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You are my life - episode 14

Ramya never expected a problem can come like this to disrupt her ongoing peaceful life. She never did teacher training course nor completed a B.Ed degree. That means she should not be able to continue her teaching job, she might lose her job. what would she do then?! What will happen after that?! OMG, what's this sudden issue?! What to do now?! How to get a new job?! Is it that easy, now a days in such a competitive world?! Even so many engineers are jobless now, what about her condition?!

She rushed to the office to confirm the news and returned from there desperately. She asked the office staffs, it's a confirmed news. They said they even prepared the list of teachers who are all not eligible, and going to lose their job. The clerk told Ramya's name also there in the list. She herself knew that. That's the reality. Most of the others were already B.Ed holders or they already completed teachers training. Since both are direct courses, she couldn't do that. So she definitely going to lose her job as teacher.

She asked him when will it happen? Soon, within the end of this month, he said. So, there's no time at all to search for a new job, that too in this village, for that she has to go to nearby city, then she has to meet the expenses in city much is there to face....

Ramya was totally distressed and debilitated, she was alone in the staff room, everybody else has gone. She felt a throbbing headache, because of the stress and tension. She couldn't imagine life without a proper income. How come she and her baby will survive then. What about her ambition?! She was lost in her thoughts.

"Why are you so sad mommy?! What happened?!" Adhira asked by turning Ramya's chin towards her by using her little hand. Then only Ramya realized her baby is standing next to her. Already school over, it's time for both of them to go home.

"No... nothing Adhi ma...." she tried to smile.

"Then why didn't you respond me when I called you, did you know how many times I called you?! 3 times, Adhira showed her three fanned out fingers.

"Sorry baby, I didn't notice it, come let's go", Ramya collected her handbag and things, both of them came out of the school and started walking towards their house. On their way home, Adhira was continuously talking about the events of her day, but none of them reached Ramya's ears. Her mind is fully occupied with the big question 'what to do next?!'. After sometime Adhira stopped talking on seeing her mother's worried face.


That night once again Adhira asked her mother, "what happened mom?!

Ramya let out a big sigh and said " nothing"...

"You are lying mommy, I saw, you didn't eat the dinner properly, you have a problem right?! " Adhira asked her mother in her childish voice.

Ramya looked at her baby and smiled nonchalantly. "Oh my brilliant girl, your mom will take care of her problem, you don't worry and sleep now".

Adhira smiled back and said, "In today's moral class, our miss told, "if you have any problem, pray the God, 'He' will send someone to help you", I already prayed for you, so God will send someone to help you soon, you don't worry".

Ramya hugged her baby and planted a kiss on her forehead. She made her comfortable on the bed, and asked her to go for sleep, she patted her back rhythmically which made Adhira to drift into sleep.

Then Ramya went to the backyard of the house and sat on a cement bench built-in there. The cold breeze was soothing, the calm quiet environment relaxed her mind a little.
She recalled her baby's words, "I prayed for you, God will send someone to help you soon" she smiled herself on the baby's pure, innocent love.

She suddenly remembered that old lady's voice, on that day of light crash, "God has come in the form of 'that boy Vijay' to help you", she jerked for a second at the thought. She doesn't know why the thought came now, it's not like she forgot his memories in all these years. She knew very well it's been there inside her heart, somewhere deep, she consciously avoiding them from appearing on top of the surface.

How come she able to forget "those eyes"?! how softly, how gently, how caringly he looked at her on that day.... she felt much more contentment on that day after his gaze. She felt that all of her worries wiped out like she's been gifted a boon.

Even today... the thought about "those eyes.... the pure love exhibited by them......" pacified her depressed heart, she felt much better now than a few minutes before. She got refreshed and reenergized to face her problem now. With that comfort in her mind and soul, she got up, went inside for sleeping.


To be continued......


"Remembering, Recollecting like reverberating
Cherishing 'the moment' then and there;
Will it end?! The ecstasy.....
Willing, it should not....
Wanting to shout
Feeling happy and happy


Waiting for hero entry?! Me too.....
Next episode, only in the story, not now in Ramya's life......

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