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You are my life - episode 8

Almost 2 weeks been over after Vijay came here. It's a pleasant evening in Saturday, the whole apartment is getting ready to celebrate the foundation day. They arranged a get together party in the central play area, a stage has been set up in a corner, rest of the area is occupied by small and large round tables with surrounding chairs for the families to sit and chat with each other and also to enjoy the buffet dinner.

All four blocks including the compound wall decorated with the colourful serial bulbs, all twinkling like little little stars, gave them an heavenly look. Artificial trees, a lamp post , and also big speakers were placed here and there, the trees also decorated with serial set. The lamp containing multiple spot lights set in one big panel which illuminates the whole area making the night more bright like a day.

Chitra entered Ramya's house, while Ramya making her baby ready, she handed over a box to Ramya.

"What's this sis?! Ramya asked.

"A new dress to Adhira", chitra replied and before Ramya could say anything, chitra opened the box and took the dress out. Ramya gaped her mouth on seeing the fabulous 'sky blue colour frock' which was designed with full of dark blue frills bordered with white lace work, neck decorated with pearl like beads which gave a grand appearance to the dress, "must be costly" she thought.

"What's the need for a new dress now sis?!" Ramya tried to oppose. As she can't afford this type of dresses, she always select simple gowns for Adhira.

But chitra ignored that. "Nice looking know", while asking chitra put on that dress to Adhira. "Vijay only selected for 'adhi" she added. Listening his name, Ramya went silent. Adhira appeared so cute in that dress, really like a fairy came to this world without her wand. "wonderful selection, he has a good taste" Ramya thought.

"Why he very much attached to the baby?!", She thought herself but her mouth revealed those words out without her knowledge. It's realized by her only after chitra started to answer her question.

"He lost his father soon after his birth, his mother also died at the age of 6 years, he feels, Adhira is also like him, I think that's the reason he got attached with her", chitra replied.

"Oh....." Ramya was speechless for sometime. 'He lost both his parents in childhood itself, his condition even worse than mine', She couldn't digest the fact, as it formed a twisting force at her stomach, she just felt the pain deep down.

"Come let's go down", chitra lifted up Adhira, while Ramya locked her door.

The function started already, most of the apartment inmates gathered around the area, some of them performing at the stage showing their talents in singing and dancing, crowd cheering, enjoying and encouraging them then and there. The place filled with noises and laughs, children were playing and running here and there.

Men were discussing about their work, current politics and share market, whereas women group chatting about tv serials and cooking receipies. Both chitra and Ramya joined them. Chitra took part in the conversation, Ramya usually won't talk much, she just remained silent, listening them.

Girls group were talking about latest outfits and upcoming movies, among them Nina was talking and laughing loudly. She took a glance of both Ramya and her baby with a feeling of nausea and burning stomach definitely not because disease of her gut. Then she changed her gaze, shrugging her shoulders, thinking that "she never be able to come as an opponent to me" as because I did my best make up today, I am glittering like a model and 'her' looks are as simple as like a common lady, mother of a kid. Doesn't she know how to get dressed for these parties and all?!" she thought annoyingly.

Ramya always avoid make up and attractive colour dresses as it will catch the attention of others especially men and invite unnecessary problems. Today also chitra compelled her to wear one of her designer sarees, but Ramya refused to do so. Chitra let out a sigh thinking that, " just 20, such an young age, very difficult to control all those desires, so sad"...

Vijay just now came and joined the boys group. Most of them were college goers. They finished the topic of cricket and started discussing about boy's topic of interest " girls". Most of them voted for Nina, as her outfits are the latest ones, and she looks brand new always.

One among them said, "now a days chudithars and sarees got outdated, girls want to wear only jeans, tops and Kurtis". Another guy said " they find it's cosy". Then they continued their comments about each and every girl in that crowd.

Vijay didn't find any interest in their topic, he remained silent watching the crowd. He just happened to see Ramya and automatically his gaze fixed on her. Doesn't know why, for him, she is more attractive than anyother girl in that crowd. Unlike others who tried to show up their beauty as much as possible, She looked so simple in her usual cotton saree, yet elegant, with a small black bindi in between the eyebrows and waist length thick, black loosely single plaited hair. Those big black eyes with a tinge of sadness, were irresistible, he found much more difficult to avoid them with a single glance. He willingly wanted to get lost in them with an everlasting gaze.

A sudden laugh in their group brought him back from his thoughts. He felt ashamed and automatically his head lowered down, "Hey dude.... this is not the appropriate age for those feelings, put a fence to the heart and stop thinking about her", he thought himself as he got very much embarrassed by this recent, new unknown feelings.

He just wanted to divert his mind, he started looking for children playing around. Meanwhile Nina spotted her new agenda 'Vijay' and started towards him. She wanted to show off her pretty glittery look to him but 'her stupid guy was looking at the playing children, as though straight away came from his mother's womb, the only missing thing here is feeding bottle' she thought annoyingly.

But she knew the trick, how to get his attention, ' that little devil', she decided and turned towards Ramya, reached her with an artificial sweet smile plastered on her face.

"Hi Ramya", she said, before Ramya could respond, she turned her attention towards Adhira saying, " how sweet!! ", "Shall I take her with me?! I want to introduce this small beauty to my friends", she asked Ramya in a readymade childish voice.

Ramya felt once again a pure anger on seeing her, at the same time she felt ashamed about her thought. Actually she wanted to say "a big No ", but she just nodded ok, as she was very much confounded of her feelings about this make up doll.

"Thank you, we will be back soon", with a stylish push of her free hair in one hand, she caught Adhira in other hand and left the place. Ramya, not at all interested in Nina's attempt of defeating her, watched her baby go by in silence.

Chitra called Ramya to start their dinner, both of them walked towards the food stalls, Ramya started collecting her baby's favorite foods in order to feed her after Nina get back her.
Nina was trying to get his attention by keeping Adhira with her for sometime, but failed to achieve as because Vijay totally avoided the girls gang side and looking at the opposite side. Actually she first decided to go straight away to him, then dropped the idea of getting jealous and irritation of other boys unnecessarily in the group.

Her plan totally spoiled and eventually frustrated, doesn't want to waste her time further, she started to return the baby to her mother, in midway she let out her hand free, asked the baby to go back to her mother on her own, by showing her mummy from a distance, then once again she joined her group.

Adhira, doesn't know how to get her mummy in that crowd, she was confused initially, at that time the noises of the playing children caught her attention, and she happily ran towards them and joined them.

All of them were playing in and around the newly fitted big spot light. 2, 3 of them hanging on the big rope tied to the light and secured to the big stake buried superficially on the ground. Weight of the children was moving the stake inch by inch from its place, the stake started coming out of the ground. Security shouted at them, "don't hang on the rope, it's dangerous", they all gone. But he didn't notice more than half of the stake had come out already. After he left the place once again a naughty boy came and started hanging on the rope which pulled the whole stake out of the ground, the heavy spot light without support started falling on the ground in which Adhira is sitting and playing with the mud.......

To be continued.......

She must put all the memories of him in a box, lock it tight and bury it somewhere deep inside her heart, and she should never ever reopen it.

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