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The night of her decision (last part)

"Then what you want?"
"You have saved my honor today.If you do not come_ _ _ _now I give myself to you."
"What are you saying.Saudan said after listening Lajjo
"I'm telling the truth.If you want to save me from the clutches of Thakur.So take me with you."
Saudan got confused after listening to Lajjo After thinking for a while he brought Kabhi with him.After reaching he advised the elders..On their advised he married Lajjo
After marriage he gave up his illegal work.
He started doing odd jobs.But he did not get much money in these he started farming with land at half share.A few years later,he took a loan from the bank and bought a land.
And he started farming in his own land.
Dauran was young and healthy.In the lonely moment's of the night.,when he used to touch fingers on Kanji's young body,the strings of her body rose.Her desires wakes up as soon as the husband comes to contact.Saudan would awaken her lust but he couldn't calm down.Lajjo gradually understand that Dauran is not a man.Saudan also came to know about his deficiency.
Sex is needed, just as bread is necessary for stomach hunger.Likewise sex for body.. Her husband couldn't could not calm her body's hunger..So she leaned towards chayan.
Chavan was Saudan's nephew.Saudan agriculture field was far from his home.So he would leave house in the morning.and returned in the evening.Lajjo would remain alone in home.Chagan used to came Lajjo's house everyday.
Chavan nature's was funny.He kept on joking with Lajjo.But she didn't make fun of him and sometimes she even scolded him.But after discovering her husband's physical weakness she also opened up to him.She also started joking with him.changing behavior of Lakho encouraged Chavan.The result of this was that earlier Chavan used to joke with his mouth.But now he also started molesting her
Gradually they came so close that one day Chavan caught Lajjo as soon as he got chance.
"What are you doing this?"
"You know what is your relationship with me?"
"At the moment, there is only one relationship between us.I am a man and you are a woman,"Chagan said,"When man and woman meet in Private, then you know what happens".
"What happens"Lajjo asked in a naughty style
"Tell you". Chagan starts undressing Lajjo's body.Lajjo understood what he wanted to do with her.But to show she started protesting On that day Lajjo's physical connection was established with Chagan.She felt a new joy for the first time after marriage.Her sex desired full filled and she got full satisfaction.
After that day Chagan and Lajjo started playing sex game whenever they got chance.The happiness she didn't get from her husband was getting from het nephew.
One day Saudan went to the city to buy seeds and other goods.Chagan arrives after Saudan leaves his house..He drags Lajjo into bed.Thev both started playing sex game..
By the time Saudan reached the bus stand,the bus had left.So he returned home.On reaching near the house,he heard the sound of laughing.saudan thought, when Lajjo is alone in the house whose laughter then?
To know who is inside,he crossed the wall and entered in his house.Seeing the inside scene he was shocked.Lajjo and Chavan were absored in the game of lust.He lost his senses after seeing this scene.He got so angry that he cut Chatham's head with a shovel.
Lajjo ran away seeing her husband Saudan ran and hit her.She screamed loudly.Peopld gathered to hear her scream.
In those days police station was not every where.Police station was in the nearby village.Someone went there to gave information.
When anger subsided Saudsn thought about what hi did.He will surely be punished for this act.To avoid punishment he erased all the evidence.police arrested Saudan.
Thakur and Mahajan agreed to give witness against Saudan.They were not present at the time of murder. Lajjo was only the eye witness of chagan murder.
In the court Saudan succeed to prove Thakur and Mahajan false.Now trial rested on Lajjo's testimony..
Night was passing slowly.Lajjo was thinking about what she had to say in court tomorrow.Saudan rescued her from clutches of Thakur.Supported her and got married her.
Her religion was to be faith ful to her husband,but she did not.She commited the sin of having a physical relationship with a other man.The result of this sin was Chagan's murder..
If she tells truth in the court then her husband will get the death pandity.And she will become a widow.she will prove to be rascals in the eyes of people and she will lost her honor. She didnot want this happen with her.
At last she decide that she will be loyal to her husband.
She will tell in the court that Chagan wanted to rob her honor,her husband tried to save her.chagan was killer in this attempt

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