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The night of her decision - 1

Was the last night to decide.Lajjo was avoiding daily..But now the postponement deadline was over.She was to be testified in court tomorrow.
Tonight she had to decide what she had to say in court tomorrow..She was the only eyewitness to murder of Saudan's nephew.Her testimony was to decide the life and death of Dauran.She knew that if she told the truth in court,the court would sentence Dauran to death If she lied in court,the court would leave Saudan .
He would be saved from hanging.
Saudan death and life was linked to her future.If Saudan gets death penalty,then she will be widow..Her vermilion will be wiped.Bangles will be broken..
If Dauran remains alive she will not be widow. With the life and death of Dauran there was a decision of to be her widow or not
Tonight was the turning point of her life.She got lost in the past before deciding what to say in court tomorrow.
Dauran was a resident of Nagla khar.As a child he learned to steal.He was caught several times and had to be beaten while stealing.He became a well known thief when he grew up commuting small theft.
Dauran gets smarter when he grew up.He stopped stealing in the nearby villages.Now he started stealing away from his village.and state.He used to do this so not to get caught.whenever he had to steal he would leave the village for a few days.He used to go to the new city every time to steal.He used to steal so smartly that he never got caught.
A dark night of winter.Old house in the outskirts of the city.Saudan as soon as entered that house he realized that the house was empty.Still he was careful and alert.Saudan crossed a long corridor in the dark and reached a room.night lamp was on in that room.He stunned seeing the scene of that room.
There was a young lady in that room.Her hands and feet were tied and cloth was stuck in the mouth.
She was filtering to get free.As soon as she see Dauran in room,she was horrified.Th
e fear on her eyes and face was appearing
He could not under stood any thing.He stood in a confusion for a while.Seeing him standing like this,she was convinced.Then she prayed to be freed from the direction of her eyes..Dauran understood her gesture..Dauran asked while freeing her,"Who are you?"
"I'm Lajjo.Im a poor girl.I have no one in this world."
"How did you come here"?Knowing about Kabhi ,Dauran asked.
"This is Thakurs bunglow Thakur enjoys here..His men bring a woman everyday for him..Today they have brought me forcefully".
"Where is Thakur".
"He may come at any time".
"It means we should get out from here quickly".
The path through which Dauran entered the bungalow brought Lajjo along with him.
"I'm a thief.I went to the bungalow with the intention of theft.I didn't stole any thing. But brought you out of Thakur cluche.Now you are free to go home.I will also go."
" I can't go my home."Lajjo said.
"The woman whom Thakur likes.Does not leave her at any cost.Today he was going to play with my body.But I had good luck.But you saved me before I became a victim of Thskurs lust.I won't see him today.He will search me.what Wii hr do with me if I get caught may not imagine."

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