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You are my life - episode 12

Ramya wanted to go away from him to get rid of his thoughts, as her life's only aim must be raising her child with good qualification and position in the society, she should not divert her attention by fulfilling her desires and looking for her own happiness.

She never ever expected her solid mind and rock heart would be shaken by a guy like Vijay, that too within a short period of time. The best fear she ever had is, her mind got oscillated because of him and her heart is not at all following her orders. That's why she took the decision of disappearing from here, that is escaping from this situation one form of handling this acute problem.

So she decided to go to some where distant to Chennai. She asked one of her friends for help, who is now working and residing at Bengaluru. Her friend asked Ramya to come there, but Ramya refused because Bengaluru city is mainly for IT people, also life style is too costly, considering her qualification and salary she definitely can't afford, she doesn't want to get help from anybody, never want to be a burdon for others like her mother. She wants to face life on her own, even though however difficult it is. So her friend arranged for a job and shelter in her native place, a remote village near coimbatore, one of the major cities in Tamil Nadu, and informed Ramya.

Ramya readily accepted to go there but the major problem now is 'chitra sis'. How to go without telling her. She will ask for a reason and what to say?! 'your cousin has conquered my heart so I am running away from him and from you?! such an idiot Ramya you are", she once again cursed herself for her unfortunate love.

Also chitra sis will ask for the place and how to get hide from her, after all she is helping her a lot, without saying 'goodbye', she can't go just like that. At least I should have some basic courtesy, she thought.

While Ramya searching for a solution, it has come and directly fell on her lap. That evening, when she returned from work, chitra was talking through the phone, it's looked like an ISD call. "Oh ...sure Vaani" she said and cut the call.

"Ramya, I already told you know 2-3 months back, my elder sister's daughter marriage is coming, I have to go to USA for attending the function, so I am starting on coming Saturday, visa and tickets arrived yesterday itself, only a week to go for the preparation", chitra was delighted much.

On hearing the news, Ramya felt much relieved. She forgot totally the news which was a confirmed one nearly 3 months ago. Meanwhile All this 'mesh' happened which she never expected in her lifetime at all.

Now her problem was solved without much difficulty, she will have enough time to get away from here without informing chitra sis.

"Are you going alone?!" Ramya asked something else, hiding her sigh of relief.

"No, another sister who is living in Mumbai also coming with me, since one month time is there for marriage, we both are going first, at the time of marriage our husbands will come and join us", she's more excited. "I told you know already", she added.

" Sorry sis, I forgot..." Ramya replied, but she was thinking, whether Vijay will come for marriage or not?!

"Much more important than anything else.." her inner voice muttered in disgust, Ramya kept quiet.

On looking at her face, chitra thought something else, "Oh... sorry dear, I was thinking only about myself, I am away for a month, who will take care of Adhira?! That's a big issue for you know?!"

'Such a kind hearted person, after getting this much help from her, I am going to go without saying anything', Ramya felt much ashamed, but 'that's the punishment for me' she thought inside.

"Not at all sis, I will ask Kavita's mother to help me, she will also be interested in looking after Adhira, don't worry, it's your family function, enjoy it to the core", Ramya said with a smile.

" I'm going to miss you both", chitra took the baby and planted a deep kiss on her cheek, Adhira also kissed her back with a sweet giggle. "Lovely angel", chitra laughed.

"We too will miss you sis" said Ramya while receiving the baby from her. 'I am sorry sis, forgive me' she thought inside.


Then everything happened in succession. After chitra's departure, Ramya quickened her work. She gave her resignation letter to the school, they said this month salary will be deposited in her account after calculating the working days. She booked 'Packers and movers' for transferring her things to the new place. She used her meagre savings money for all the expenses. She handed the empty house key to the secretary, and carefully avoided conveying any details to him.

Finally she looked at her house in which she was staying more than a year along with her baby, she also looked at chitra's house, at once Vijay's thoughts came and occupied her mind, everything from the day one in which he opened the door for her to the last day in which he looked straight into her eyes,

"oh.... those eyes",

how gently and softly he looked at her on that day, the thought filled her soul immensely, she once again wanted to go to terrace and feel for it, but she closed her eyes and placed her feet firm on the ground and controlled her heart.

Then She thought about chitra sis, took a paper and wrote, "sorry sis, I am leaving, please forgive me, and thank you for your help, I never forget you in my life" folded the sheet and pushed inside beneath the locked door. 'thank God, Ram sir, chitra sis husband, has gone to an official trip regarding his work', she thought.

She bid good bye to the apartment, Chennai life and possibly Vijay's memories, is it possible?!.....

To be continued.....

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