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You are my life - episode 15

"love all"

Gokul threw the first shot. Karthik hit it nicely. While Gokul tried to take it, he just missed.

"One Love "

Now Karthik started his service, Gokul took his shot, the game continued for another 5 minutes. When they come and sat on the couch, Karthik kept his badminton rocket nearby and took the water bottle. Gokul took his towel to wipe out his sweat.

"So, what's your plan, going to kailash yatra?! " Gokul tried to poke him.

"What?!!" Karthik asked and casually flipped the bottle after drinking, it somersaulted in the air and perfectly sat on the couch.

"An eligible bachelor not getting married and not planning for honeymoon means he has to become a saint and start for kailash yatra then" Gokul said annoyingly.

Jegan smirked at his comment.

"What's your problem now?!" Karthik also smiled and asked.

"That's my question man, actually what's your problem then, as for as I know, you are not committed till now, why don't you say 'yes' for marriage proposal, uncle is very much worried about you, he is eagerly waiting to see his grandchildren, Gokul's voice started with angry tone, finished in a bothered tone.

Karthik said nothing but remained silent. Gokul started saying something but his mobile rang which is in charger at a distance.

"Hey macha ( dude) your newly joined junior Priya calling you man" jegan shouted from there.

Gokul flew like a wind, attended the call immediately with full of teeth.

Jegan came and sat near Karthik with a smirk. "Actually it's his wife, Now watch the scene, he will say only 'yes' throughout the call".

"Oh yes baby"

"Ok ok"

"Yeah sure"

"Yes darling, you are true" Gokul was answering the phone sincerely by nodding his head like a 'boom boom ox'.

Karthik smiled and jegan laughed, "don't get marry bro, it's dangerous, then you will forget there exists a word called "No", jegan said in between his laugh. Gokul watching him laugh from there, threw his towel on him.


Ramya was very much worried, tried her all possible level to solve this problem. Even she attended four, five interviews. Oh God! How many people are jobless in our country?! She just applied for receptionist, office assistant anything like that, but so many people attended the interview and most of them are better qualified than her. She understood well there's no chance of getting another job so soon.

So she was thinking hardly if there's any possibility of retaining her current job, she wanted to clarify that with the principal madam. At her school, ten people are there in 'not eligible' list, almost all of them are women. For them, they're not the source of income in their family, so it's not a big issue for them but for Ramya this job is must for her life.

She met the principal madam, explained her situation and requested for any form of help. But without even thinking once, the principal said 'No'. Old principal sir was a nice person, since Ramya is here for the past 8 years, he knew well her sincerity and hard work, he is the one who promoted her to the middle school, but he got retired 3 months ago, now this new madam refused to hear anything from her.

She was thinking seriously while waiting outside the principal room, Mallika another person in the list, not eligible for the job, entered inside the principal's room. Mallika always doesn't like Ramya. Because of her soft nature and caring behavior, Ramya was famous and beloved teacher among her students. But Mallika always act very rude and cunning, give more punishments to the students, so they don't like her at all. This caused Mallika to get envy on Ramya.

Principal madam welcomed that Mallika with a smile and informed her, there's a job vacancy in the office side ( administration side), she can very well take that job, she will send her the appointment order in one or two days. Mallika thanked the madam, and invited her to her house as though they already known to each other. Also Mallika added and explained the nature and richness of the 'beautiful silk saree' she bought for the principal madam and waiting to gift her with full of glee. When she came out of the room after finishing everything, with a victory smile on her face, she looked at Ramya as though Ramya is like a 'creeping creature'. Ramya tried to ignore that and left the place.

She lost all her hope. She was sitting in the staff room wrecklessly, tried to control herself and hold back her tears, 'that Mallika's look", she can't bear it anymore, Mallika's is a well to do family, her father and both brothers are earning much more, they're treating her like an angel, that's the reason for her attitude.

Ramya let out a sigh, she wiped her face, 'can't help with these type of people, we have to cross them over in all phases of life,' she consoled herself and started towards her class.


At the same time, the phone rang in principal room, when she took the receiver, she stood up immediately, with tension in her voice, she said "yes sir". Then "no sir", and again "yes sir, ok sir, I will do it immediately." After She hung up the call, while wiping her sweat, she called the office assistant to type the letter regarding "the appointment order" to the office side vacancy in the name of Ramya and hurriedly signed the letter. She sent peon to call her and gave the order to her, asked her to join the work by tomorrow itself after resigning her previous job.

Ramya was dumbfounded and she can't believe what's happening actually, she doesn't know what's the reason for this sudden change. She can't ask the principal madam directly, so she asked the office assistant, he said the principal received a call from chairman, one of the founder of this school, ordering principal that Ramya has to be appointed for the post, he doesn't know anything beyond that. 'Maybe the old principal recommended for her' she thought.

Any how She felt much relieved and thanked God for helping her. Now only she able to breathe properly after a week of suffering. 'Finally truth will succeed always' she thought. Adhira felt so happy after seeing her mother's happy face. "I told you know, see, God sent someone to help you", she laughed cheerfully. "You are always right my girl", Ramya also smiled happily.

To be continued........

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