth and laughing and making strange stamps.

Kalicharan stopped dancing and arrows caught towards the people holding fast. Tucking her hair in the hair of the men, coming to Ketki sitting in a masculine dress, he said, "Come and dance the queen!"

Ketki had a deep void in her eyes, she once saw Kalicharan again on Girraj. Girraj indicated that if you do not listen to them, then they will plead more, so get up quietly.

Kalicharan took Ketki in the midst of the dancing bandits and made her stand up, but Ketki did not know how to dance, how she could not dance so she stood still Seeing this, Shyambabu screamed: Why is Nachti new?

Ketuki stared at him with a stoic eye and stood still. What was it then, Shyambabu's anger reached the seventh sky. He put a loud cry on Ketki's cheek, which caused Ketki to fade and fall to the ground. From the very beginning, Girraj was watching that Ketki neither eats nor drinks water, what does she think about going from day to day, and her body is constantly weakening and becoming pale, she slaps a huge slap of a man like Shyambabu How could it be stable?

Kriparam was not very angry at all, but Daru had climbed her Magaz at that time, so he kept holding Ketaki's hand and kept raising it as he frantically scrambled, and then tried to dance with his hands in his hands. But Ketki still stood as a corpse. Shyambabu again got angry, 'Many minds are rotten of this hare jadi! Let us tear down Draupadi and be afraid…. Far dar did Kalicharan, go to Sig cloth, then see Ja Nachat Kai!

Ketki was stunned. Bite him if there is no blood

Stopping dancing, he grabbed Ketki's shirt and started to pull, Ketki started throwing his hands and feet, but Ajay came and grabbed him from behind and he relaxed. Seeing him loosely, Ajay leaves him, but, chanting, Kalicharan chirrrically pulled the front of his shirt so that Ketki went naked from neck down to the bottom of her body and got a glimpse of her white body. Woke up in a loud manner. Giraraj and his friends laughed at the sight of Laj.

Do not know how Ketaki got a chance, he ran a fast pace in the same condition by making a place from the middle of the gardens, ... By the time the robber was over, he had crossed the wall of Khirak. He had caught the trail leading to the clump of trees.

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