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The Mission of Chambal Ghati - 7 - Last Part

The Mission of Chambal Ghati 7

All six of them caught on the back of the ketchie with the swiftness of a group of cows and cheetahs. Even before they were lost in the clump, the nymphs caught the ketaki and the six swung at it. The long screams of ketki thrashed with sticks and punches started echoing in the atmosphere like a goat, when Girraj's mind fluttered.

The Thakur with a whim suddenly warned Girraj, "This is an opportunity, Lala, now run away."

Stunned, Girraj found that the four men of the hold were running low, then he too ran in a state of confusion with the heavy burden on his heart to save his life.

But that painful tone of Ketaki kept echoing in her ears for a long time .... And even today, they are following her groans.

When Girraj and Lalla returned to their village, there was chaos all around. The police captain sent them both to him the very next day. They wanted both of them to help the police, to join Kriparam Ghosi as a guide in any of the sixteen teams being launched in ravines.

They wanted to punish those ruthless bandits severely, and this opportunity came spontaneously, so they immediately joined this team number sixteen without thinking, and in order to atone for the crime committed against Ketki. Searching with his team in the vicinity.

It was one o'clock at night when the beep started coming on the wireless set.

Everyone, including Daroga Raghuvanshi, lost sleep. Raghuvanshi picked up the head-phone and approached the control room. It was learned that team number fifteen surrounded Kriparam Ghosi Giraha in the ruins of the old monastery, half a kilometer away from Khirak, and the encounter continued. All the nearby teams, including Raghuvanshi, were ordered to reach the encounter site without delay.

Raghuvanshi was stunned, we kept on staring and the team number fifteen surrounded the target. He shouted, 'Everyone get ready, fast!'

Girraj felt hopeful that now Ketki will be released.

But when those people reached the old monastery, there was silence. They all remained confused. When Raghuvanshi spoke to the Injury of team number fifteen on wireless, it was found that there are forests on three sides of the monastery and deep river on the fourth side. His team has surrounded the monastery from three hundred meters away and just half an hour before the firing has stopped, from within the ruins, the bandits have either finished the cartridges or they have all been killed. Raghuvanshi, instead of delaying further, made an imperative proposal to move forward, encircling the monastery for a direct attack.

In its light, team number fifteen and sixteen jawans lay on the ground and started crawling with elbows and knees in the light.

The old monastery looked deserted from a distance, yet the police force was occasionally taking a shot and taking stock of the reality.

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Now he was very close to the monastery - just ten meters away.

For a long time they lay down waiting, Raghuvanshi took a grenade and bounced it inside the monastery. When there was a strong explosion, the debris of the ruins of the ruins jumped and fell to the soldiers. But there was no response from within. After a long wait, they got alert and held their fingers in front of the trigger, one by one entering the monastery one by one slowly, and hopped on the rumble and started searching the place inch by inch. Arrived in Akhir, Girraj found that the walls of the roof-less monastery had almost collapsed, there was only a very recent avashe, and the monastery was completely deserted. Girraj felt that Kriparam ran away with Ketki again, and then he started hearing Ketuki's needless screams calling for help in his subconscious mind, he got nervous.

Suddenly Raghuvanshi shouted, 'Look there, under the tree! Someone might be lying there! '

At the same time, the light of many flashlight flashed there and a human body was seen lying down in a khaki Vardi under the tree.

He proceeded with cautious steps, but there was no movement in that human body.

The adventurous Raghuvanshi reached very close to her with a pistol in his right hand and Girraj's heart trembled. Everyone else hesitated from behind. Spreading large hairs covered with dust, the whole back of that human body was covered with blood, due to which his shirt and pant had become red. It seemed that life is not left in that body.

Raghuvanshi straightened the body with the thrust of the boot ...

Girraj ate Gush - she was Ketki.

The bandits had left hands again. Raghuvanshi breathed peace - the prize of five lakhs has not come out of his hand.

But the campaign for unconscious Girraj was over.

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