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You are my life - episode 6

"Oh...Finally he is the one who accomplished the task", Kavita closed her lunch box. "I told you know he is a good guy", she added.

Ramya was washing her lunch box silently.

"Such a handsome guy, but a bit chubby" Kavita said with dreamy eyes.

"Chitra sis said he only completed his schooling", while replying Ramya said to herself once again.

"So what?! I don't bother, I am only 21, completed my college last year only, I am working now, I will support him until he finishes his degree", Kavita started to plan her future playfully.

"So you are going to propose him?!" Ramya asked teasingly while placing her box inside her hand bag.

"Not a bad idea, considering his colour, what a complexion yaar!! Lord Bramma added extra essence of rose milk while creating his skin", Kavita sighed heavily.

Ramya started leaving, "hey, just sighting ma, don't mistake me" Kavita said quickly as she knew her friend doesn't like these type of conversations. "By the way what's his name?" She added.

"Famous Tamil actor's name only" Ramya said while reaching the room entrance and left the place.

"Must be Ajith Kumar, apt name for his rosy complexion", Kavita said herself.


Chitra was telling Ramya how to make 'mushroom biriyani', while listening, Ramya also feeding the evening snack to her baby, who was sitting quietly near her mummy and playing with the 'barbie doll' gifted by Vijay.

Vijay who had gone out in the morning itself arrived and entered inside the house, on seeing him, Adhira jumped up and ran towards him. She raised her hands gesturing to lift her up by making some happy noises. Vijay refused by nodding his head, saying "no baby no...., he some how escaped from her, and entered inside his room.

Both chitra and Ramya were looking at each other and the closed door behind him in confusion thinking that why he ignored the baby, whereas Adhira got very much disappointed, her face lost its brightness, she returned to her mom's lap.

"what happened to this boy?! Why he acting weird today?! see how much she disappointed and looked crestfallen...." Chitra muttered watching the baby.

Doesn't know why, Ramya also felt much dejected at her heart, she couldn't say anything at the moment, she just patted her baby and kept silent.

Actually she wanted to leave the house immediately because of his shocking activity as well as her decision about not to see him, but she considered Chitra sis, and with basic courtesy, she stayed back.

After 5 minutes Vijay came out of his room, appeared fresh after taking a quick shower, he lifted the baby up and tossed her in the air, saying, "hey dolly angel! Sorry my dear! got angry with me? I just went to freshen up", at once her face lit up and she started giggling.

"Why did you do that?! What's the need of an immediate bath?! She felt so disappointed, after playing sometime with her you can go and take bath know?! At least you should have lifted her up once before closing your door", Chitra grunted while offering him snacks.

"Oh my dear sis.... today I went to 'blue Cross center', there we handled some street dogs, we bathed them, gave food, medicines and helped them getting their before touching this cutie pie I want to take bath and get disinfected myself, that's why" he replied.

"Oh boy... you never change... please be careful and take some precautions while doing all those things", chitra said in bothersome tone.

"Ok..ok...I do.." he replied smiling.

"Oh......" Ramya was flabbergasted by both with his reply and his smile. She lowered her head down and carefully avoided glancing at him, as she already made up her mind not to look at him, she nodded to Chitra and left the house.

Ramya was very astonished as she haven't heard of previously these things were existing, she couldn't imagine street dogs were also been treated as pet dogs and people like him doing such social activities silently without much attention from public.

She was watching both of them from her balcony, as by the time both Vijay and her baby went down to play area and she's sliding happily while he carefully making her to do so. After watching some time, she went inside to continue her work.


The night was so cold, because of chill weather outside. Ramya was looking at the darkness outside from her balcony.

"On that day also, when Adhira was searching for him in early morning, chitra sis told, he had gone out in the night itself, to donate blood for a sick baby admitted in ICU. He has been in the network of blood donating group, they would connect through phone and arrange for a rare blood group....." she recalled the incident.

Something is special about this guy... He is always doing something which we can't deny admiring him...... been much appreciable and adorable..... it's also shown in his face....what's it called... "A Tejas" , On that day in terrace also, She saw caught her attention, "A glowing face" spreading the 'aura' around .....a well sculptured face exhibiting calm and composed look....much pleasant and charming, she actually forget herself, completely lost in his pretty serene look, she remembered...

"Oh girl..... what are you doing?! What's your decision earlier and you're acting now totally against it", a voice inside said her.

Once again in a peaceful night, Ramya was thinking about him that too about his features..... this is out of her behavior, until then she didn't even take a glimpse of other men.....

she fought inside between her mind and heart, what ever her mind says her heart is not following.....and she had to admit he is irresistible..... His qualities and attitude.... she didn't even talk a word with him after that first meeting, but the way he treats her child, the look, the smile, the respect he gives to others, the soft and caring speech, his presence of mind in that street rogues problem, everything was admirable.....

" Is she falling for him?!" She was jerked with that sudden thought. "No.. never....not at all......its just a respect I am having towards him..", she was telling herself not sure of whether it's true or she is believing like that...

She is actually scary rather than worried herself. It should not be happen, she must be even more careful about this issue. Until now she didn't give much importance to that inner voice , as she's very sure of her character. But one of the rules of this world is, there is always an exception.

Before it would happen she has to control her mind, if at all it doesn't possible means, she has to take a decision accordingly, that should not interfere her clean slate life with her baby. She decided, made up her mind and went inside to sleep.


To be continued......

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