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You are my life - episode 11

Ramya was very much shocked and stunned. Actually she's frozen like ice. She expected he may be here, but she didn't expect, he would be looking for her. Same place, same position..... but today, he is straight away looking into her eyes.

"Oh...... those eyes!!! "

She felt like everything around her stopped it's movement, the earth, wind, sun, this whole universe.... everything standstill. She doesn't know how much time has passed like that.

"5 minutes?!" "10 minutes?!"

She doesn't get back to her senses until he automatically lowered his gaze.....then with long, firm, slow strides he walked towards her, that is towards the door. While he passed her, her Heart stopped working for a second. He entered the door, descended through the steps.
That's it, he was gone..

Not even a single word!!

But understood everything!!

Everything conveyed via a single look! 
How come it even possible?! She was astonished, as usual flabbergasted. How come a simple, single look able to give everything what her heart needed at present?! Comfort, console, calmness, peace, relief and belief etc...
"Oh...those eyes!!!" 
"The look!!  How soothing it was!!  How come he able to do that?!  How come he know, what I need right now?!  What magic is that?!  What ever the left over fear, she had from yesterday's event, that was totally wiped out by 'those eyes'. 
I can't forget that single moment forever, even in my last breath. It was imprinted in my heart like a framed  photo stuck to the wall by using nails in all four sides", she thought.
In her inner world, the clock has paused at that moment. She felt like she was immersed in eternal bliss. 
Even if she's doing all the works properly in outer world without any mesh, but inside her heart, she can't deny remembering that eternal, everlasting gaze, she is cherishing it with each and every single second.
But fate didn't allow her to drench continuously in her dream, it came to an end soon, the very next day evening. When she came to know the news, she felt like, she jumped directly to the earth from her rose petals bed on the clouds in the sky. 
She knew it will happen one day, but didn't expect this much sooner. This is the reality, even though she knew it very well already, when she faced it, she felt like truth had slapped her hard. 
"He was gone, Vijay has gone....." 
when she returned from school, Adhira was crying and chitra was trying to console her. The little one some how understood, her new dearest friend had gone to his home, he won't come back and never play with her hereafter. She was continuously crying by saying " Viji... Viji...". "That's the reason why without saying 'goodbye' he had gone, he couldn't digest her tears", chitra sis told. She also gave one beautiful 'Pooh doll' to the baby which was bought by Vijay, he asked her to give if she cries then.
Adhira somehow stopped her crying after looking at the new doll and started to play with it. But 'poor Ramya', nobody is there to console her, she laughed herself nonchalantly thinking about her current situation. "Too much desire..too much loss.." she thought bitterly. She washed her face in cold water, did some deep breathing, drank a cup of coffee to restrain her mind. 
She felt better, her vision and path got cleared once again, she thanked him inside for that. At the same time, her phone rang, she attended the call. 
The other side was telling, "Ramya, what you asked for, is ready, your new job and shelter, it took some time to arrange everything, that's why I didn't contact you, when are you coming?"
Ramya sighed in relief and said, "soon, within a week or two, after finishing everything here, I ll inform you" she cut the call.
"It's good!! Once again her decision is right, confirmed" she thought. Her confusion about her decision was gone. Now Her mind started working on what next, have to inform at her school as well as her abroad friend, the house owner in which Ramya was staying now. But how to tell chitra sis?! That's the only problem, her mind searching for the solution since she took the decision of disappearing from here. She doesn't want to let her know where she is going, then the whole purpose of this decision will go wrong, that too after that 'yesterday's meeting with him', 
"Oh....those eyes" 
She can't forget those eyes even if she goes to any corner of this world and do what ever..... 
"Oh.. Ramya, stop your dream and get back to your normal, ordinary life" said her inner voice.
She let out a sigh.... 
Now the problem is, how to escape from here without letting her know, what to tell chitra sis?! Ramya started breaking her head for a  solution, without much difficulty, the life offered her an opportunity to overcome her problem.....
                      To be continued.......
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